Posts for 2024

Caching Input with Google Gemini (07/19/2024)
Web Component to Generate Image Color Palettes (07/16/2024)
Links For You (7/13/2024) (07/13/2024)
Scraping Recipes on the Web - Now with Display and Print (07/12/2024)
Creating a Generic Generative Template Language in Google Gemini (07/10/2024)
Cat Herder V1 Released! (07/09/2024)
(Don't) Add BASIC Support to Eleventy (07/07/2024)
Add Squirrelly Support to Eleventy (07/06/2024)
Building a Web Version of Your Mastodon Archive with Eleventy (07/04/2024)
Working with Pasted Content in JavaScript (07/03/2024)
Links For You (06/29/2024)
CodeBr Break (06/28/2024)
Storing Recipes in IndexedDB (06/27/2024)
Creating a Content Assistant with Gemini and GenAI (06/24/2024)
PDF Embed Web Component Available Via NPM (06/19/2024)
Adding Your Buttondown Email Stats to Your Website (06/17/2024)
Links For You (06/15/2024)
Scraping Recipes Using Node.js, Pipedream, and JSON-LD (06/12/2024)
Using JSON Schema with Google Gemini (06/11/2024)
Table-Sorter Available Via NPM (06/10/2024)
Game Dev Diary - Cat Herder - Part 2 (06/07/2024)
Game Dev Diary - Cat Herder - Part 1 (06/03/2024)
Links For You (06/02/2024)
Tracking Gemini Models with Pipedream (05/31/2024)
Update to My Table Sorting Web Component (05/29/2024)
Adding Recommendations to my Blog with Algolia (05/27/2024)
Creating Visualizations in Postman (05/24/2024)
Dynamically Creating Variables in Postman (05/22/2024)
Using the Gemini File API for Prompts with Media (05/21/2024)
Testing Google's New Gemini Flash Model (05/15/2024)
Links For You (05/13/2024)
ColdFusion's CFOAUTH Tag (05/10/2024)
Upcoming Generative AI Talk by... Me! (05/08/2024)
Super Useful NPM Module - Open (05/03/2024)
Building a Chat Integration with Google Gemini (04/30/2024)
Links For You (04/28/2024)
Automating Movie Recommendations with Generative AI and Pipedream (04/26/2024)
JSON Results with Google Gemini Generative AI API Calls (04/17/2024)
Links For You (04/14/2024)
Using GenAI to Help Pick Your D & D Class (04/11/2024)
Using Netlify Edge and Blob Support to Investigate Website Traffic (04/06/2024)
A Quick First Look at Amazon Bedrock (with Node.js) (04/04/2024)
All Your Dragons Are Belong To Us (04/02/2024)
Links For You (03/31/2024)
Using Generative AI to Check for Spam (03/28/2024)
Automating Blog Post Headers with Firefly Services (03/27/2024)
Automate Generative Image APIs with Firefly Services (03/26/2024)
Spam APIs in 2024 (03/25/2024)
Using PDF Content with Google Gemini (03/22/2024)
Three Cool (to me) Node.js Features (03/20/2024)
Alpine.js Workshop this Friday (03/19/2024)
Links For You (03/17/2024)
Responding to HTML Changes in a Web Component (03/13/2024)
Using Intl.RelativeTimeFormat for Localized Relative Timings (03/07/2024)
Converting a Vue 2 App to Alpine.js (03/04/2024)
TIL - submit() versus requestSubmit() (03/01/2024)
Testing Multiple Variations of Generative AI Prompts (02/26/2024)
Links For You (02/25/2024)
Adding a Guestbook to Your Jamstack Site (Yes, Seriously) (02/22/2024)
Using Generative AI to Organize Video Game Screenshots (02/19/2024)
Google Gemini as Your Dungeon Master (02/16/2024)
Google Gemini 1.5 Announced (and more new features) (02/15/2024)
Testing Temperature Settings with Generative AI (02/14/2024)
Come Build/Play a Game with Me Next Week (02/13/2024)
Looking at the JavaScript Promise Collection Methods (02/12/2024)
Links For You (02/11/2024)
Using the Bluesky API (02/09/2024)
<Code><Br> - First Episode (02/06/2024)
Using Generative AI as Your Content Assistant (02/02/2024)
Links For You (01/28/2024)
Using Generative AI to Improve Image Filenames (01/26/2024)
Working with Google Gemini and ColdFusion (01/23/2024)
My New Show - <Code><Br> (01/22/2024)
Using GenAI to Classify an Image as a Photo, Screenshot, or Meme (01/18/2024)
You Should Attend theJam.dev 2024! (01/17/2024)
Using Drag/Drop in Alpine.js with PDF Embed (01/16/2024)
Links For You (01/13/2024)
Using AI and PDF Services to Automate Document Summaries (01/08/2024)
Function Calling and GenAI (01/03/2024)
The Return of the Comment(s) (01/02/2024)

Posts for 2023

My 2023 (12/30/2023)
Links For You (12/23/2023)
Using Generative AI to Detect Cat Breeds (12/18/2023)
Google Gemini and AI Studio Launch (12/14/2023)
An Image Dialog Web Component (12/13/2023)
Links For You (12/10/2023)
The Twelve (Generative) Days of Christmas (12/08/2023)
Awesome Netlify Updates (12/06/2023)
Adding Music Previews to My Now Page (11/29/2023)
Using IndexedDB with Alpine.js (11/26/2023)
Links For You (11/20/2023)
Adding Simple Routing to Cloudflare Workers (11/17/2023)
A Tip for Properly Handling Loading States in Web Apps (11/15/2023)
Can GenAI help you win in Vegas? (11/09/2023)
Creating Human-Readable Summaries of Data with Google PaLM Generative AI (11/06/2023)
Links For You (11/05/2023)
Building a Generic RSS Parser Service with Cloudflare Workers (10/31/2023)
Using Cloudflare's AI Workers to Add Translations to PDFs (10/24/2023)
Links For You (10/22/2023)
Using Google PaLM to Gather Sentiment Analysis on a Forum (10/16/2023)
Texting Email Summaries using Google PaLM AI and Twilio (10/13/2023)
A Look at Google's PaLM API (10/12/2023)
Automating Mastodon Postings with ColdFusion (10/05/2023)
Links For You (10/01/2023)
Taking a Look at Pipedream's GitHub Integration (09/29/2023)
Guess the (Marvel) Decade (09/26/2023)
Testing Out the Alpine.js Intersect Plugin (09/20/2023)
Links For You (09/17/2023)
Building a QR Coder Web Component (09/13/2023)
Fun With Front Matter: Part 4 - Featured Posts (09/12/2023)
Integrating Intl with Alpine.js Mask (09/06/2023)
Links For You (09/04/2023)
Join Us at The Undefined Show! (09/01/2023)
Fun With Front Matter: Part 3 - Handling Edits (08/31/2023)
Fun With Front Matter: Part 2 - Follow-ups (08/29/2023)
Fun With Front Matter: Part 1 - Related Posts (08/28/2023)
Working with the Storage API (08/25/2023)
Debugging Cloudflare Workers with Logs (08/22/2023)
Links For You (08/20/2023)
ColdFusion Component for Adobe Acrobat Services (08/17/2023)
Building a Mastodon Bot with Cloudflare Workers (08/14/2023)
Connecting Cloudflare Workers with Service Bindings (08/11/2023)
Adding Form Fields Character Counters With Alpine.js (08/09/2023)
JavaScript Syntax Sugar for Shorter Stuff (08/08/2023)
Adding Caching to a Cloudflare Worker (08/06/2023)
I Know What You Did Last Summer (With Glitch and Cloudflare) (08/04/2023)
Learn about the Photoshop API Next Week (08/03/2023)
Building a Basic (Pirate) API Wrapper with Cloudflare Workers (08/01/2023)
Update for My Subscribers (07/31/2023)
Links For You (07/29/2023)
Integrating Acrobat Services with ColdFusion (07/21/2023)
Alpine.js and Form Fields (07/18/2023)
Links For You (07/16/2023)
Using the Adobe Photoshop API with ColdFusion (07/14/2023)
Using PDFs with Algolia and Adobe PDF Extract API (07/12/2023)
Want to learn Alpine.js? (07/07/2023)
Creating a Blackjack Game with Alpine.js and the Deck of Cards API (07/04/2023)
Links For You (07/01/2023)
Algolia DevCon 2023 Videos (06/30/2023)
Creating Bootstrap WebC Components in Eleventy (06/19/2023)
Links For You (06/17/2023)
Quick example using AWS Node.js SDK V3 for Signed URLs (06/09/2023)
Using Goodreads Data in Eleventy - Update (06/08/2023)
Using Goodreads Data in Eleventy (06/07/2023)
Links For You (06/03/2023)
Using Web Components in Alpine.js (06/02/2023)
Adding Form Participation Support to Web Components (05/24/2023)
Links For You (05/21/2023)
Eleventy by Example, by Bryan Robinson (05/18/2023)
Handling Web Component Removal with disconnectedCallback (05/17/2023)
My First Web Components Presentation - May 30 (05/15/2023)
Updating and Supporting URL Parameters in Alpine.js (05/12/2023)
Add Streaming to Your Jamstack Site in Minutes (05/08/2023)
Links For You (05/06/2023)
My Experience at Antiques Roadshow (05/04/2023)
Updating and Supporting URL Parameters in JavaScript (04/27/2023)
Creating a Web Component for Reveal.js (Follow-up) (04/24/2023)
Creating a Web Component for Reveal.js (04/22/2023)
Testing the Web Share API (04/20/2023)
Need Help with ColdFusion? (04/14/2023)
Using the Cookie Store API (04/12/2023)
Using Speech Synthesis and Recognition with Alpine.js (04/10/2023)
Links For You (04/08/2023)
Working with CloudCannon and Eleventy - My Experience (04/06/2023)
WebC Updates in Eleventy - Looping (04/04/2023)
Awesome Algolia Updates (and some fixes here...) (03/30/2023)
WebC Updates in Eleventy (03/28/2023)
New Blog Same as the Old Blog (03/27/2023)
Adobe Firefly in Beta (03/21/2023)
Links For You (03/19/2023)
Another Week, Another Mastodon Bot - Random Album Cover (03/17/2023)
Progressively Enhancing a Table with a Web Component (03/14/2023)
Reminder about Web Components and Attributes (03/09/2023)
Interesting Caveat with Web Components and the Event Lifecycle (03/08/2023)
Adding a Chart to an Alpine.js Application (03/06/2023)
Links For You (03/04/2023)
Supporting PDF Embeds in an Eleventy WebC Component (03/01/2023)
Update to My Eleventy Blog Guide (02/25/2023)
My First Bug (02/24/2023)
Links For You (02/17/2023)
Building a Mastodon Bot Listing Page in Eleventy (02/15/2023)
Lessons Learned in Twenty Years of Blogging (02/12/2023)
Progressively Enhancing a Form with Web Components (02/10/2023)
Another Update to my Slideshow Web Component - JavaScript Support (02/08/2023)
Links For You (02/05/2023)
Using JavaScript in a WebC Component (02/03/2023)
My town sure seems to have a lot of... (02/02/2023)
Cloudinary Debugging Tip (01/31/2023)
Quick WebC Tip (01/27/2023)
Update to My Slideshow Web Component - by Šime Vidas (01/24/2023)
Links For You (01/22/2023)
A Simple Slideshow Web Component (01/20/2023)
Covers, covers, covers (01/18/2023)
Followup to My Intl Short Number Post (01/10/2023)
Links For You (01/08/2023)
Short Number Formatting in Python (01/05/2023)
Using Intl for Short Number Formatting (01/04/2023)
Dynamically Showing and Hiding Slot Content in a Web Component (01/02/2023)

Posts for 2022

Wrapping Up 2022 (12/28/2022)
Download Data as a File with Alpine.js (12/19/2022)
Adding Download Support in an Eleventy Site (12/13/2022)
Links For You (12/12/2022)
Quick Test Post - Sorry! (12/09/2022)
Reading Image Sizes and Dimensions with Alpine.js (12/08/2022)
Automatically Posting to Mastodon and Twitter on New RSS Items (12/06/2022)
Quirky Python Loop Thing (12/05/2022)
Building a Mastodon Bot on Pipedream (12/01/2022)
A Bare-Bones Eleventy Template for Glitch (11/25/2022)
Links For You (11/19/2022)
Building a YouTube Embed Web Component (both vanilla and WebC flavored) (11/17/2022)
Support External Articles in an Eleventy Blog (11/16/2022)
Some Options for Timing Pages in Eleventy (11/14/2022)
Quick LiquidJS + Eleventy Example - All Posts (11/09/2022)
Links For You (11/06/2022)
Adding Responsive Images with Cloudinary (11/04/2022)
Integrating Cloudinary Notifications with Pipedream (11/01/2022)
An Alpine.js Template for Glitch (10/28/2022)
Using Cloudinary with Alpine.js (10/27/2022)
Building an API to List Cloudinary Images in a Folder (10/24/2022)
Integrating Cloudinary into Eleventy (10/20/2022)
First Experience Building with Eleventy's WebC Plugin (10/16/2022)
Working with Slots and Web Components (10/13/2022)
Working with Custom Events and Web Components (10/10/2022)
Links For You (10/09/2022)
Building a Placeholder Web Component with No External Dependencies (10/06/2022)
Web Component Experiment - Manipulating Inner Text (10/04/2022)
A PDF Embed Web Component (10/02/2022)
Using the Adobe PDF Embed API with Vue 3 (09/30/2022)
Converting Markdown Code Blocks to Gists (09/28/2022)
Links For You (09/25/2022)
JavaScript Quickie - Add Days But Prefer Business Days (09/23/2022)
Building a Web View of a Public Google Drive Folder (09/17/2022)
Discover New Music with the Spotify API and Pipedream (09/13/2022)
Using Google Maps with Alpine.js (09/09/2022)
Links For You (09/04/2022)
Investigating IndexedDB Wrapper Libraries - Part Three (08/29/2022)
Adding Social Share Links in Eleventy (08/22/2022)
Links for You (08/21/2022)
Investigating IndexedDB Wrapper Libraries - Part Two (08/18/2022)
Investigating IndexedDB Wrapper Libraries - Part One (08/17/2022)
Support Draft Blog Posts in Eleventy (08/14/2022)
Building a Web-Based Badge Scanner (08/11/2022)
How to Migrate from Lunr to Algolia - a Technical Guide (08/09/2022)
Responding to Severe Weather Alerts with Pipedream (08/08/2022)
Links For You (08/01/2022)
Building Related Selects in Alpine.js (07/29/2022)
Generating Zips in an Eleventy Site (07/23/2022)
An example of Algolia Search with Alpine.js (07/19/2022)
Getting Images from a Twitter Account (2022) (07/15/2022)
Using Auth0 Login with JavaScript - Some Tips (07/11/2022)
Links For You (07/03/2022)
Reading Comic Books in the Jamstack (07/01/2022)
Testing the Netlify Cache Plugin with Eleventy (06/26/2022)
Related Content by Day of Year in Eleventy (06/23/2022)
Building a Quiz with Eleventy and Eleventy Serverless (06/18/2022)
Links For You (06/14/2022)
Image Upload Preview in Alpine.js (06/03/2022)
Links For You (05/29/2022)
Integrate Your Netlify Builds with Tidbyt and Pipedream (05/26/2022)
Building Table Sorting and Pagination in a Web Component (05/23/2022)
My First Web Component (05/18/2022)
Kicking Off a Pipedream Workflow on a Full Moon (Because Why Not?) (05/16/2022)
Rebuilding TBS Horoscope (Again) as a Pipedream Twitter Bot (05/13/2022)
Improved Utility Actions with Pipedream (05/10/2022)
Links For You (05/08/2022)
Building Table Sorting and Pagination in Alpine.js (05/02/2022)
Links For You (05/01/2022)
Writing to Google Photos from Pipedream - Some Tips (04/28/2022)
Store Nintendo Switch Screenshots in the Cloud using Pipedream (04/23/2022)
The Jamstack Book - Final Release! (04/21/2022)
Watching RSS Feeds for Keywords in Pipedream (04/19/2022)
Links For You (04/17/2022)
Use Your Saffron Recipes in the Jamstack (04/11/2022)
Thoughts on the Jamstack and Content Metrics (04/06/2022)
Including RSS Content in your Eleventy Site - Part 2 (04/03/2022)
A Snippet for Getting DZone Article Stats (03/30/2022)
Saving Form Data in Client-Side Storage (03/27/2022)
Speaking at Eleventy Meetup Next Week (03/24/2022)
Hosting an Alexa Skill on Pipedream (03/17/2022)
Building Table Sorting and Pagination in JavaScript (03/14/2022)
Including RSS Content in your Eleventy Site (03/08/2022)
Working with Algolia's Crawler (03/04/2022)
Testing out the new Pipedream to Get Trance Releases (02/22/2022)
Another Early Look - Netlify Graph (02/17/2022)
Adding QR Codes to Your Jamstack Site (02/11/2022)
Turning a Microsoft ToDo List Into a Public JSON Feed with Pipedream (02/09/2022)
Using the Microsoft Computer Vision API with Python (02/08/2022)
An Early Look at Netlify Scheduled Functions (02/04/2022)
A Google Static Maps Eleventy Plugin (02/02/2022)
Using a Google Photos Album in your Eleventy Site with Pipedream (01/28/2022)
Accessing Google Photos with Pipedream (01/26/2022)
Searching the New York Times with Python (01/22/2022)
A Guide to Building a Blog in Eleventy (01/19/2022)
Review: Make 7 Apps With Vue 2 (01/16/2022)
Building my First Idle Clicker Game in Vue.js (01/13/2022)
Working with Front Matter in Python (01/06/2022)
Building a File Search Script in Python (01/03/2022)
year++ (01/02/2022)

Posts for 2021

Python for My Last Post of the Year... (12/24/2021)
Using Google Analytics 4 for Blog Stats (12/17/2021)
Running Netlify Dev and Eleventy Two or More Times At Once (12/10/2021)
Fun (Scary?) Webcam Demo (12/08/2021)
Eleventy 1.0 - The Serverless Plugin (12/04/2021)
Review: Captain Code: Unleash Your Coding Superpower with Python (11/22/2021)
Congratulating Yourself with Pipedream and Microsoft To Do (11/13/2021)
Eleventy 1.0 - Global Data via Plugins Example (11/07/2021)
Eleventy 1.0 - New Option for Global Data (11/02/2021)
Welcome to RaymondCamden.com 2022 (10/21/2021)
Eleventy 1.0 - Dynamic Ignores (10/15/2021)
Adding PDF Output Support to Eleventy (10/13/2021)
Eleventy Hack/Tip/Possibly Bad Idea - Dynamic Theme Testing (10/11/2021)
Eleventy 1.0 - Upgrading Experience (10/08/2021)
Eleventy 1.0 - New Output Options (10/07/2021)
Eleventy 1.0 Beta! (10/06/2021)
Building the PlacePlaceHolder Service with Pipedream (09/28/2021)
Creating a (Manual) Related Posts Feature in Eleventy (09/24/2021)
Supporting Multiple Authors in an Eleventy Blog - Follow-Up (09/19/2021)
Building an App with the StackOverflow API (09/16/2021)
Making Monsters Fight for Fun and Profit (minus the profit) (09/06/2021)
Using PDFs with the Jamstack - Building a Document Viewer (08/30/2021)
Using Liquid Blocks in Eleventy Layouts (08/19/2021)
More Work on Algolia and My Blog (08/11/2021)
Uploading Multiple Files with Fetch (08/08/2021)
Check out Begin (08/06/2021)
An Adobe PDF Embed Plugin for Eleventy (08/02/2021)
Page Level URL Fetching with Eleventy (07/30/2021)
Integrating Eleventy with GitHub Flat Data (07/14/2021)
Creating an Additive Capture Shortcode in Eleventy (07/12/2021)
Graphing Movie Rating Distribution For No Good Reason (07/09/2021)
Using Pipedream to Proxy Other APIs (06/30/2021)
Dynamic Short URLs with Eleventy (06/22/2021)
Using PDFs with the Jamstack - Adding Search with Text Extraction (06/18/2021)
Quick Tip - Using Pipedream to Monitor my Algolia Index (06/16/2021)
Using Lunr with Eleventy via Netlify Serverless Functions - Part Two (06/06/2021)
Using Lunr with Eleventy via Netlify Serverless Functions (06/02/2021)
Recreating Breaking Bad Credits with JavaScript (and a bit of CSS) (05/31/2021)
Quick Netlify Tip for Redirects (05/24/2021)
Building a Choose Your Own Adventure site with Eleventy (05/16/2021)
Updating (and Supporting) URL Parameters with Vue.js (05/08/2021)
Adding an Email Subscription to Your Jamstack Site (05/01/2021)
Crickets and Other Things (04/28/2021)
Building a Database Driven Eleventy Site (04/15/2021)
Proof of Concept - Dynamically Filtering a Large Select (04/12/2021)
Load a PDF Embed when Visible (04/09/2021)
Building a Simple Image Gallery with Eleventy (04/07/2021)
Quick Tips for Eleventy and Vercel (03/27/2021)
How I Write Content Here... (03/24/2021)
Using PDFs with the Jamstack - Now with Thumbnails (03/16/2021)
Hello (Again), Adobe! (03/15/2021)
Adding Filtering to my Vue.js Table Sorting and Pagination Demo (03/11/2021)
Saying Goodbye to HERE (03/05/2021)
Using the Adobe PDF Tools API to Generate Thumbnails (03/02/2021)
Using PDFs with the Jamstack (02/25/2021)
Keeping Count of User Visits (02/23/2021)
Integrating Navigation Search with Lunr and Eleventy (02/22/2021)
Using the PDF Embed API with Vue.js (02/17/2021)
Exporting Disqus Comments and Adding Them to Eleventy (02/11/2021)
Quick Hack for Reveal.js Presentations (01/29/2021)
Highly Analytics - A Review (01/28/2021)
Using Pre-Built Lunr Indexes with Eleventy (01/22/2021)
Accessing Eleventy Data on the Client Side (01/18/2021)
A Vue Component for Handling Loading State (01/15/2021)
Remembering (and Restoring) a Route with Vue Router (01/12/2021)
Identifying Pictures via SMS with Pipedream, Twilio, and Microsoft Cognitive Services (01/07/2021)
Building Generic Workflows in Pipedream (01/03/2021)

Posts for 2020

2020 Can Kiss My... (12/26/2020)
Vue Quick Shot - Downloading Data as a File (12/15/2020)
Adding Google Calendar to Your Jamstack - with Pipedream (12/08/2020)
Building a Web App Powered by Google Forms and Sheets (11/20/2020)
Vue Quick Shot - Preventing Multiple Form Submissions (11/17/2020)
The Jamstack Book - Early Access Release (11/12/2020)
Adding a Warning for Old Posts to Your Jamstack Site (11/09/2020)
Adding Your Netlify Build Status to Your Site (11/04/2020)
Selecting Random Posts in Eleventy (10/26/2020)
Review: Learning Progressive Web Apps by John Wargo (10/21/2020)
Vue Quick Shot - Warn Before Leaving a Form (10/15/2020)
Another Netlify Analytics Hack - Stats Per URL (10/08/2020)
Tracking Posts by Week in Eleventy (09/30/2020)
Vue Quick Shot - Uploading a File (09/20/2020)
Hooking Up FaunaDB to Eleventy (09/15/2020)
Vue Quick Shot - Form Field Character Counters (09/14/2020)
Building a Traffic-Based Workflow in Pipedream (09/06/2020)
Vue Quick Shot - Fullscreen API (09/04/2020)
Vue Quick Shot - Using Page Visibility (09/03/2020)
An Experiment with Vue Components (08/28/2020)
Supporting Multiple Authors in an Eleventy Blog (08/24/2020)
Designing Random Encounters for my Vue RPG (08/19/2020)
Migrating from Node and Express to the Jamstack - Part 3 (08/16/2020)
Migrating from Node and Express to the Jamstack - Part 2 (08/15/2020)
Migrating from Filters in Vue 3 (08/13/2020)
Hiding Future Content with Eleventy (08/07/2020)
Migrating from Node and Express to the Jamstack - Part 1 (08/06/2020)
Sharing Your Movies with Pipedream and Letterboxd (08/04/2020)
Building a Twitter Scheduling System with Pipedream and Google Sheets (07/28/2020)
Making Monsters with JavaScript (07/19/2020)
Testing Vue.js Application Files That Aren't Components (07/17/2020)
Review: The Bard's Tale IV (07/12/2020)
Building a Vue Application with Serverless on Netlify (07/07/2020)
How to Enable your Jamstack Site to have a "Rain Day" (07/06/2020)
Adding Algolia Search to Eleventy and Netlify - Part Two (07/01/2020)
Adding Algolia Search to Eleventy and Netlify (06/24/2020)
Determining Food Popularity By Location (06/23/2020)
Testing Netlify's Proxy Support for API Hiding (06/10/2020)
Building a Dual Selects Control in Vue.js (06/08/2020)
Enhancing Your Netlify Build Notifications (05/29/2020)
Integrating Google Analytics with Eleventy (05/21/2020)
Updating my Reddit Workflow with Pipedream (05/19/2020)
Integrating Netlify Analytics and Eleventy (05/18/2020)
Let's Make Everyone a Queen! (05/15/2020)
Want to Learn Vue.js? (05/14/2020)
Notes on Upgrades to WSL2 (And Why You Should) (05/08/2020)
Looking at Pipedream's Event Sources (05/07/2020)
Modifying Prism's Copy Plugin (05/05/2020)
Playing with QuickChart and Vue.js (05/03/2020)
My Tech Stack (So Far) in 2020 (04/29/2020)
Building a Google Sheets Twitter Bot with Pipedream (04/27/2020)
Building a Reddit Workflow with Pipedream (04/20/2020)
Processing Email Sentiment with Pipedream (04/15/2020)
Creating Both HTML and API with Pipedream (04/14/2020)
What are Red Flags to Me as a Developer? (04/13/2020)
How Pipedream Got Me Excited About SQL Again (04/11/2020)
MadLibs with Vue.js (04/08/2020)
Using State in Pipedream Workflows (04/04/2020)
Quick Tip on Using Vue with Eleventy (04/03/2020)
Building a Twitter Bot in Pipedream (04/02/2020)
A Look at Pipedream (03/28/2020)
Implementing Google Custom Search Engine's JSON API in the JAMStack (03/22/2020)
Tips for Giving Remote Presentations (03/10/2020)
Vue Quick Shot - Links, Links, and More Links (03/06/2020)
Vue Quick Shot - Image Upload Previews (03/05/2020)
Vue Quick Shot - Copy to the Clipboard (03/04/2020)
Vue Quick Shot - Using a Loading Message (03/04/2020)
A Voicemail Assistant with Vue and RingCentral (03/02/2020)
Vue Quick Shot - Disabling a Submit Button While Waiting for an Ajax Call (03/02/2020)
RaymondCamden.com now powered by Eleventy! (02/27/2020)
Working with RingCentral Webhooks (02/26/2020)
Sending SMS Messages for Form Data with RingCentral and Netlify (02/25/2020)
Adding a SMS Alert for Netlify Builds with RingCentral (02/22/2020)
Adding Another Template Language to Eleventy (02/19/2020)
Ionicons in Vue.js (02/17/2020)
Adding Text Linting to Eleventy (02/10/2020)
Checking (and Upgrading) Template Engines in Eleventy (02/07/2020)
Adding a Last Edited Field to Eleventy (02/06/2020)
Building Table Sorting and Pagination in Vue.js - with Async Data (02/01/2020)
Vue and Form Fields (01/27/2020)
The Last Damn Vue ToDo App (01/19/2020)
Some Notes on Building Blogs with Gridsome (01/12/2020)
Yet Another Damn ToDo App in Vue.js (01/08/2020)
Another Damn ToDo App in Vue.js (01/03/2020)

Posts for 2019

Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020 (12/31/2019)
Another Vue Game Demo - Hangman (12/26/2019)
A Non-Spoiler Review of The Rise of Skywalker (12/20/2019)
Building Sudoku in Vue.js - Part 2 (12/19/2019)
Building Sudoku in Vue.js - Part 1 (12/16/2019)
Using Bearer for Easier OAuth and API Calls (12/11/2019)
Sunday Quick Hack - Eliza in Vue.js (12/08/2019)
Sanitizing HTML in Vue.js (11/26/2019)
Adding Google Calendar to your JAMStack (11/18/2019)
Serverless JAMStack AndCats Demo (11/14/2019)
Building a Custom Sound Board with Vue and IndexedDB (11/12/2019)
Adding Search to your Eleventy Static Site with Lunr (10/20/2019)
Using IndexedDB with Vue.js (10/16/2019)
Why I'm Digging Eleventy (10/12/2019)
Building a Netlify Stats Viewer in Vue.js (10/05/2019)
Using OAuth and Vue.js to Build an Untappd Stats Page (09/28/2019)
Sending a Notification to Alexa when Netlify Builds Your Site (09/20/2019)
An iTunes Audio Enabled Search Built in Vue.js (09/18/2019)
A National Parks Service API Demo with Vue.js (09/09/2019)
A Look at Zeit's Zero Config and Serverless Platform (09/06/2019)
Using Geolocation with Vue.js (09/01/2019)
Starting My New Role at HERE! (08/24/2019)
Sailing the Seas with Vue - My Take on Taipan (08/19/2019)
My Thoughts on Documentation (08/14/2019)
Working with the Keyboard in your Vue App (08/12/2019)
Drag and Drop File Upload in Vue.js (08/08/2019)
Book Review: Progressive Web Apps (08/06/2019)
Creating a One Click Visual Studio Code Snippet to Wrap Content (08/02/2019)
Playing with Vue and Vuex - Lemonade Stand (08/01/2019)
Multiple Ways of API Integration in your JAMStack (07/25/2019)
Quick Netlify Dev Tip for Complex Static Sites (07/15/2019)
Netlify Analytics - An Initial Look (07/12/2019)
Replacing a Dynamic Regex Match with the Same Number of Spaces (07/05/2019)
Random Pictures of Beauty with Azure Functions and the NPS (07/01/2019)
My Podcast on Views with Vue (06/28/2019)
Vue Components FTW - vue-country-flag (06/21/2019)
Two Tips for NativeScript and Vue Development on the Playground (06/19/2019)
Reading Image Sizes and Dimensions with Vue.js (06/13/2019)
Using NativeScript and Vue.js to Turn Your Friends into Cats (06/11/2019)
Using the MailChimp API with Netlify Serverless Functions (05/29/2019)
FusionReactor and Your ColdFusion Queries (05/25/2019)
Reading Client-Side Files for Validation with Vue.js (05/21/2019)
Using HTML Form Validation without a Form (Kinda) (05/15/2019)
Building a Plex Server Duration Search with Vue.js (05/14/2019)
Handling Errors in Vue.js (05/01/2019)
Working with Audio in NativeScript - Part Two (04/30/2019)
Working with Audio in NativeScript - Part One (04/25/2019)
Vue Components FTW - VGauge (and a love letter to CodeSandbox) (04/19/2019)
Blocking Web Sites from Prompting for Notifications (04/17/2019)
Getting Location in NativeScript - Part 2 (04/14/2019)
Getting Location in NativeScript (04/10/2019)
Adding Visual Feedback to an Alexa Skill (04/01/2019)
Finding (and Fixing) Your Slow ColdFusion Pages with FusionReactor (03/25/2019)
Getting Started with FusionReactor (for ColdFusion Devs) (03/19/2019)
An Example of Nuxt.js with a Custom Generator (03/12/2019)
Assets and Stuff from My Vue.js Presentations (03/09/2019)
What is $nextTick in Vue and When You Need It (02/22/2019)
Vue Components FTW - vue-pure-lightbox (02/20/2019)
Book Review: Learning GraphQL (02/15/2019)
Vue Components FTW - Toasted (02/06/2019)
Using Netlify's Build Process for Somewhat Static Data (01/22/2019)
Adding Emotional Tone Analysis to Your Contact Form (01/18/2019)
Customized Form Handling on Netlify with Serverless Functions (01/15/2019)
Adding Serverless Functions to Your Netlify Static Site (01/08/2019)
Creating a Live Time Duration Component in Vue.js (01/07/2019)
Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019 (01/01/2019)

Posts for 2018

Adding Automated Text Linting to My Blog (12/28/2018)
Using Alexa to Mess with Your Kids, Because Why Not? (12/13/2018)
Adding Ice Bear to Alexa, Because Why Not? (11/28/2018)
Review of NativeScripting's Vue Intro Course (11/26/2018)
Working with the Camera in a NativeScript Vue App (11/15/2018)
A Review of My Arcade1Up Machine (11/09/2018)
Using NativeScript DataForm with Vue.js - Some Tips (11/07/2018)
Using Azure Functions and the Marvel API to Visualize Character History (11/04/2018)
Working with Dynamic Components in Vue.js (10/31/2018)
I Built a NativeScript/Vue.js App and You Won't Believe What Happened Next... (10/25/2018)
Creating a Slide Show for Pinterest Boards in Vue.js (10/09/2018)
Storing (and Retrieving) Photos in IndexedDB (10/05/2018)
A Quick Look at Stitch (09/19/2018)
My Next Online Presentation - Serverless with Webtask (09/12/2018)
My First Azure Function App - Twitter Image Displayer (09/09/2018)
An Update (08/29/2018)
HTTP Stuff with Azure Functions (and more) (08/20/2018)
Node.js for the Non-Node.js Developer (08/10/2018)
Adding Your YouTube Videos to Your Static Site on Netlify (08/08/2018)
Testing Local Development with Azure Functions (08/03/2018)
Adding Your YouTube Videos to Your Static Site with Vue.js (08/01/2018)
Building a Stats Page for Jekyll Blogs (07/21/2018)
Quick Note on Azure Functions Returns and Results (07/16/2018)
My (Rough) Start with Azure Functions (07/06/2018)
Summer Plans - Looking at Azure Functions (07/02/2018)
My First Stab at a Grammar Extension for VS Code (06/18/2018)
Transforming JSON Data into an API with Serverless (06/15/2018)
Getting Notifications for New GitHub Project Releases (06/13/2018)
My Vue.js Course is Coming Soon! (06/11/2018)
Keeping Up with Browser Updates (06/07/2018)
An Update (06/04/2018)
RIP ColdFusion Bloggers (05/22/2018)
Text Sentiment Analysis IoT Demo (05/21/2018)
Deploying a VuePress Site to Netlify (05/16/2018)
Welcome to RaymondCamden.com 2018 (05/15/2018)
Adding a Recent Content Component to VuePress (05/09/2018)
Next Event - Modern Development with the JAMStack (04/30/2018)
Getting Up to Speed with Vue.js (04/20/2018)
An Example of the Async Clipboard API with Vue.js (04/19/2018)
TIL - Pushing Node Apps to Azure with Visual Studio Code (04/18/2018)
Missed VueConfUS? Watch (Parts) Online! (04/16/2018)
Datalists with Vue.js (04/12/2018)
Serverless IoT for Enterprise Light Bulb Demos (04/11/2018)
Adding reCaptcha with a Serverless Form Processor (04/06/2018)
TIL - Vue.js and Non-Prop Attributes (04/03/2018)
Building Three Common Form Interfaces in Vue.js (04/02/2018)
Reminder on File Inputs, JavaScript, and Read Access (03/29/2018)
Links for Learning Webtask (03/28/2018)
Building a Customizable Weather App in Vue - 2 (03/27/2018)
Remotely Interesting (03/23/2018)
Slides and Assets from JazzCon PWA Talk (03/22/2018)
Building a Customizable Weather App in Vue.js (03/19/2018)
Adding Referrer Protection to Webtasks (03/19/2018)
Building a Text-Based Adventure in Vue.js (3) (03/13/2018)
Building a Serverless Form Handler with Auth0 Webtasks - Express Style (03/07/2018)
Learn JavaScript Fundamentals at KnowJS (03/06/2018)
Building a Serverless Form Handler with Auth0 Webtasks (03/02/2018)
An Example of Ajax Searching with Vue.js (03/01/2018)
Building an HTML5 Comic Book Reader - in 2018 (02/28/2018)
An Introduction to Webtask (02/27/2018)
Getting Happy with Vue.js (02/26/2018)
Hello Auth0 Extend! (02/26/2018)
Slides and Assets from My OpenWhisk Talk (02/24/2018)
Slides and Assets from My Vue.js Talk (02/23/2018)
New PWA Series (02/21/2018)
Happy 15 (02/15/2018)
Building a Text-Based Adventure in Vue.js (2) (02/15/2018)
Building a Text-Based Adventure in Vue.js (02/14/2018)
Leaving Big Blue (02/12/2018)
Installing Jekyll on Windows (02/12/2018)
Building Table Sorting and Pagination in Vue.js (02/08/2018)
Pointing a Raygun at Your Site (02/03/2018)
Better Support for Scheduled Actions with OpenWhisk and IBM Cloud Functions (02/01/2018)
A Multi-Step Form in Vue.js (01/29/2018)
Building a Progressive Color Thief (01/25/2018)
A Few Tips on Debugging OpenWhisk Functions with VS Code (01/23/2018)
Building a Quiz with Vue.js (01/22/2018)
An Example of Vue.js DevTools (01/18/2018)
Using DevTools to Scrape Web Content (01/17/2018)
Generating Random Cure Song Titles with Markov Chain (01/16/2018)
Nuxt and Server-Side/Static Vue.js Sites (01/15/2018)
My New Lynda Course - Building APIs with LoopBack (01/10/2018)
Building an OpenWhisk Activation Poll with Node, Vue.js and Vuetify (01/09/2018)
Another Example of Vue.js and Vuex - an API Wrapper (01/05/2018)

Posts for 2017

Vue.js Version of My Random Comic Book Viewer (12/29/2017)
My 2017 and My Plans for 2018 (12/26/2017)
Favorite Media of 2017 (12/24/2017)
Using JSON Web Tokens with Serverless OpenWhisk (12/22/2017)
An Example of Vuex and State Management for Vue.js (12/20/2017)
Building an Image Placeholder Component for Vue.js (12/18/2017)
Review: The Last Jedi (12/15/2017)
New IBM Composer Feature - Additional Action Logging (12/12/2017)
Adding Referrer Protection to OpenWhisk Actions (12/11/2017)
An Example of Form Validation with Vue.js (12/07/2017)
Quick Example of Apache Cordova and Vue.js (12/06/2017)
Building Related Selects with Vue.js (12/05/2017)
Advent of Code 2017 (12/04/2017)
Last Update, Honest, to My Vue.js INeedIt Demo (11/28/2017)
Yet Another Update to my INeedIt Vue.js App (11/24/2017)
Thank You! (11/23/2017)
Serverless Try/Catch/Finally with IBM Composer (11/22/2017)
Update to my Vue.js INeedIt Demo (11/21/2017)
Two Quick OpenWhisk/IBM Cloud Functions Updates (11/20/2017)
Another Vue.js Demo - INeedIt (11/16/2017)
Working with Routes in Vue.js (11/12/2017)
A Great Tutorial for Webpack (11/07/2017)
Read My (Free) Book on Apache OpenWhisk (11/05/2017)
My NCDevCon Progressive Web App Talk (10/31/2017)
OOO (10/27/2017)
Calling Multiple Serverless Actions and Retaining Values with IBM Composer (10/25/2017)
IBM Watson OpenWhisk Actions (10/24/2017)
Migrating a Static Site from Harp to Jekyll (10/23/2017)
Upgrading Serverless Superman to IBM Composer (10/20/2017)
Copying to Clipboard with Windows Subsystem for Linux (10/19/2017)
Building Your First Serverless Composition with IBM Cloud Functions (10/18/2017)
DevTools Tips for Progressive Web Apps (10/17/2017)
Review: Building Progressive Web Apps (10/16/2017)
Some Progressive Web App Tips (10/13/2017)
Turning My No Man's Sky App Into a PWA (10/12/2017)
Serverless Composition with IBM Cloud Functions (10/09/2017)
Facebook Chatbots with OpenWhisk (10/09/2017)
Rebuilding a Flex Mobile App as an Alexa Skill (10/04/2017)
Reading a Text File on OpenWhisk (10/02/2017)
Calling a PowerShell Script from WSL (09/25/2017)
Quick Note on CFLib (09/21/2017)
Run Visual Studio Code Insiders from WSL (09/20/2017)
Microsoft's Edge Web Summit 2017 (09/17/2017)
Quick Web Dev Tip Everyone Knows (09/13/2017)
Very Cool Update for the OpenWhisk CLI (09/11/2017)
Another Vue Example - Image Recognition Service Tester (09/05/2017)
Update to My Image Recognition Service Tester - Amazon Rekognition Support (09/04/2017)
An Example of Sessions with Amazon Alexa Skills (09/01/2017)
Building a No Man's Sky Utility with Node and Vue.js (08/31/2017)
Quick OpenWhisk Utility - Activation Reporting (08/29/2017)
Dynamically Documenting OpenWhisk Packages (08/25/2017)
Why I Hated (and Now Love) Arrow Functions (08/25/2017)
Serverless iCal Parsing (08/24/2017)
An OpenWhisk Package for Alexa Verification (08/18/2017)
Migrating from a Node App to Serverless (08/14/2017)
Career Advice for a New Web Dev (08/09/2017)
Quick Example of Vue.js (08/07/2017)
Working with the Forwarder Action in OpenWhisk (08/05/2017)
Working with Action Metadata in OpenWhisk (08/04/2017)
Serverless BASIC (08/01/2017)
Geolocation Emulation in Chrome (and others) (07/31/2017)
Online Presentation - Developing in JavaScript in 2017 (07/31/2017)
Some Notes on Windows 10 and Ubuntu (07/28/2017)
Serverless for Vampires (07/27/2017)
Using Postman with OpenWhisk (07/24/2017)
Great Reminder of Persistence in Serverless (07/18/2017)
Creating a Serverless Meetup API Wrapper (07/17/2017)
Handling SMS with OpenWhisk, IBM Watson and Twilio - an Update (07/07/2017)
Google Analytics and RSS Report - Version 2 (07/06/2017)
Important Note for OpenWhisk Developers (07/05/2017)
Designing an OpenWhisk Action for Web Action Support - Take Two (07/03/2017)
Handling SMS with OpenWhisk, IBM Watson, and Twilio (06/29/2017)
An OpenWhisk Monitor/Alert POC (06/27/2017)
Another Form Processor Option - LiveForm (06/23/2017)
Update on My Random Comic Book Character API (06/21/2017)
Enabling API Management for Serverless with OpenWhisk (06/20/2017)
Serverless Demo - Random Comic Book Character via Comic Vine API (06/19/2017)
Monitoring OpenWhisk Activity (06/16/2017)
Testing Multiple Image Recognition Services at Once (06/15/2017)
Using a Generic CORS Enabler in OpenWhisk (06/12/2017)
Uploading Files to an OpenWhisk Action (06/09/2017)
Recording and Assets for OpenWhisk Serverless Presentation (06/08/2017)
Quick OpenWhisk Debugging Example (06/05/2017)
Integrating OpenWhisk with Your Node Application (06/02/2017)
TIL about Datalist and Display Limits (06/01/2017)
Updating NodeJS on Windows - Some Tips (05/31/2017)
Handling Errors in OpenWhisk Sequences with a Combinator (05/26/2017)
OpenWhisk Webinar and Presentations for June (05/23/2017)
Building the Serverless Superman (05/19/2017)
My First Lynda Course - Learning Ionic (05/19/2017)
Creating a JSON Feed for Hugo (05/18/2017)
Using URL Paths in OpenWhisk Web Actions (05/17/2017)
My Own OpenWhisk Stat Tool (05/15/2017)
Some thoughts on HoloLens (and the new Surface Laptop) (05/12/2017)
Enabling CORS for an OpenWhisk Action (05/09/2017)
Launching Today - Serverless Weekly (05/05/2017)
New Book: Mobile App Development with Ionic 2 (05/04/2017)
Building Your Own Serverless Search Engine with OpenWhisk (05/02/2017)
OpenWhisk Sequences as Input/Output Providers (05/01/2017)
Bound Packages, OpenWhisk, and Web Actions (04/28/2017)
An Example of How I Dig Into Your Code (04/27/2017)
Using Device Motion on the Web (04/25/2017)
Updating Your OpenWhisk CLI (04/25/2017)
Integrating HTML Templating with OpenWhisk Web Actions (04/21/2017)
Artificially Delaying Providers with Observable.Delay (04/19/2017)
Enabling CORS for an OpenWhisk Web Action (04/18/2017)
OpenWhisk, Serverless, and Security - a POC (04/17/2017)
PSA for New Web Developers - Don't Use file:// (04/14/2017)
A Tip for Zipped Actions and Packages in OpenWhisk (04/13/2017)
FusionReactor - Still the Best for ColdFusion (04/12/2017)
From Actions to Sequences to Services (04/07/2017)
Extracting One (or more) Pages from a PDF (04/06/2017)
OpenWhisk Sequences and Errors (04/04/2017)
Quick Notes on OpenWhisk Packages and Defaults (04/03/2017)
Another OpenWhisk Alexa Skill - Death Clock (03/31/2017)
Check out PaveAI for Analytics (03/23/2017)
Using IBM Watson Tone Analyzer in OpenWhisk (03/22/2017)
Some Thoughts on Static Sites and Security (03/21/2017)
My OpenWhisk Alexa Skill is Live! (03/20/2017)
Creating Alexa Skills with OpenWhisk - Part Two (03/17/2017)
A Twitter Package for OpenWhisk (03/15/2017)
Quick console script for O'Reilly Authors (03/14/2017)
An Introduction to Creating Alexa Skills with OpenWhisk (03/09/2017)
New Option for Android Testing - Genymotion on Demand (03/09/2017)
A tip for testing Alexa Skills (03/08/2017)
Working with Static Sites - Final Release! (03/07/2017)
Designing an OpenWhisk Action for Web Action Support (03/02/2017)
An Example of a Static Site with a Dynamic Calendar (02/25/2017)
Another OpenWhisk Cron Example - the Blog Nag (02/21/2017)
VS Code Extensions: mssql and vscode-database (02/17/2017)
Building a Form Handler Service in OpenWhisk - Part Two (02/15/2017)
Collecting 911 Data with OpenWhisk Cron Triggers (02/14/2017)
More Thoughts on Leveling Up (02/10/2017)
Serverless and Persistence (02/09/2017)
Using Social Login with Passport and Node (02/08/2017)
VS Code Extensions: Output Colorizer (02/06/2017)
Working with OpenWhisk Triggers (02/02/2017)
The Apache OpenWhisk Slack (02/01/2017)
Using Packages in OpenWhisk (01/31/2017)
Some Guidance for Blogging (01/31/2017)
Further Down the Windows Train... (01/30/2017)
Talking to your Bot on OpenWhisk (01/26/2017)
Building a Form Handler Service in OpenWhisk (01/25/2017)
New Camera Hotness from Chrome (01/24/2017)
LoopBack now has a CLI! (01/23/2017)
Working with IonicDB (01/19/2017)
All My Friends Are Superheroes (01/18/2017)
Creating Zipped Actions in OpenWhisk (01/10/2017)
Quick Tip for Testing OpenWhisk Actions Locally (01/09/2017)
A Survey for CFML Users (Past and Present) (01/08/2017)
An Example of an OpenWhisk Sequence (01/06/2017)
An example of the Ionic 2 Menu Component (01/05/2017)
Getting Started with OpenWhisk (01/03/2017)
Building a Serverless API Proxy with OpenWhisk (01/02/2017)

Posts for 2016

Advent of Code - Day 15 to 20 (12/30/2016)
My 2016 and my plans for 2017 (12/27/2016)
Favorite Media in 2016 (12/26/2016)
Going Serverless with OpenWhisk (12/23/2016)
Integrating Intl with Ionic (12/22/2016)
Having trouble emulating iOS with Cordova/Ionic? (12/21/2016)
LoopBack 3.0 Released (12/21/2016)
My Entirely Not-Biased Review of Rogue One (12/18/2016)
Advent of Code - Day 13 and 14 (12/16/2016)
Advent of Code - Day 9 to 12 (12/13/2016)
Working with Ionic Native - Contact Fixer (12/12/2016)
Advent of Code - Day 8 (12/10/2016)
Updates to Client Storage for the Browser (12/08/2016)
Advent of Code - Day 6 and 7 (12/08/2016)
Advent of Code - Day 5 (12/06/2016)
Advent of Code - Day 3 and 4 (12/05/2016)
Advent of Code - Day 2 (12/02/2016)
Begin the Advent of Code! (12/01/2016)
A Simple Stats Script for Hugo (12/01/2016)
Scraping a web page in Node with Cheerio (11/30/2016)
Online Pug Testing Tool (11/18/2016)
A Social Example of Ionic Auth (11/17/2016)
November is National Adoption Month (11/14/2016)
Speaking on Static Sites at Ortus Developer Week (11/11/2016)
Some Advice for a Web Developer Learning New Skills (11/09/2016)
Quick LoopBack Tip - Using the Client Folder for your Static Directory (11/08/2016)
An example of the Ionic Auth service with Ionic 2 (11/04/2016)
Building a Simple Form Handler Service in Node (10/31/2016)
Final(ish) Thoughts on the Microsoft Surface (as well as Apple) (10/28/2016)
Article: Building Node-based APIs with the LoopBack Framework (10/26/2016)
Ionic Example: Slides (10/24/2016)
Using HTML Form Validation in Pure JavaScript (10/19/2016)
Quick DevTools Tip - what is still trying to load? (10/17/2016)
The Microsoft Surface Book - Part Three (10/16/2016)
Working with SOAP in a Node App (10/12/2016)
I've switched RaymondCamden.com to Netlify (10/10/2016)
I've fallen in love with The Flash (10/08/2016)
NativeScript 2.3 Launch Webinar (10/06/2016)
TIL - Form fields and invalid values (10/04/2016)
The Microsoft Surface Book - Part Two (10/03/2016)
Some quick NativeScript tips (09/28/2016)
The Microsoft Surface Book - Part One (09/26/2016)
Recording - What they didn't tell you about Cordova (09/26/2016)
Chrome Network Emulation and Change Events (09/15/2016)
Reminder on using Ionic for the Web (09/13/2016)
Fixing "Browser Has Stopped" Errors in the Android Simulator (09/13/2016)
Bringing Dynamic Back (Presentation) (09/12/2016)
Looping Audio in a Cordova App (09/09/2016)
Adding opacity to a background image in reveal.js (09/06/2016)
Review: No Man's Sky (09/04/2016)
Pagination and IndexedDB (09/02/2016)
My NodeSummit LoopBack Presentation (08/31/2016)
Using CommandBox for Lucee (08/30/2016)
Looking for RIAForge? (08/26/2016)
Working with the Disqus API - Deeper Stats (2) (08/25/2016)
Working with Ionic Native - Shake, Rattle, and Roll (Follow Up) (08/22/2016)
Working with the Disqus API - Deeper Stats (08/19/2016)
Working with the Disqus API - Comment Count (08/18/2016)
Working with Ionic Native - Using Secure Storage (08/16/2016)
Victory! (08/15/2016)
Some Tips for Conferences (08/12/2016)
How Many Days Since the Last JavaScript Framework? (08/11/2016)
Quick tip for installing Bash on Windows 10 (08/11/2016)
Need a Test SMTP Server? (08/09/2016)
My Blog Tech Stack (08/05/2016)
Excellent overview of Static Sites (08/04/2016)
Working with Ionic Native - Using the Diagnostics Plugin (08/02/2016)
Checking (and updating) your Ionic Native install (08/01/2016)
My next book - Working with Static Sites (07/21/2016)
"Apache Cordova in Action" 50% off Monday (07/17/2016)
Scraping URLs from a Sitemap File (07/16/2016)
Fighting against a content stealer on Blogger (07/15/2016)
Deciding what client-side storage system to use (07/08/2016)
Working with Ionic Native - Shake, Rattle, and Roll (07/07/2016)
New POC - DailyReddit (07/05/2016)
An Ionic 1 and 2 app side by side (06/30/2016)
No back button in your Ionic header? (06/29/2016)
Linking to PDFs in Cordova apps (06/26/2016)
Some quick tips for Passport (06/23/2016)
Ionic 2 Weather Application (06/17/2016)
Assets and slides from my JS Templating Presentation (06/16/2016)
Very cool browser extension - Wappalyzer (06/13/2016)
An example of Nexmo's Communications API (06/09/2016)
Introduction to API Connect Webinar (06/08/2016)
Capturing camera/picture data without PhoneGap - An Update (06/03/2016)
Adding (Limited) Pagination to Hugo (05/31/2016)
Working on my NativeScript RSS Application (05/27/2016)
Building an AJAX-based form for Formspree (05/25/2016)
A simple RSS reader in NativeScript (05/23/2016)
Thoughts on NativeScript 2.0 (05/16/2016)
Is it ever appropriate to hide an async process behind a sync one? (05/13/2016)
Uploading multiple files at once - with Fetch (05/10/2016)
Uploading multiple files at once - for Cordova (05/06/2016)
Uploading multiple files at once with Ajax and XHR2 (05/05/2016)
Disabling Forms Disabling Autocomplete (05/04/2016)
LoopBack, StrongLoop, and API Connect - how in the heck do they relate? (04/27/2016)
Speaking at Gluecon 2016 - Want a discount code? (04/27/2016)
An example of virtualScroll and Infinite Scroll in Ionic 2 (04/25/2016)
GET vs POST for Ajax Requests (04/21/2016)
How I added https to my blog (04/15/2016)
Rogue One Teaser Released (04/07/2016)
Articles on TDN and StrongLoop.com (04/06/2016)
Basic Node performance monitoring with Node Application Metrics (04/04/2016)
Introduction to LoopBack Presentation (03/31/2016)
Webinar Tips for Presenters (03/31/2016)
jQuery Mobile Web Development Essentials - Third Edition (03/29/2016)
Testing the New Ionic User Service (03/28/2016)
Getting Images from a Twitter Account (03/25/2016)
The Cordova Browser Platform (03/22/2016)
DS9 Rewatch Complete (03/20/2016)
Recording for Browser Tools Presentation (03/18/2016)
JSONPath for parsing JSON (03/15/2016)
Webinar next week on Browser Dev Tools (03/09/2016)
How I added search to my static blog (03/07/2016)
Ionic Services enter Beta (03/04/2016)
Starting a new role at IBM - StrongLoop Evangelist (03/03/2016)
Adding an API to a static site (03/01/2016)
Using the Onymos Media Component (03/01/2016)
Performing sentiment analysis of Twitter data (02/25/2016)
Building a Twitter bot to display random comic book covers (02/22/2016)
Creating an unread count for a static site (02/18/2016)
My PhoneGap Day 2016 Presentation (02/17/2016)
Adobe ColdFusion 2016 Released (02/16/2016)
Missing DevNexus (02/15/2016)
Displaying Google Street View images (02/13/2016)
Time for Ionic 2 (02/11/2016)
HTML Escaper Visual Studio Code Extension (02/10/2016)
Speaking at DevNexus 2016 (02/05/2016)
Playing with StrongLoop - Building a Blog - Part Three (02/03/2016)
Article on Improving Your JavaScript Skills (02/01/2016)
Visual Studio Code extension for Cordova (01/29/2016)
Survey Results for Rebecca Murphey's Learning JavaScript Survey (01/26/2016)
Apache Cordova SplashScreen Change (01/25/2016)
Dynamic Subjects with Formspree (01/22/2016)
Speaking at PhoneGap Day (01/21/2016)
Welcome to RaymondCamden.com 2016 (01/20/2016)
What happens when you screw up an Ionic Deployment? (01/20/2016)
DefinitelyTyped project for IBM MobileFirst and Hybrid Mobile Apps (01/19/2016)
Time for Angular 2? (01/18/2016)
Working with Hugo on RaymondCamden.com (01/16/2016)
Going from static to dynamic with Ionic Creator (01/11/2016)
Playing with StrongLoop - Building a Blog - Part Two (01/07/2016)
Seeding data for a StrongLoop app (01/06/2016)
My first O'Reilly Book: Client-Side Data Storage (01/06/2016)
Playing with StrongLoop - Building a Blog - Part One (01/05/2016)
Speaking on Ionic in NYC Next Week (01/04/2016)
Another year, another Wordpress issue (01/02/2016)
Doing some testing... (01/02/2016)

Posts for 2015

Favorite Media in 2015 (12/28/2015)
Books I Read in 2015 (12/23/2015)
My Year (12/22/2015)
Article: A Review of JavaScript Error Monitoring Services (12/21/2015)
Is your Ionic View title not updating? (12/18/2015)
Review: Star Wars - The Force Awakens (12/18/2015)
A quick example of the Ionic Loading Widget (12/17/2015)
My first extension for Visual Studio Code - CSSLint (12/16/2015)
Deals on my Cordova book and JavaScript videos (12/16/2015)
Using Ionic Creator with MobileFirst 7.1 (12/15/2015)
Parsing RSS Feeds in JavaScript - Options (12/08/2015)
Feeling bored? Want to hurt your brain a bit? Play the Advent of Code (12/07/2015)
Review: Destiny and Star Wars Battlefront (12/05/2015)
Swift goes open source, and loads of new resources (12/04/2015)
Ionic/Cordova Demo: Where did I take that picture? (12/03/2015)
Book Review: Ionic Cookbook (12/02/2015)
Adobe loses its (web) edge... (12/01/2015)
How to tell if a Cordova application is running in the simulator (11/30/2015)
Where I want to go with Node next... (11/30/2015)
Happy Thanksgiving! (11/26/2015)
Important update for Apache Cordova and Android (11/25/2015)
HarpJS GUI in Beta (11/24/2015)
TIL - Autocomplete and forms (11/23/2015)
Using the Meetup API in Client-Side Applications (11/20/2015)
CFLib converted to Harp and on Surge (11/19/2015)
Using Authorization Tokens for IBM Watson services (11/13/2015)
Working with the Clipboard in Cordova apps (11/11/2015)
Article: Advanced Image Editing in the Browser (11/11/2015)
Demo of the Ionic Resources command (11/10/2015)
Cordova, iOS, and Orientation - wondering why it is locked? (11/09/2015)
Cordova Demo - Apple TV HD Video Viewer (11/05/2015)
Checking for platform and plugin updates in your Cordova project (11/04/2015)
In defense of the Reset button... (11/03/2015)
Quick Tip - Ionic apps and touch events (11/02/2015)
November is National Adoption Month (11/02/2015)
Building a hybrid mobile app? Avoid using CDNs for your libraries (10/30/2015)
StrongLoop, Ionic, and IBM Bluemix (10/29/2015)
A quick look at debugging Node.js with StrongLoop and Visual Studio Code (10/28/2015)
"Apache Cordova in Action" final edition released! (10/27/2015)
NodeSchool for IBM Bluemix and Node.js (10/27/2015)
Status of RIAForge (10/25/2015)
Getting an error running a Cordova project to iOS? (10/23/2015)
Quick tip for Cordova and the Browser platform - Setting a custom port (10/22/2015)
Working with StrongLoop (Part Four) - Locking down the API (10/21/2015)
Building my own iPhone Availability Web App (10/20/2015)
The New TFA Trailer (10/19/2015)
Working with StrongLoop (Part Three) (10/15/2015)
Adding localization to your Ionic application with IBM Bluemix (10/14/2015)
Working with StrongLoop (Part Two) (10/13/2015)
Important note for targeting iOS Emulators in Cordova (10/13/2015)
Working with StrongLoop (Part One) (10/12/2015)
Article: A Review of ContentTools – a Rich Content Editor (10/09/2015)
Testing Ionic Push Webhooks with IBM Bluemix (10/07/2015)
Learn about Ionic at Appcamp (10/02/2015)
Some cool things in Lucee (10/01/2015)
Proof of Concept: Validating an HTML Snippet in a Form (10/01/2015)
Ionic 1.6.5 and updates to Services (09/30/2015)
New ColdFusion docs (and some tips for handling it) (09/29/2015)
Speaking on Ionic Services at Ionic-SF (09/29/2015)
Switching platforms with Ionic Serve (09/27/2015)
Assets from my NCDevCon Preso (09/27/2015)
New book on Static Sites Generators (09/25/2015)
"Beginning JavaScript" (09/23/2015)
Another Cordova Mashup - Pixelatize (09/22/2015)
Finally! A good (darn good) Star Wars book (09/20/2015)
Integrating the Calendar into your Ionic App (09/18/2015)
Creating a custom display for Google's Analytics Embed Library (09/17/2015)
Ionic Example: ion-slide-box (09/16/2015)
Want to learn about client-side storage? (09/15/2015)
Working with Directories and HarpJS (09/11/2015)
Node 4 and libsass issues? (09/09/2015)
Working around Ionic's cached views (09/07/2015)
Is it time to stop using ColdFusion for remote APIs? (09/04/2015)
New MobileFirst Slack! (09/04/2015)
Speaking on Cordova, Ionic, and MobileFirst/Bluemix in Manilla (09/03/2015)
Recording of my ORA Static Site Presentation (09/02/2015)
Looking for mobile developers who want to test something cool... (09/02/2015)
Ripple is Reborn (Again!) (09/02/2015)
Calling remote services from Ionic Serve (09/01/2015)
Upcoming Ionic/Bluemix Presentations in Asia (08/31/2015)
Upcoming Presentation: Static site generators: Why use them and how they work (08/25/2015)
Using Generators with Harp (08/24/2015)
Chrome, console, and URLs - watch out (08/20/2015)
Speaking Down Under Next Week (08/20/2015)
Developing Ionic Apps with MobileFirst 7.1 (08/19/2015)
Developing Hybrid Mobile Apps with IBM MobileFirst 7.1 (08/18/2015)
Coming Soon: The Ionic Market (08/17/2015)
Getting Started with Mobile Development and IBM MobileFirst 7.1 (08/17/2015)
A quick Pokemon demo, because, Pokemon (08/15/2015)
IBM MobileFirst 7.1 Released (08/14/2015)
Processing multiple simultaneous uploads with Cordova (08/10/2015)
More information on restoring Ionic projects (08/06/2015)
A real world app with IBM Bluemix, Node, Cordova, and Ionic (08/05/2015)
Review: REST Web APIs: The Book (08/02/2015)
Cordova/Ionic Sample App: My Sound Board (07/30/2015)
SauceDB: Writing data back (07/29/2015)
Recording and saving audio in Cordova applications (07/27/2015)
SauceDB - Handling the Sauce view (07/24/2015)
Some initial thoughts on building desktop apps with Ionic and Electron (07/23/2015)
Using JavaScript to integrate with the EventBrite API (07/22/2015)
SauceDB - Building the back end with IBM Bluemix (07/20/2015)
Review: "Build an HTML5 Game" (07/19/2015)
Using JavaScript, IndexedDB to cheat at WordBrain (07/17/2015)
Safari and HTTP Caching (07/16/2015)
Article: Merging Dynamic and Static Sites (07/16/2015)
SauceDB - Working on the front end (07/15/2015)
FYI - Cordova events must be run after deviceReady (07/15/2015)
Quick Tip: Navigating in Ionic without History (07/14/2015)
New Demo Project: SauceDB (07/14/2015)
Review: Dave vs the Monsters (07/12/2015)
Combining client-side social login and server-side authorization with Cordova and Node (07/10/2015)
Using friendlier URLs for a HarpJS Static Site (07/08/2015)
Using the Google Analytics Embed API to Build a Dashboard (07/07/2015)
Recording from Static Sites Presentation (07/06/2015)
Using Angular and a Content Security Policy? Watch out for this... (07/03/2015)
Ionic Push example supporting State Changes (07/02/2015)
Happy 20th, ColdFusion (07/02/2015)
Online presentation - Working with Static Sites (06/25/2015)
Keyboard Tip for the iOS Simulator (06/24/2015)
Working with Ionic, Box, and IBM MobileFirst (06/24/2015)
An update to my RSS Reader built with Ionic (06/22/2015)
Presentation: Leveling Up at JavaScript (06/16/2015)
Vacation Notice (06/10/2015)
Quick example of the Google Analytics Embed API (06/10/2015)
Using Cloud Code, Mobile Application Security, Node.js and Bluemix (06/09/2015)
Speaking at Ionic Dallas next month (06/09/2015)
Google Analytics and RSS Report (06/08/2015)
Cordova Sample: Capture and Display Video (06/05/2015)
My first video course for O'Reilly - JavaScript Templating (06/05/2015)
Online presentation next week - How to Become An "Intermediate" JavaScript Programmer (06/04/2015)
A look at New Relic Browser (05/30/2015)
Finding the owner of a file with ColdFusion (05/29/2015)
Best Voice Recognition Fail(?) Ever... (05/27/2015)
Using the Marvel API with IBM Watson (05/26/2015)
Important information about Cordova 5 (05/25/2015)
Getting initial console messages you missed with remote debug (05/21/2015)
Looking at the JavaScript API in Hybrid MobileFirst Apps (2) (05/19/2015)
Working with the new PhoneGap/Cordova ContentSync Plugin (05/19/2015)
Tracking and notifying geolocation status with Ionic (05/18/2015)
Fascinating cftry/cfcatch/cfoutput bug with ColdFusion (05/18/2015)
A simple Cordova task runner for Visual Studio Code (05/17/2015)
Suggestions for Database Syncing with PhoneGap/Cordova (05/15/2015)
My speaker's self post-mortem (05/14/2015)
Sorry for not responding... (05/14/2015)
Ionic hits 1.0 (05/12/2015)
Fluent 2015 (05/11/2015)
Online ColdFusion Meetup Back in Action (05/11/2015)
IBM and Ionic (05/08/2015)
Working with MP3s, ID3, and PhoneGap/Cordova - Adding IBM MobileFirst (05/06/2015)
Article: The Epic, Awesome & Supremely Useful Data Attribute (05/05/2015)
Working with MP3s, ID3, and PhoneGap/Cordova (3) (05/01/2015)
PhoneGap CLI and Templates (05/01/2015)
Working with MP3s, ID3, and PhoneGap/Cordova (2) (04/30/2015)
My Cordova book is on sale again (04/30/2015)
Working with MP3s, ID3, and PhoneGap/Cordova (04/29/2015)
Can't find Cordova plugin docs? (04/29/2015)
Looking at the JavaScript API in Hybrid MobileFirst Apps (04/28/2015)
Testing Camera Quality Settings and PhoneGap/Cordova (04/27/2015)
Connecting PouchDB to Cloudant on IBM Bluemix (04/24/2015)
IndexedDB and Limits - IE (04/24/2015)
Want to learn about Ionic? (04/23/2015)
Big updates to Apache Cordova (04/21/2015)
Crazy cool Chrome extension (and how to dig into the source) (04/21/2015)
Ionic adds a new State feature (04/20/2015)
Some games to pick up (04/19/2015)
IndexedDB and Limits (04/17/2015)
The Second Star Wars Teaser (04/16/2015)
Speaking on Ionic next week at FluentConf (04/15/2015)
ColdFusion Updates Released Today (04/14/2015)
Blowing up LocalStorage (or what happens when you exceed quota) (04/14/2015)
Chaining multiple Cordova File Transfers with ngCordova (04/13/2015)
Front-End Interview Questions – Part 5 (04/10/2015)
Using MobileFirst HTTP Adapters with an Ionic Application (04/08/2015)
Form analytics with Formatic (04/07/2015)
Cool ColdFusion site on Kickstarter (04/07/2015)
Some tips for writing JavaScript adapters for IBM MobileFirst (04/06/2015)
Strategies for dealing with multiple Ajax calls (04/03/2015)
Using MobileFirst SQL Adapters with an Ionic Application (04/02/2015)
Using Remote Logging with Ionic and IBM MobileFirst (03/31/2015)
An early look at Ionic Push (03/31/2015)
Working with IBM MobileFirst and Ionic - a follow up (03/30/2015)
Tip: Viewing Network Requests with the Safari Debugger (03/27/2015)
Using Grunt to Automate MobileFirst/Hybrid Builds (03/26/2015)
Reminder - Having a tool doesn't mean you always use that tool... (03/25/2015)
Working with IBM MobileFirst and Ionic - Bootstrapping (03/24/2015)
Having trouble with splash screens, Cordova, and Android? (03/24/2015)
Learning Cordova's config.xml? Check out this online tool (03/23/2015)
Working with IBM MobileFirst and the Ionic Framework (03/23/2015)
OS X Yosemite Tip - Maximizing Windows (03/22/2015)
Avoid Ratchet for PhoneGap/Cordova development (03/21/2015)
Creating simple comparative bars with JavaScript and CSS (03/19/2015)
Ionic Serve's Lab option (03/16/2015)
Quick Handlebars tip concerning precompilation (03/14/2015)
Testing MetaCert's Security API Service (03/13/2015)
Selecting multiple images in a PhoneGap/Cordova app (03/12/2015)
Example of Ionic's Updating Feature (03/11/2015)
Check out "Ten Apps in Ten Weeks" (03/10/2015)
Working with the Bluemix Personality Insights Service (03/10/2015)
Need to test a service that doesn't use CORS? There's a plugin for that. (03/09/2015)
My early access Cordova book is half off today! (03/08/2015)
Warning about Ionic Live Reload and the PhoneGap Developer App (03/08/2015)
Warning a user before they leave a form (03/06/2015)
My experience working with Jekyll (03/05/2015)
Hosting static sites with Surge (03/04/2015)
Brackets Tip: Specifying one linter (the right way) (03/03/2015)
Cordova CLI Updated (03/03/2015)
Hosting Node.js apps on Bluemix (03/02/2015)
Sunday OT: Rise of the Runelords (03/01/2015)
Quick Cordova tip - Preventing multiple sounds at once (02/27/2015)
Reminder - You don't need AppCache for PhoneGap/Cordova (02/25/2015)
Migrating servers on Google Compute Engine (02/24/2015)
Brian Rinaldi on Static Sites (02/24/2015)
POC - Determining the "Health" of your GitHub Repos (02/23/2015)
Static site hosting on Google Cloud (02/22/2015)
Using the MobileFirst Mobile Browser Simulator (02/20/2015)
My experiences with Google Compute Engine (02/19/2015)
Apache Cordova in Action MEAP Updated (02/18/2015)
Traffic on ColdFusion Bloggers (02/18/2015)
Reminder - Get this blog via email (02/17/2015)
Adding keyboard navigation to a client-side application (02/16/2015)
Working with hybrid applications and IBM MobileFirst (02/16/2015)
Interesting error reporting difference in Chrome and Firefox (02/14/2015)
A few examples of "tag as script" in ColdFusion 11 (02/11/2015)
Reminder - stop using the old CFC-based tags in ColdFusion 11 (02/10/2015)
Possible Cordova FileSystem Resource (02/10/2015)
Using the new Bluemix Visual Recognition service in Cordova (02/06/2015)
Can't run ColdFusion Builder 3 on OS X? Read This. (02/03/2015)
Front-End Interview Questions – Part 4 (02/03/2015)
Missing orders, Prime membership, Cloud music, etc with Amazon? (02/02/2015)
Lucee, new fork of Railo, has launched (02/01/2015)
Thank you, Jack Wilber (01/30/2015)
Latest Firefox adds Storage to Developer Tools (01/29/2015)
Suggestions for learning JSON? (01/29/2015)
Front-End Interview Questions – Part 3 (01/28/2015)
An example of application specific scheduled tasks in ColdFusion (01/27/2015)
Front-End Interview Questions - Part 2 (01/27/2015)
ColdFusion Builder 3 Updated (the right way) (01/26/2015)
ColdFusion Bloggers migrated to Node.js (01/26/2015)
Front-End Interview Questions (01/22/2015)
Drag and Drop on File Inputs in HTML (01/21/2015)
PhoneGap/Cordova Tip: Working with files under www and Android (01/21/2015)
Alt-History on TV - The Man in the High Castle (01/18/2015)
Lame, client-side 404 handling with Amazon S3 (01/17/2015)
New Year, New Job (01/16/2015)
Know WordPress? Need some advice. (01/13/2015)
PhoneGap Online/Offline Tip (2) (01/13/2015)
ColdFusion Builder 3 Updated (and I bet you didn't know...) (01/12/2015)
Dropdown to Ajax call to ColdFusion example (01/09/2015)
Article: A Case Study in JavaScript Code Improvement (01/08/2015)
Check out Happy Metrix (again) (01/06/2015)
CFLib moves to Node.js (01/05/2015)
Using Grunt and Jasmine and having issues with XHR? Read this. (01/02/2015)

Posts for 2014

My 2014 (12/30/2014)
Looking to learn Node and Express? (12/29/2014)
My 2014 Book List (12/27/2014)
Avoid the minified AngularJS library in development (12/26/2014)
Creating Spreadsheets with ColdFusion without headers (12/24/2014)
Cordova Demo - Viewing all Contacts (12/23/2014)
Introduction to jQuery (12/19/2014)
Get jQuery Mobile Web Development Essentials for Five Dollars! (12/18/2014)
Viewport and Cordova Tip (12/18/2014)
AppFog and MongoDB 2 Configuration (12/17/2014)
Online presentation tonight on ColdFusion 11 (12/16/2014)
A quick message for the ColdFusion community (12/15/2014)
cfwddx doesn't work in script - FYI (12/15/2014)
ColdFusion, CFHTTP, and java.io.ByteArrayOutputStream (12/12/2014)
Cordova Example - Sending SMS Messages (12/11/2014)
Really useful Chrome Dev Tools tip (12/10/2014)
Oops, RSS issue (12/10/2014)
ColdFusion updated, and some notes about query caching (12/09/2014)
My Cordova/PhoneGap Developer Setup (Fall 2014) (12/08/2014)
Quick review of SumAll.com (12/07/2014)
Update on migration and Disqus Thread Migration tool (12/04/2014)
Welcome to the 2015 RaymondCamden.com (12/03/2014)
HTML5 (or HTML in general) book recommendations? (12/01/2014)
Selecting a random record from an IndexedDB Object Store (11/30/2014)
Star Wars Teaser (11/28/2014)
Disqus update (and BlogCFC export script) (11/26/2014)
Early Access to My Next Book - Apache Cordova in Action (11/25/2014)
Status of Disqus updates, and a tool for URL migration (11/23/2014)
Check out FormKeep, another option for static sites (11/21/2014)
ColdFusion Startup Issue with Hostname (11/21/2014)
Blog Migration Update (11/20/2014)
Determining installed plugins at runtime for Cordova and PhoneGap applications (11/19/2014)
Using the autodivider feature in jQuery Mobile (take two) (11/18/2014)
Looking for Suggestions: Best Conferences for Mobile/Web Development (11/18/2014)
Cordova's copy-from tip (11/14/2014)
Test with Extract (11/13/2014)
Any WordPress users familiar with BlogCFC? (11/13/2014)
Hello world! (11/13/2014)
ColdFusion Example: Using jQuery UI Accordion with a ColdFusion query (11/12/2014)
Good post on Cordova, PhoneGap, and versioning (11/10/2014)
Random code I'm sharing for no good reason (11/09/2014)
Cordova and Asset Downloads (11/07/2014)
List auto-dividers in Ionic (11/06/2014)
Cordova Example: Writing to a file (11/05/2014)
Syncing Brackets extensions across multiple machines (11/04/2014)
Using PhoneGap Build? Check out the new support forum (11/03/2014)
self.getFamily().addOne().addOne() (11/01/2014)
My Modern Web Conference presentation is now available online (10/29/2014)
Beautiful (10/24/2014)
Yesterday (10/23/2014)
OOO for a bit so why not say hi to each other? (10/16/2014)
Thoughts on Integrating Ionic into an Existing Application (10/16/2014)
Nunjucks templating by Mozilla (10/15/2014)
Delaying an Edge Animate asset until visible - Part 6 (10/14/2014)
My review of Ionic's Visual Application Builder (10/10/2014)
Cordova, the Camera plugin, AngularJS, and Ninja Cats. (10/10/2014)
Another bug with queryExecute - Threads (10/09/2014)
Bug with queryExecute - use with caution (10/09/2014)
Timing out users by role in a ColdFusion Application (10/08/2014)
Cordova and Large Asset Downloads - An Abstract (10/07/2014)
CreativeSDK (really) Launches (10/06/2014)
ColdFusion Jedi is no more... (10/06/2014)
Figuring out what version of Cordova created a project (10/03/2014)
Ionic has a CDN (use with caution) (10/02/2014)
UX question, handling notifications (10/02/2014)
Cordova, Plugins, and Determining What Supports What (10/01/2014)
The Future of cfObjective. (09/29/2014)
Syncing Edge Animate with Window Scroll (09/29/2014)
Another IndexedDB Bug - Possibly (09/26/2014)
IndexedDB on iOS 8 - Broken Bad (09/25/2014)
Browser as a platform for your PhoneGap/Cordova apps (09/24/2014)
Safari Remote Debug and IndexedDB (09/24/2014)
Tip: Using Ionic - without Ionic (09/23/2014)
Simple photo filters with VintageJS and Cordova (09/23/2014)
ColdFusion 11 Updated, and my (non)appearance at the ColdFusion Summit (09/22/2014)
Datalist support in Mobile Chrome (09/18/2014)
ColdFusion's ArrayEach and Struct JSON Serialization (09/17/2014)
Using the New York Times API to Chart Occurrences in Headlines (09/15/2014)
Video: My top features of ColdFusion 11 (09/14/2014)
Video: Building Hybrid Applications with Ionic (09/13/2014)
Having issues sending a Cordova app to an iOS device? Seeing lldb? (09/11/2014)
CommandBox CLI and Package Manager for ColdFusion (09/11/2014)
Ionic Framework and CLI updated (09/10/2014)
What is the optimal environment for trying Ionic? (09/09/2014)
Proof of Concept: Live HTML checking for a textarea (09/08/2014)
RSS Reader Cordova demo updated with Ionic (09/05/2014)
Bug with ColdFusion 11's Elvis Operator (09/04/2014)
Ionic 1.2.0 Released (09/04/2014)
Speaking at NCDevCon 2014 (09/03/2014)
Datalist version of Country Dropdown (08/27/2014)
Chrome 37 has landed - but what exactly changed? (08/27/2014)
Did you do this? (08/25/2014)
My weekend experiment - PebbleJS (08/24/2014)
IndexedDB - On the move... (08/22/2014)
Project Parfait moves to Creative Cloud (08/21/2014)
Follow up to ColdFusion Axis2 Web Service Issue (08/21/2014)
Ionic releases an easier path to Cordova / Android development (08/19/2014)
PhoneGap/Cordova Example - Getting File Metadata (and an update to the FAQ) (08/18/2014)
Ionic and Cordova's DeviceReady - My Solution (08/16/2014)
Eventbrite API Demos (08/15/2014)
Review: Code School's JavaScript Best Practices (08/13/2014)
Presentation tonight on Apache Cordova (08/12/2014)
Centering a Google Map on America (08/09/2014)
Avoid Zero (or super short) Application Timeouts (08/08/2014)
Keep your DOM from shifting around... (08/05/2014)
MockData CFC Released (08/04/2014)
How to make a phone call via GMail (08/01/2014)
Read Holly's guide to the iOS Status Bar (07/31/2014)
Linting your ColdFusion code (07/31/2014)
Check out CodeSchool's Angular course (07/29/2014)
My perspective of working with the Ionic Framework (07/28/2014)
Sunday OT - Wolfenstein: The New Order (07/27/2014)
Updated/Relaunched site - Popular Followers (07/24/2014)
An example of Cordova's Camera PopoverOptions (07/23/2014)
PhoneGap Day US and EU Announced (07/22/2014)
Targeting a device type with Cordova Emulate (07/21/2014)
ColdFusion, isValid, Email and new TLDs (07/21/2014)
Soundings Update (07/16/2014)
Cordova Sample: Reading a text file (07/15/2014)
Yet another Cordova/PhoneGap Debugging Tip (07/15/2014)
Verified plugins site for Cordova applications (07/14/2014)
First release of Cordova Brackets extension (07/11/2014)
Issue with CFINDEX (07/11/2014)
Unexpected behavior with Axis2 web services in ColdFusion (07/10/2014)
Video example: collection-repeat performance in Ionic (07/10/2014)
Cordova Plugins update, and new Contacts demo (07/09/2014)
Proof of Concept Cordova integration with Brackets (07/08/2014)
Article: Static Site Engine Battle Royale (07/07/2014)
Sunday OT - Video Game Reviews (07/06/2014)
GapDebug, a new mobile debugging tool (07/02/2014)
Cordova Sample: Check for a file and download if it isn't there (07/01/2014)
Article on Fenix Web Server (06/30/2014)
Add "Search Export" to ColdFusion Builder 3 (06/26/2014)
XCode "forgets" frameworks and bundles after a restart (06/25/2014)
PhoneGap/Cordova File System questions (06/23/2014)
Cordova Media API Example (06/23/2014)
Using the Gamepad API (06/20/2014)
iOS Simulator not refreshing with Cordova (PhoneGap)? Read this. (06/20/2014)
ColdFusion UI The Right Way - HTML version (06/19/2014)
Why I took that ObjectiveC training... (06/18/2014)
Building a Car Safety Inspection Finder (the good, ugly, and more ugly) (06/17/2014)
Issue with ColdFusion JavaSettings and ReloadOnChange (06/16/2014)
My NCDevCon presentation: Practical HTML5 (06/12/2014)
Important Update for ColdFusion Builder 3 Users (06/11/2014)
Date Fields, JavaScript, and the things that make me go crazy... (06/10/2014)
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ColdFusion UI The Right Way - An Update (and Thanks) (05/12/2014)
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Intergral folks are (still) hiring! (05/02/2014)
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Project Parfait - PSD Introspection in the Browser (04/22/2014)
PhoneGap Developer App (04/21/2014)
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Another Weekly to Sign Up For... (04/18/2014)
Article: HTML out of the Browser (04/17/2014)
Open PhoneGap/Cordova Session next week (04/16/2014)
Example of Async Linting support in Brackets Sprint 38 (04/15/2014)
Google Hangout - Debugging Mobile Web/Cordova Apps - A Quick Review (04/15/2014)
Multi-File Uploads and Multiple Selects (Part 2) (04/14/2014)
Results of PhoneGap Survey (04/11/2014)
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Interesting addition to ColdFusion 11 (and an example of it in ColdFusion 10) (04/07/2014)
Quick survey on PhoneGap/Cordova versions (04/07/2014)
Dynamically Creating CSV Files on the Client (04/03/2014)
Adding an Absolutely Positioned Header to Reveal.js (04/01/2014)
Dash integration for Brackets (03/31/2014)
Check out Dash (03/30/2014)
AngularJS Tip - Avoid Multiple Variables in ng-src (03/29/2014)
ColdFusion Example: Upload a zip of images for processing (03/28/2014)
PhoneGap for the Enterprise (03/25/2014)
My first native iOS app - Death Clock (03/25/2014)
Intergral folks are hiring! (03/25/2014)
Sunday Quickie - Bookmarklet to Fix Forms that Disable autocomplete (03/23/2014)
I survived Big Nerd Ranch training (03/22/2014)
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This server... (03/20/2014)
Brackets Sprint 37 and Upcoming Hackathon (03/18/2014)
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Very odd CFDOCUMENT Bug (03/16/2014)
CodeCanyon and ColdFusion (03/14/2014)
This blog... (03/14/2014)
Reprint: What in the heck is JSONP and why would you use it? (03/12/2014)
ColdFusion, Random Numbers, and Time (03/11/2014)
Remember DevelopRIA? (03/10/2014)
Barcode Scanner sample, and new repo for Cordova examples (03/05/2014)
My ColdFusion Bugs - visualized (02/28/2014)
Interesting discovery with CasperJS, jQuery, and transitions (02/28/2014)
Nested Layouts in HarpJS (02/27/2014)
Creating Next/Previous Links in HarpJS (02/26/2014)
Comic Cover Muzei (02/26/2014)
ColdFusion and Form Fields with the Same Name (02/25/2014)
Creating a data backup of a WebSQL database (02/24/2014)
Recommendation: The Merchant Princes series by Charles Stross (02/23/2014)
Cordova 3.4.0 Released (02/21/2014)
Recording and Assets from my Harp.js Presentation (02/21/2014)
Friday Puzzler: Rolling the die... (02/21/2014)
Google+ Sign-In and ColdFusion (02/20/2014)
Video: Debugging with Firefox DevTools (02/20/2014)
ColdFusion Splendor/Thunder Public Betas (02/19/2014)
ColdFusion UI Project Update (02/19/2014)
Somewhat lame iOS Cordova debugging tip (02/17/2014)
Cordova File System - Important Update (02/17/2014)
Adding a dynamic calendar to HarpJS (02/14/2014)
Two Harp.js Recipes: Limiting a list of blog entries by count and by date (02/13/2014)
Presenting on Harp.js next week (02/12/2014)
Mimicking fixNewLine in ColdFusion Script (02/10/2014)
Small warning to folks writing Brackets extensions (02/08/2014)
AngularJS IndexedDB Demo (02/07/2014)
Some tips for working with PDF Forms and ColdFusion (02/06/2014)
Simple Trick - Adding a Play Indicator to the Browser Tab (02/04/2014)
Article: Creating Brackets Extensions (02/03/2014)
Examples of the Marvel API (02/02/2014)
Check out Proxxi (01/31/2014)
Modifying the PhoneGap Template in 3.3 (and higher) (01/31/2014)
Smart Quotes Strike Again (01/30/2014)
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Quick Ripple Tip - Detecting Ripple (01/22/2014)
Experience converting a dynamic site to static with HarpJS (01/21/2014)
Edge Animate 3.0 (01/21/2014)
Some quick HarpJS Tips (01/20/2014)
Speaking in San Francisco next week - Mobile+Web DevCon (01/20/2014)
Warning about ColdFusion 10 and ORM Logging (01/17/2014)
Installing and Using Ripple for Cordova Development (A Video) (01/17/2014)
Interesting discovery - Chrome and Storage (01/16/2014)
Creative Cloud Update Today (01/16/2014)
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HTML5 Input Patterns and Invalid Regex (01/13/2014)
Question for readers: Site Map of a ColdFusion site? (01/10/2014)
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2013 Survey Results (01/05/2014)
Did You Know: Searching for PhoneGap/Cordova Plugins (01/03/2014)
Apache Cordova 3.3 and Remote Debugging for Android (01/02/2014)
Some HarpJS experiments involving categories (01/02/2014)
My 2014 Resolutions (01/01/2014)

Posts for 2013

My personal little JavaScript WTF (12/31/2013)
My 2013 Reading List (12/30/2013)
Top Ten Entries for 2013 (12/29/2013)
Article: Working with IndexedDB - Part 3 (12/26/2013)
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New Brackets Extension - Canalyzer! (12/16/2013)
Article: Moving to Static and Keeping Your Toys (12/16/2013)
Meanwhile, over in IndexedDB land... (12/13/2013)
jQuery UI Video Course (12/13/2013)
TryCF.com (12/12/2013)
This works... and it freaks me out (12/11/2013)
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Click (like crazy) for Toys for Tots (12/10/2013)
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Building a Quiz Manager for jQuery Mobile (12/05/2013)
Flash Professional CC adds HTML5 Canvas Support (12/03/2013)
I wish I had linted before... (12/02/2013)
Happy Thanksgiving - and what I'm thankful for... (11/28/2013)
Slow posting, responding for a while (11/13/2013)
ColdFusion Security Update (11/13/2013)
Building a Contact Form with Parse and Mailgun (11/12/2013)
The Online ColdFusion Meetup is back (11/11/2013)
November is National Adoption Month (11/10/2013)
The Sunday OT: My Favorite Video Game Commercials (11/10/2013)
Nettuts Article: Deeper into Brackets (11/08/2013)
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Want help with Snap.svg? (And a few more examples...) (11/06/2013)
Ripple is Reborn! (11/05/2013)
ExpressWorks (building on NodeSchool) (11/05/2013)
Android, Photo Gallery Widget, and "Unable to Save Cropped Photo" (11/04/2013)
Seeing two geolocation prompts in a PhoneGap/Cordova application? (11/02/2013)
HTMLHint extension for Brackets (11/01/2013)
Check out nodeschool.io (11/01/2013)
Using ColdFusion UI tags and many bound controls (10/29/2013)
ColdFusion Documentation Wiki (10/29/2013)
What broke my event handler? (10/28/2013)
Snap.svg demo - Census Data (10/28/2013)
ColdFusion Summit 2013 (10/26/2013)
Topic Undefined - Episode 6 (10/25/2013)
Solr presentation assets, and a note on DisMax searching (10/24/2013)
Introducing Snap.svg (10/23/2013)
Moving from dynamic to static with Harp (10/22/2013)
Article: Working with IndexedDB - Part Two (10/21/2013)
Drag and drop image matching search at Behance (10/18/2013)
Second draft - JavaScript Library for Behance Integration (10/17/2013)
cfObjective 2014 Call for Speakers (and my proposed sessions) (10/16/2013)
First draft - JavaScript Library for Behance Integration (10/16/2013)
File-based Indexes with ColdFusion - a quick tip (10/15/2013)
Back to the Edge Recording (10/13/2013)
Back to the Edge - Meeting Reminder (10/10/2013)
Custom Y-Axis Labels in ColdFusion Charting (10/09/2013)
Article: New Linting API (10/07/2013)
Working with binary data in a Brackets Extension (10/07/2013)
Brackets Extension: HTMLEscaper (10/02/2013)
PhoneGap Build and PhoneGap 3.0 (10/01/2013)
Multi-File Uploads and Multiple Selects (10/01/2013)
Webinar - Back to the Edge (09/30/2013)
Sunday OT: Review of Epic Spell Wars (09/29/2013)
I know what Brackets is missing... (09/27/2013)
jQuery Mobile Web Development Essentials, Second Edition (09/26/2013)
CSS Regions and Edge Tooling (09/24/2013)
Download the PhoneGap Refcard (09/23/2013)
My videos (and others) from NCDevCon (09/22/2013)
CSS Animation Workshop (09/19/2013)
Topic Undefined - Episode 5 (09/18/2013)
Playing with the Details/Summary Tag (09/17/2013)
Edge Code Update (09/17/2013)
PhoneGap Day Video on Parse.com (09/16/2013)
Create Now SF is this Thursday! (09/16/2013)
Minor formatting change here for comments (09/15/2013)
Article: Working with IndexedDB (09/13/2013)
Review of Modulus for Node.js Hosting (09/11/2013)
Attend NCDevCon! (09/10/2013)
Adding a file display list to a multi-file upload HTML control (09/10/2013)
Photoshop launches new Generator feature (09/09/2013)
A quick test of Prism.js (09/07/2013)
Working with Plugins in PhoneGap 3.0 (09/06/2013)
How do you check (and update) your PhoneGap version in 3.0? (09/05/2013)
Working with jQuery Mobile Panels (09/05/2013)
Come discuss PhoneGap 3 (09/04/2013)
Implementing custom JSON serialization for your CFCs (09/04/2013)
No more job openings... (09/03/2013)
Create Now Tour coming to North America (09/03/2013)
Some tips for using Brackets and Theseus (08/28/2013)
Like Brackets? Help support it at the Linux Journal Readers Choice Awards (08/28/2013)
Another Node Experiment: AndKittens (08/27/2013)
Over 5000! (Almost...) (08/26/2013)
PSA: CF Live (08/26/2013)
Review: Effective JavaScript (08/25/2013)
Brick by Mozilla (08/23/2013)
FusionReactor 5 Released (08/22/2013)
Two more Windows Phone/PhoneGap Tips (08/21/2013)
Node.js Quickie - checking the current domain name (08/21/2013)
Node Weekly Launching (08/20/2013)
More ways to be a hero with Edge Animate (08/19/2013)
Using Drawing Tools and Maps to Find Data (08/19/2013)
Using Topcoat and Brackets? Check out these Snippets (08/16/2013)
Friday Puzzler: Get off your butt and learn your browser tools! (08/16/2013)
JavaScript Errors and the Firefox Console (08/16/2013)
Using the PhoneGap CLI on Windows? Watch out for this bug. (08/15/2013)
Updating PhoneGap Databases (08/14/2013)
Using the Directory-serving middleware in Express (08/11/2013)
Sunday OT: Best 2600 Video Ever (08/11/2013)
Delaying an Edge Animate asset until visible - Part 3 (08/09/2013)
Google Maps and Markers Update (08/09/2013)
Sharing ColdFusion WebSockets among different applications (08/08/2013)
Topic Undefined - Episode 3 (08/06/2013)
Article: Going Live With Node (08/05/2013)
Sunday OT: New Who (08/04/2013)
Authored Content, Episode 29 (08/02/2013)
PhoneGap 3.0 FAQ (08/01/2013)
First impressions of Leap Motion (07/31/2013)
Welcome to the Nielsen Family - and 1960 (07/30/2013)
Check out Happy Metrix (07/27/2013)
Friday Puzzler: How to get to there from here... (07/26/2013)
Modifying the PhoneGap Template in 3.0 (07/24/2013)
ColdFusion Job Opening - SiteVision - Roanoke, VA - Telecommute (07/23/2013)
Better example of PhoneGap, Parse, and uploading files (07/23/2013)
Article: Introduction to Express (07/22/2013)
PhoneGap 3.0 Released - Things You Should Know (07/19/2013)
Speaking at PhoneGap Day 2013 (07/17/2013)
CajunIpsum - Because - Um - Yeah! (07/16/2013)
Topic Undefined - Episode 2 (07/16/2013)
Upcoming Event: HTML5 Testing with Rebecca Hauck (07/15/2013)
What is the impact of enabling CLOB/BLOB for a ColdFusion DSN? (07/12/2013)
Delaying an Edge Animate asset until visible - Part 2 (07/11/2013)
Quick note for Parse and JavaScript Users (07/10/2013)
Big update for ColdFusion 10, and Security Fix (07/09/2013)
Want a copy of Object-Oriented Programming in ColdFusion? (07/08/2013)
Firefox OS Announcement (07/02/2013)
ColdFusion Job Opening - University of Maryland, College Park, MD (07/01/2013)
My first RefCard for DZone is available - Getting Started with PhoneGap (07/01/2013)
ColdFusion Job Opening - SignUpGenius.com (06/28/2013)
Brackets, Edge Code, and MAX 2013 (06/26/2013)
Trying something new - my new podcast with Brian Rinaldi (06/26/2013)
Node lessons learned painfully (or why my site crashed) (06/24/2013)
Book Review: Third-Party JavaScript (06/23/2013)
Great questions about client-side development from a server-side developer (06/20/2013)
The official, real launch of JavaScriptCookbook (06/20/2013)
Edge Inspect Brackets/Edge Code extension open sourced (06/19/2013)
Edge Reflow CC (06/18/2013)
Creative Cloud is Here (06/18/2013)
ColdFusion Job Opening - State College, PA (06/17/2013)
Recording + Assets from PhoneGap Presentation (06/17/2013)
Another Sunday morning mega-video game review (06/16/2013)
More on my JavaScriptCookbook Node project (06/14/2013)
Looking for ColdFusion support in Brackets? (06/14/2013)
Using Errorception with PhoneGap (06/13/2013)
Have some Ramen with your ColdFusion (06/12/2013)
Vote and Suggest Topics for the CF Summit (06/12/2013)
Edge Code CC and Edge Inspect Integration (06/11/2013)
New Project: JavaScript Cookbook (06/10/2013)
IndexedDB and Date Example (06/06/2013)
Have a published PhoneGap app? Try the Windows Phone Porting Challenge (06/03/2013)
Looking for comments about pictures, orientation, and ColdFusion (06/03/2013)
Speaking at ColdBox Developer Week 2 (06/02/2013)
Two more MAX Videos: Cutting-Edge HTML and Debugging Your Web Apps (05/31/2013)
Check out the Kuler app (05/30/2013)
Assets from my TechWed Preso (05/29/2013)
Using the Page Visibility API with Edge Animate (05/29/2013)
PhoneGap Day 2013 (05/28/2013)
Using the Page Visibility API (05/28/2013)
Review: Instant Wijmo Widgets How-To (05/27/2013)
PhoneGap Online/Offline Tip (05/24/2013)
Video Tutorial: Installing the Ripple Emulator for PhoneGap Development (05/23/2013)
OSX Outlook keeps asking for a password (05/22/2013)
The Future of the Web (05/22/2013)
Infinite Scroll Example with ColdFusion (05/21/2013)
ColdFusion Summit Announced (05/20/2013)
Capturing camera/picture data without PhoneGap (05/20/2013)
Converting a list of dates into a shorter, combined list (05/19/2013)
Note to folks attending cfObjective and attending my sessions (05/16/2013)
ColdFusion Job Opening - healthendevours.com (05/15/2013)
Forms not working on your ColdFusion server? Size matters. (05/14/2013)
Hear me wax poetic on Nerd Radio (05/13/2013)
JavaScript Design Patterns - The Revealing Module Pattern (05/13/2013)
Missed MAX 2013? How to catch up... (05/10/2013)
MAX Session: Advanced PhoneGap Build (05/09/2013)
How I'd sell unit testing... (05/08/2013)
Update to my Edge Inspect Viewer (05/07/2013)
Coolest Unboxing Ever (05/06/2013)
Visual comparisons of PhoneGap Notification UIs (05/05/2013)
Recording and Assets from my PhoneGap Presentation (05/02/2013)
Using the Progress event in PhoneGap file transfers (05/01/2013)
Do you remember the ColdFusion Cookbook? (05/01/2013)
Check out Brackets Sprint 24 (04/30/2013)
Code School Kicks Butt (04/28/2013)
Auto-escaping code blocks in Reveal.js (04/25/2013)
New Brackets extension - JSDownloader (04/24/2013)
Note about PhoneGap Build and Splash Screens (04/23/2013)
Presenting on PhoneGap Next Week (04/23/2013)
Article Posted (Again) : Building a Google Maps Application with Updating Markers (04/22/2013)
Article Posted: My Favorite Features in ColdFusion 10 (04/19/2013)
Another reason to attend MAX - Hack on Brackets and PhoneGap (04/18/2013)
ColdFusion and OAuth Part 3 - Google (04/17/2013)
ColdFusion Job Opening - Columbia, MD -Telecommute (04/17/2013)
Proof of Concept - Connecting a Node app with Brackets (04/16/2013)
Review: Learning JavaScript Design Patterns (04/14/2013)
Join me at Adobe MAX (04/12/2013)
New project: Service Data Format Library (04/10/2013)
Some recent ColdFusion ORM Pain (04/09/2013)
Check out Flippin' Awesome! (04/08/2013)
How long ago was 1973? (04/08/2013)
Quick Code Sample - Add your Behance portfolio to your web site (04/05/2013)
ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit 10 (04/04/2013)
ColdFusion and OAuth Part 2 - LinkedIn (04/03/2013)
Delaying an Edge Animate asset until visible (04/03/2013)
Recording from my PhoneGap Build Ask a Pro Session (04/02/2013)
Remember this special little rule about ColdFusion Components (04/02/2013)
ColdFusion Job Opening - St. Louis, MO (04/02/2013)
ColdFusion and OAuth Part 1 - Facebook (04/01/2013)
ColdFusion Job Opening - JB Anacostia-Bolling, D.C. (JBAB) (04/01/2013)
Friday Puzzler: Sort Type (03/29/2013)
Google Analytics and PhoneGap (03/28/2013)
Startup Weekend New Orleans (03/27/2013)
Brackets Sprint 22 - The Awesomer (03/27/2013)
"Ask a Pro" presentation this Friday (03/26/2013)
Sunday OT Post: Tomb Raider (03/24/2013)
JavaScript Design Patterns - The Module Pattern (03/22/2013)
New online material for Chrome DevTools (03/21/2013)
Want to try the next version of ColdFusion? (03/20/2013)
ColdFusion Job Opening - NexOne, Inc (03/20/2013)
JavaScript Design Patterns - My Crazy Plan (03/19/2013)
Building "Robust" PhoneGap Applications (03/18/2013)
ColdFusion Job Opening - Background Investigation Bureau (03/17/2013)
ColdFusion on AWS (03/14/2013)
Free ColdFusion 10 and jQuery Mobile Tutorial (03/12/2013)
ColdFusion Job Opening - Brandeis University (03/12/2013)
Date/Time issue with CFINDEX and SOLR (03/11/2013)
LocalStorage Monitor Updated (03/11/2013)
ColdFusion Job Opening - Uhlig (03/07/2013)
Testing PhoneGap, Parse, and Push? Read This (03/07/2013)
Programmatically clearing ColdFusion's Trusted Cache By Time (03/06/2013)
Speaking Engagements for March, 2013 (03/05/2013)
Simple Reverse Geocoding Example (03/05/2013)
PhoneGap Sample - Diary (Database and Camera support) (03/04/2013)
Friday Puzzler: Color Rotator (03/01/2013)
My IndexedDB recording, and a few notes (02/28/2013)
Quick Tip - Make Apache's Directory Indexes look nicer on mobile (02/27/2013)
ColdFusion Updates Today (02/27/2013)
A highly unusual ColdFusion arguments error (02/26/2013)
While learning JavaScript and CSS, spend some time with HTML (02/25/2013)
Welcome to RaymondCamden.com (2013) (02/25/2013)
Presentation: Browser Tools for Debugging (02/22/2013)
Integrating Parse.com on the Server (02/22/2013)
Upcoming E-Seminar on FusionReactor and ColdFusion (02/21/2013)
Another Lafayette Job - Game Programming Teacher (02/20/2013)
Some examples of Android PhoneGap Config Settings (02/19/2013)
Local Job Opportunity: After Effects Designer - Louisiana (02/18/2013)
Google Map/Directions Mashup (02/18/2013)
Edge Reflow and Edge Inspect get engaged for Valentine's Day (02/14/2013)
Big new releases today - including Reflow (02/14/2013)
Getting a quota error with Google and you've barely touched your limit? (02/13/2013)
Ten Years Ago Today... (02/12/2013)
Quick example of Chrome JavaScript Hot Swapping (02/11/2013)
jQuery Example: Related, hidden selects (02/08/2013)
PhoneGap 2.4.0 Released (02/08/2013)
Job Opening - Duquesne Light (02/07/2013)
Using Ripple for PhoneGap Development (02/06/2013)
Playing with SVG and JavaScript (02/05/2013)
Choose Your Own Application (02/05/2013)
OpenDeviceLab.com (02/04/2013)
Speaking Engagements in February (02/04/2013)
Advice for a Server to Client Side Developer (02/01/2013)
Latest presentations and materials (01/31/2013)
A walkthrough of some basic jQuery help (01/28/2013)
Job Opening - Multiple (01/25/2013)
Tip for PhoneGap Users - Modify the WWW template (01/24/2013)
TechLive Presentation - HTML5 Storage (01/24/2013)
W3Conf (San Francisco February 21-23) (01/23/2013)
Using ColdFusion to check available disk space (01/22/2013)
Did you know - Safari Remote Debugging and PhoneGap (01/21/2013)
FYI - iOS, JavaScript, and inactive tabs (01/20/2013)
Old School CFCHART Tip (01/18/2013)
Transcripts from Open PhoneGap Session (01/17/2013)
Quick Tip: Running WebSQL commands in Chrome Dev Tools (01/16/2013)
PhoneGap Sample - Shake to Roll (01/15/2013)
Adobe Developer Connection - Email signup (01/14/2013)
Sunday OT Post: Yes, I know it isn't Sunday... (01/14/2013)
Chrome Extension for Microdata (01/11/2013)
Win a free copy of the PhoneGap Mobile Application Development Cookbook (01/10/2013)
CFImage and paths with spaces (01/09/2013)
New Lafayette Meetup - Louisiana Hackathons & Jams (01/06/2013)
ColdFusion Job Opening - Luther Consulting, LLC (01/04/2013)
Adobe Developer Connection in 2012 (01/04/2013)
ColdFusion Quickie - Turning a set of XML nodes into a string. (01/03/2013)
Speaking Engagements in January (01/02/2013)
First doc sprint in Europe for WebPlatform.org (01/02/2013)

Posts for 2012

My 2012 Book List (12/31/2012)
Most-viewed blog entries of 2012 (thanks Charlie!) (12/29/2012)
Enough presentations to last you till next year... (12/28/2012)
For your post-Christmas hangover, another CanIUse Mashup (12/26/2012)
Newsletters You Need (12/21/2012)
ColdFusion News (12/19/2012)
W3C and the HTML5 Spec (12/18/2012)
An example of history management in the browser (12/17/2012)
New Site: Adobe TechLive (12/17/2012)
Another proof of concept - MockData (12/13/2012)
ColdFusion Job Opening - Western New England University (12/12/2012)
New Chrome Extension - Kittenify (12/11/2012)
ColdFusion Platform Survey (12/11/2012)
Sunday OT Post: Transformative Media (12/09/2012)
ColdFusion Job Opening - Clear Capital (12/08/2012)
ColdFusion Job Opening - Job Opening at NC State University (12/06/2012)
ColdFusion 10 REST and Self-Documentation (12/06/2012)
Interesting Links (12/05/2012)
Recording and assets from my ColdFusion 10 REST Presentation (12/05/2012)
Dynamically skipping animations in Edge Animate (12/04/2012)
Book Review: The Cross Browser Handbook (12/04/2012)
Simple Google Maps demo with Custom Markers - Followup (12/03/2012)
Presenting tomorrow on ColdFusion 10 and REST (12/03/2012)
Simple Google Maps demo with Custom Markers (12/01/2012)
Coming soon (like tomorrow) - 24 ways (11/30/2012)
Friday Puzzler: Split the Bill (11/30/2012)
Web Job Opening in God's Country (AKA Lafayette) (11/28/2012)
ColdFusion 10 Lockdown Guide (11/28/2012)
Reading Microdata Elements in Chrome (11/26/2012)
ContentBox Holiday Contest (11/26/2012)
Sunday Mega Video Game Review (11/25/2012)
Happy Thanksgiving! (11/22/2012)
ColdFusion Job Opening - Infinite Web Design (11/20/2012)
HTML5 Hacks Released (11/19/2012)
CFHOUR requesting donations for Hurricane Sandy victims (11/19/2012)
Testing Globalization Support in PhoneGap 2.2 (11/15/2012)
POC: Integrating a Chrome Extension with Adobe Edge Animate (11/14/2012)
Want to learn more about the Edge Tools? (11/14/2012)
Dynamically loading a style sheet based on weather conditions (11/12/2012)
Want another option to learn PhoneGap? (11/08/2012)
Released: Learn CF in a Week (11/08/2012)
Data-driven Edge Animate projects (11/07/2012)
Proof of Concept - An Edge Inspect Screenshot Viewer (11/06/2012)
Sending data to the server with HTTP? Size matters (11/05/2012)
Bored today? Do a quick survey! (11/04/2012)
Friday Puzzler: Sieve of Eratosthenes (11/02/2012)
Some tips for working with Data Import Handlers in ColdFusion 10 (11/01/2012)
Adding Parse.com User support to your PhoneGap application (10/31/2012)
ColdFusion Job Opening - Catholic University (10/29/2012)
The movies that scared the crap out of me... (10/28/2012)
Building a Parse.com Enabled PhoneGap App - Part 5 (10/24/2012)
Curious about Edge Inspect? (10/24/2012)
Broken Promises of HTML5 - by Christian Heilmann (10/23/2012)
Stop using jQuery!! (all the time...) (10/23/2012)
Simple POC - Dynamically select an element from a list and skip the last chosen (10/22/2012)
CFCAMP 2012 (10/22/2012)
Adding mouse click navigation to Reveal.js (10/20/2012)
CFML Weekly Launches (10/19/2012)
Enable CORS for ColdFusion Services (10/17/2012)
Third Update to ColdFusion 10 Released (10/16/2012)
Experiment - Build your own stock market AI (10/15/2012)
Displaying iCal data in PhoneGap? (10/12/2012)
Going to Germany for CFCAMP - but more importantly - what do I eat? (10/12/2012)
PhoneGap, Parse.com, and Push Notifications (10/10/2012)
My DZone Interview - Embrace the Epic Nerdness (10/09/2012)
Neat little ColdFusion 10 REST Trick (10/05/2012)
ColdFusion 10 WebSockets, Selectors, and canSendMessage (10/04/2012)
Building a Parse.com Enabled PhoneGap App - Part 4 (10/04/2012)
Missed NCDevCon? Watch the entire thing online now - in your underwear (10/03/2012)
Upcoming Test the Web Forward Hackathons (10/02/2012)
Brackets Extension for CanIUse (10/01/2012)
Some Brackets Extension Tips (10/01/2012)
WebGL: Up and Running (09/30/2012)
NCDevCon Resources (09/30/2012)
ColdFusion WebSocket Tip - saving custom client metadata (09/28/2012)
Building a Parse.com Enabled PhoneGap App - Part 3 (09/27/2012)
Building a Parse.com Enabled PhoneGap App - Part 2 (09/25/2012)
Two ColdFusion 10 WebSocket Experiments (09/25/2012)
Adobe and Create the Web - Round up so far (09/24/2012)
Join us tomorrow for the Create the Web livestream (09/23/2012)
Tales from the Trenches - Swapping Libraries (09/22/2012)
ColdFusion Job Opening - Lincoln Investment Planning, Inc (09/21/2012)
Building a Parse.com Enabled PhoneGap App - Part 1 (09/21/2012)
Numeric HTML fields, keyboards, and zip codes (09/20/2012)
ColdFusion Job Opening - Sales Development Services (09/19/2012)
Looking for a Face.com API replacement? Try ReKognition. (09/18/2012)
Example of a Parse.com JavaScript application with offline support (09/14/2012)
Microsoft WebMatrix - a quick review (09/13/2012)
Updating my CanIUse Mashup with LocalStorage (09/12/2012)
Stealing a Post - How to Ask Me a Question (09/12/2012)
ColdFusion Security Hotfix (09/11/2012)
Video of my HTML5 Storage presentation (09/10/2012)
Update to my Node Blog Engine (09/09/2012)
HDC12 Presentation and Demo Assets (09/07/2012)
SOT: Review of my Everdark Quest (09/06/2012)
Using ColdFusion's Autosuggest? Check your query size (09/04/2012)
Mashups of CanIUse.com data (09/04/2012)
Two ColdFusion links for you... (08/31/2012)
A PhoneGap Build API wrapper in Node (08/31/2012)
Job Shadow Interview (08/30/2012)
Thoughts on Node.js and Express (08/29/2012)
PhoneGap Open Session Transcript (08/28/2012)
Reminder - Open Session on PhoneGap Tomorrow! (08/27/2012)
Example of M3U Support for CFMEDIAPLAYER (08/27/2012)
First release of ColdFire for Chrome (08/24/2012)
PhoneGap Build adds Hydration (08/23/2012)
Proof of Concept - Build a download feature for IndexedDB (08/23/2012)
Two speaking engagements in Omaha (08/23/2012)
Small little Adobe Brackets tweak - remove Smart Indent (08/22/2012)
Adobe announces the Create the Web Tour (08/21/2012)
ColdFusion Job Openings - Phoenix, AZ and Maryland (08/21/2012)
New site - PopularFollowers.com (08/20/2012)
ColdFusion Job Opening - inLEAGUE (08/20/2012)
PhoneGap RSS Reader - Part 5 (08/17/2012)
Open Session on PhoneGap Development (08/16/2012)
getAllTheTexts - simple Apache Tika wrapper (08/16/2012)
Push reveal.js notes into the console (08/15/2012)
Another ColdFusion 10 Closures Post (08/14/2012)
Searching for array elements in IndexedDB (08/10/2012)
Critical Android/PhoneGap issue (08/09/2012)
Resources from my RIACon presentations (08/08/2012)
Charting demos from the RIACon Keynote (08/07/2012)
What tags does your browser support? (2012) (08/06/2012)
WebSocket example with keyword highlighting (08/06/2012)
How to update the Panel DOM in a Chrome Extension Panel (08/03/2012)
Editing notification settings for Twitter on Android (08/03/2012)
Using jQuery to load HTML and filter it by N selectors (08/02/2012)
Got a new Chrome? Got a joystick? Check out the Gamepad API (08/01/2012)
Best of ColdFusion 10 Contest - The Winners! (08/01/2012)
Recording from Web+Mobile DevCon Presentation (07/30/2012)
Example of form validation in a jQuery Mobile Application (07/30/2012)
Guest Blog Post: Shipping a populated SQLite DB with PhoneGap (07/27/2012)
How I debugged a Flash-based uploader issue (07/26/2012)
Good example of practical microdata (07/25/2012)
ColdFusion Job Opening - Fairfax County Schools (07/24/2012)
Adding a background image to a reveal.js presentation (07/23/2012)
Preventing navigation to a page in jQuery Mobile (07/19/2012)
Guest Blog Post: Solr in a multi-instance setup (07/17/2012)
Firefox bug(?) with DOM Manipulation (07/17/2012)
Speaking at Mobile + Web Devcon (07/16/2012)
How to add a panel to Chrome Dev Tools (07/15/2012)
LocalStorage Example: Storing previous searches (07/13/2012)
Video from PhoneGap presentation (07/13/2012)
Windows 7 version of PhoneGap/Cordova (07/12/2012)
What a Klout Perk looks like (07/12/2012)
Slides and code from my Nashville presentation (07/11/2012)
Quick tip for getting Adobe Shadow working in certain Wi-Fi environments (07/10/2012)
Article posted to HTML5Rocks - Databinding UI Elements with IndexedDB (07/09/2012)
PhoneGap RSS Reader - Part 4 (07/09/2012)
Speaking in Nashville on PhoneGap and Web Debugging (07/08/2012)
Simple JavaScript number format function, and an example of Jasmine (07/06/2012)
Adobe hosted online ColdFusion presentations (07/05/2012)
The Online ColdFusion Meetup Returns (07/04/2012)
ColdFusion page timeouts and scheduled tasks (07/03/2012)
Proof of Concept - Updating news items dynamically (07/02/2012)
ColdBox Developer Week (07/01/2012)
PhoneGap 1.9 Released (06/29/2012)
Slides and code from presentation at jQuery Conference (06/28/2012)
Best of ColdFusion 10: MightySpec (06/27/2012)
Dynamically changing jQuery Mobile Buttons (06/26/2012)
Say hello to Brackets (06/25/2012)
Quick Note: PhoneGap Build issue (06/25/2012)
Review: Railsea (06/24/2012)
ColdFusion and Pagination - Six Years Later (06/22/2012)
Ask a Jedi: ColdFusion WebSockets and Subchannels (06/22/2012)
Update to my Server-Based Login PhoneGap Demo (06/21/2012)
Best of ColdFusion 10: CFShoutout (06/20/2012)
ColdFusion 10 Missing Feature - Form Fields and Arrays (06/19/2012)
Example of a dynamic HTML5 datalist control (06/14/2012)
ColdFusion 9.0.2 has one CF10 tidbit (06/13/2012)
Posted my first Brackets Extension - CSSLint (06/12/2012)
Issues with IndexedDB and Chrome (06/12/2012)
ColdFusion Developer Week Recordings (06/11/2012)
Spoiler Talk on Prometheus (06/09/2012)
Example of authentication and ColdFusion 10 WebSockets (2) (06/08/2012)
New Chrome Extension: Diablo 3 Server Checker (06/07/2012)
Quick tip for debugging Chrome Extensions (06/06/2012)
Recording and Assets from WebSockets Presentation (06/06/2012)
Case sensitivity and ColdFusion 10 WebSockets (06/05/2012)
ColdFusion Developer Week is here! (06/04/2012)
Examples of authentication and ColdFusion 10 WebSockets (06/01/2012)
There is a new ColdFusion Builder, right? (05/31/2012)
Best of ColdFusion 10: PDF Protector (05/31/2012)
Example of adding menu support to a PhoneGap Application (05/30/2012)
Seeing the light at the end of the Node (05/30/2012)
New ColdFusion Builder Extension: GistCreator (05/29/2012)
Building an HTML5 Comic Book Reader (05/29/2012)
Sunday Review: Comics I Read (05/27/2012)
Taking ColdFusion Closures all the way to 11 (05/25/2012)
Example of getUserMedia and CSS Filters (05/25/2012)
Best of ColdFusion 10: HTML Email Utility (05/24/2012)
Context Menu Example with jQuery Mobile (05/23/2012)
ColdFusion Developer Week (and graphics) (05/23/2012)
Notes on the ColdFusion 10 EULA (05/22/2012)
Creating watermarked images in PhoneGap (05/22/2012)
Nifty little trick with fileRead and ColdFusion 10 (05/21/2012)
cfObjective 2012 (05/20/2012)
E-Seminar on Slatwall next week (05/18/2012)
Slides, code, from my HTML5 Presentation (05/17/2012)
Important note on availability of ColdFusion 9 (05/17/2012)
Some thoughts on organizing a large jQuery Mobile project (05/16/2012)
ColdFusion 10 Released (05/14/2012)
Adding "Filter as you type" support to IndexedDB (05/14/2012)
Example of invokeAndPublish with WebSockets and ColdFusion 10 (05/11/2012)
Using CFC data with Handlebars (05/11/2012)
Setting up console debugging for PhoneGap and Android (05/10/2012)
Recording, slides, and code from my WebSockets presentation (05/09/2012)
Transcripts from PhoneGap Session (05/08/2012)
Very cool BOF at cfObjective (05/08/2012)
Open Session on PhoneGap Development (05/07/2012)
Converting a dynamic web site to a PhoneGap application (05/05/2012)
jQuery Mobile Web Development Essentials - Released (05/04/2012)
Presenting on ColdFusion 10 and WebSockets (05/03/2012)
This is why Adobe Shadow rocks (05/02/2012)
Example of Intents with PhoneGap (05/01/2012)
ADC: Real-world example of the HTML5 FileSystem API (05/01/2012)
Second issue of Appliness Launches (04/30/2012)
"Full" sample of IndexedDB in action (04/30/2012)
Sunday Review: Kingdoms of Amalur (04/29/2012)
Scotch on the Rocks ColdFusion Tour (04/28/2012)
Sample of IndexedDB with Autogenerating Keys (04/26/2012)
How to handle setup logic with IndexedDB (04/25/2012)
What the heck is Application ''? (04/25/2012)
Products Are Hard, May 1 in San Francisco (04/24/2012)
ColdFusion Builder 2.0.1 Extension Updates (04/21/2012)
What do you look for before joining a team? (04/20/2012)
Demo of Handlebars, and why you should consider a templating engine (04/19/2012)
Job Posting: Council for Logistics Research, Inc. (04/18/2012)
Dynamically replacing Gists with raw content for jQuery Mobile (04/14/2012)
jQuery Mobile 1.1 Released (04/13/2012)
Tracking application usage with PhoneGap (04/13/2012)
PhoneGap hits 1.6 (04/11/2012)
Security Profile Admin Extension for ColdFusion 10 (04/11/2012)
ColdFusion Job Opening - Goodville Mutual (04/09/2012)
Face detection with getUserMedia (04/06/2012)
jsoup adds jQuery-like parsing in Java (04/06/2012)
Using jQuery to conditionally load requests (04/05/2012)
Reminder - Best of ColdFusion 10 Contest! (04/05/2012)
Chrome Dev Tools and WebSQL (04/04/2012)
Adding database synchronization to your PhoneGap project (04/03/2012)
Open Discussion - Learning a scripting language (04/02/2012)
Two new PhoneGap videos for your enjoyment (04/02/2012)
Reminder - Use the proper jQuery Mobile event handler (04/01/2012)
ColdFusion Job Opening - Football Nation (03/29/2012)
Revealing ColdFusion exceptions hidden by try/catch (03/29/2012)
How I cheated Mozilla's new HTML5 Game (03/28/2012)
Adobe launches Appliness (03/28/2012)
Simple date math to get the Sunday for a given date (03/27/2012)
Example of Autocomplete in jQuery Mobile (03/27/2012)
Open Discussion - Additional methods in Application.cfc (03/26/2012)
ColdFusion Job Opening - Greater Media Charlotte (03/24/2012)
HTML5 Form Validation with Style (03/23/2012)
DevNexus Presentation Assets (03/21/2012)
HTML5 Form Validation - The Constraint Validation API (03/19/2012)
Please read this plea for help from a reader (03/18/2012)
A look at HTML5 Form Validation (03/16/2012)
Slides, code, and recording from my PhoneGap Presentation (03/14/2012)
Adding click support in ColdFusion 10 Charting (03/14/2012)
Security hotfix available for ColdFusion (03/13/2012)
Simple JavaScript template system at WhichElement (03/13/2012)
ColdFusion Job Opening - Senior ColdFusion Developer (03/12/2012)
Rough guide to building Android PhoneGap apps from the command line (03/12/2012)
Coming soon... (03/10/2012)
PhoneGap's File API (03/09/2012)
Avoid ColdFusion Scope Names as Arguments (03/08/2012)
Adobe Shadow (03/07/2012)
RIACon 2012 - Call for Speakers, Change of Venue (03/06/2012)
ColdFusion 10 presentation slides and code (03/06/2012)
ColdFusion 10 Web Socket Demo - Whiteboard (03/05/2012)
Some thoughts on Windows Phone (and Windows 8 in general) (03/05/2012)
Web Sockets with server side logic (2) (03/02/2012)
Interesting PhoneGap/Android crash (03/01/2012)
Introduction to ColdFusion 10 - Next Tuesday (03/01/2012)
Web Sockets with server side logic (02/29/2012)
Best of Adobe ColdFusion 10 (Beta) Contest (02/29/2012)
Working with HTML5's multiple file upload support (02/28/2012)
ColdFusion 10 Image Updates (02/28/2012)
How to add MySQL time zone tables on Windows (02/27/2012)
ColdFusion Job Opening - Top of Mind Networks (02/27/2012)
ColdFusion 10 - Admin Audit Log (02/27/2012)
Changes to defaults in ColdFusion 10 (02/26/2012)
Server Downtime / ColdFusion 10 demos (02/25/2012)
Getting URL parameters in a jQuery Mobile page (02/24/2012)
ColdFusion 10 Beta Hosting (02/24/2012)
Your security lesson for the day - Console is the MCP (02/23/2012)
ColdFusion 10 Web Socket JavaScript APIs (02/23/2012)
ColdFusion Job Opening - Air Methods Corporation, Englewood CO (02/22/2012)
jQuery Mobile Cookbook call for authors (02/22/2012)
Determining the HTTP request method in ColdFusion (02/22/2012)
ColdFusion 10 Web Socket Demos (02/20/2012)
ColdFusion 10 Demo Dump (02/18/2012)
ColdFusion 10 and ColdFusion Builder 2.0.1 Public Betas (02/17/2012)
Quick demo of accessing XML data with jQuery (02/16/2012)
Adding Internationalization/Localization Support to Web Applications (02/15/2012)
Tell MS Word to stop pasting in styles (02/14/2012)
Make your Android PhoneGap app less scary (02/13/2012)
Shortening a string by removing text in the middle (02/11/2012)
Adobe eSeminar on ColdFusion and Monitoring (02/08/2012)
ColdFusion offer from Intergral (02/07/2012)
Job Opening for ColdFusion Developer at Arizona State University (02/04/2012)
Job Opening for Sr. ColdFusion Developer in CA/ San Fernando Valley (02/03/2012)
Update to my highlight/fadeout example - now with CSS hotness (02/03/2012)
Creating a highlight/fadeout text effect on a tag cloud (02/02/2012)
Generate a tag cloud from an RSS feed with ColdFusion (02/01/2012)
Reminder - Adobe Cookbooks (02/01/2012)
RIACon 2012 (01/30/2012)
Bad use of tablet space - an example (01/30/2012)
Searching across all resources in Chrome (01/27/2012)
A look at JavaScript Form Validation (01/27/2012)
A database utility class for PhoneGap (01/26/2012)
New Adobe Inspire Magazine out (with an article by yours truly...) (01/25/2012)
PhoneGap RSS Reader - Part 3 (01/24/2012)
ColdFusion Position at Adobe (01/24/2012)
Detecting invalid HTML with JavaScript (01/23/2012)
ColdFusion Koans (01/23/2012)
Two CFGRID Examples: Related grids and updating checkboxes (01/22/2012)
Downloading files to a PhoneGap application - Part 2 (01/20/2012)
ColdFusion opportunity at the Catholic University of America (01/19/2012)
Downloading files to a PhoneGap application - Part 1 (01/19/2012)
Quick tip - using cfthrow as a reminder (01/18/2012)
CF101: Adding an API to your site (01/18/2012)
(Still) Looking for a ColdFusion job? (01/17/2012)
What do you need to get for mobile development? (01/16/2012)
Demo of Color Palettes and PhoneGap (01/13/2012)
Working with the battery in a PhoneGap application (01/13/2012)
How to get your ColdFusion Builder 2 Serial (01/12/2012)
ColdFusion Zeus POTW: queryNew/queryAddRow (01/11/2012)
Using a server, or session storage, to persist form values (01/10/2012)
Important ADC article on ColdFusion and Security (01/09/2012)
Example of callback URL support in ColdFusion Builder (01/09/2012)
E-Seminar on Tuesday - RIAForge (01/09/2012)
Some thoughts from the mobile workshop yesterday... (01/08/2012)
Job Posting: Simpleview, inc (01/07/2012)
Code+Slides from jQuery Mobile Presentation (01/07/2012)
Working with dates and SQLite in PhoneGap (01/06/2012)
ColdFusion Zeus POTW - XPath/XLST Updates (01/05/2012)
My 2011 Book List (01/05/2012)
Converting XML to JSON - My exploration into madness... (01/04/2012)
Looking for a ColdFusion job? (01/04/2012)
Parse.com - dynamic data storage for mobile (01/03/2012)
Speaking in San Francisco this weekend (01/03/2012)
Creating a fade/toggle/change effect in jQuery (01/02/2012)
My 2012 Resolutions (01/01/2012)

Posts for 2011

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The future of BlogCFC (12/29/2011)
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Recording and Slides from jQuery Mobile presentation (12/15/2011)
Updating buttons in jQuery Mobile (12/14/2011)
ColdFusion Security Hotfix (12/13/2011)
Presenting on jQuery Mobile - online - for free (12/12/2011)
Proof of Concept - Working with Remote PDF Data (12/10/2011)
Yes, you're in the right place (12/09/2011)
Working with Google and OAuth2 (12/06/2011)
PhoneGap and constants (12/05/2011)
ColdFusion Zeus POTW: Application Metadata (12/05/2011)
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Friday Puzzler: Pi - it's what's for dinner (12/02/2011)
Check out GeoNames (11/30/2011)
ColdFusion, Solr, and Title Searches - an FYI (11/30/2011)
My first AngularJS application (11/29/2011)
Work with ColdBox and win a Kindle Fire! (11/28/2011)
ColdFusion Sample - Using CFZIP (Again) (11/27/2011)
ColdFusion Sample - Using CFZIP (11/26/2011)
Happy Thanksgiving (11/24/2011)
Note from a .Net programmer getting into ColdFusion (11/23/2011)
Demo of a multi-step form in jQuery Mobile (Part 2) (11/22/2011)
Book Review: Web Development Recipes (11/22/2011)
Building a Twitter Search that highlights important tweets (11/21/2011)
Some PhoneGap samples (11/20/2011)
Demo of a multi-step form in jQuery Mobile (11/18/2011)
jQuery Mobile Released! (11/18/2011)
Working with Scoreoid's Game API (11/17/2011)
Some Canvas Experiments (11/16/2011)
November is National Adoption Month (11/16/2011)
Motorola's App Testing Program (11/15/2011)
ColdFusion Zeus POTW: Total and Free Disk Space (11/15/2011)
How to give dynamic driving directions to your customers (11/14/2011)
ColdFusion's JSON Prefix feature - more than AJAX (11/13/2011)
Cool Edge example (11/11/2011)
Friday Puzzler: The Quest for Foo (11/11/2011)
Ask a Jedi: Sharing a shopping cart between multiple (related) sites (11/10/2011)
Example of server-based login with PhoneGap (11/10/2011)
Using the Chrome JavaScript Debugger (11/09/2011)
Adobe TV Video - Debugging Tips for ColdFusion (11/08/2011)
Handling JSON with prefixes in jQuery and jQueryUI (11/08/2011)
Face.com API released (11/07/2011)
Open Discussion - Separate content versus CSS for mobile sites (11/07/2011)
Latest Mobile app - WTFRU (11/04/2011)
PhoneGap Orientation Example (11/04/2011)
HTML5 Data Attribute Example (11/03/2011)
PhoneGap file upload to ColdFusion (11/02/2011)
Mobile app show and tell on Friday (11/02/2011)
What I want from an App Store (as a developer) (11/01/2011)
jQuery Mobile Reference Guide (11/01/2011)
ColdFusion Zeus POTW: Cookie via Script (10/31/2011)
Using jQuery to create a dynamic time countdown (10/30/2011)
Intro to jQuery slides + code (10/28/2011)
Example of Flex/AIR - Greg's Toolkit (10/28/2011)
Quick survey for ColdFusion Users (10/27/2011)
Attending my ColdFusion session at RIAUnleashed? (10/26/2011)
ColdFusion Ad Server updated (10/25/2011)
Responding to tab changes with CFLAYOUT (10/25/2011)
Add server uptime to the ColdFusion Administrator (10/24/2011)
FusionAnalytics Released (Finally!) (10/24/2011)
Review: Dead Island (10/23/2011)
Updating Death Clock for Flex 4.6 (10/21/2011)
Quick Example - Parsing USGS Earthquake Data (10/21/2011)
Example of PhoneGap's Database Support (10/20/2011)
Pakt running "jQuery Month" (10/20/2011)
Example of console debugging with Weinre and PhoneGap (10/19/2011)
Two new ColdFusion Resources (10/19/2011)
Enabling automatic back buttons in jQuery Mobile (10/18/2011)
Speaking tomorrow at the Cleveland Adobe User Group (10/18/2011)
Postmark release free Spam API (10/17/2011)
ColdFusion Zeus POTW: CFINCLUDE Improvement (10/17/2011)
Is this a bug with ColdFusion Spreadsheet functionality? (10/14/2011)
Friday Puzzler: The Days of The Week (10/14/2011)
Determining the ColdFusion Default, and Max, Session timeouts with code (10/13/2011)
Recording, slides, and code from my Flex and ColdFusion Presentation (10/13/2011)
First test of PhoneGap Plugins (10/12/2011)
PhoneGap RSS Reader (10/11/2011)
Playing with PhoneGap? Make your projects even easier (10/11/2011)
Experiment with Mobile Adsense (10/10/2011)
"My Database View" ColdFusion Builder Extension (10/09/2011)
Commenting (via Disqus) returns to CFLib (10/09/2011)
LESS Tester (10/07/2011)
E-Seminar on Tuesday - Flex and ColdFusion (10/07/2011)
MAX 2011 (10/07/2011)
My MAX Preso - the future of ColdFusion (10/04/2011)
Playing with PhoneGap? Try the Mega Demo (10/04/2011)
Lafayette Mobile Jump Start (10/01/2011)
ColdFusion Sample - Multi-Step Forms (09/30/2011)
Quick video demo of using Flash Builder to inspect remote data results (09/27/2011)
Why is my Ajax not working? (09/26/2011)
Quick tip for Android users - change your user agent (09/25/2011)
Tracking application usage with Flex Mobile (09/24/2011)
Simple Canvas Experiment (09/23/2011)
Friday Puzzler: Family Tree Simulation (09/23/2011)
Couple of Adobe AIR announcements, and a reminder... (09/21/2011)
Slides, code, etc from my NCDevCon Presentations (09/18/2011)
ColdFusion 9.0.1 CHF 2 Released (09/16/2011)
Generating EML files with ColdFusion (09/16/2011)
Google+ API Released (09/15/2011)
My first Chrome Extension (09/15/2011)
Detect window close/reload versus exit (09/14/2011)
Slides, code, recording, beer, from my ColdFusion Components presentation (09/13/2011)
Get cookie metadata in ColdFusion (09/13/2011)
Live response to email verification - Ajax based proof of concept (09/12/2011)
Using Local Storage to keep a draft of form data (09/11/2011)
Quick example of script-based FTP operations (09/10/2011)
ColdFusion/Solr Slides and Recording (09/09/2011)
Flex for Mobile - VPN? Secure connections? (09/07/2011)
Galleon Forums 2.5.0 (09/07/2011)
Adobe AIR 3.0 Release Candidate - Huge News (09/06/2011)
Check out Adaptive Images (09/06/2011)
Reminder - there is more to the CGI scope than what the dump shows (09/03/2011)
Crazy Flex, Mobile, ColdFusion, BlazeDS experiment (09/02/2011)
Finally tried a NoSQL server... and it's kinda cool (09/02/2011)
Using ColdFusion and Ajax to check for an existing database record (with jQuery) (09/01/2011)
Using ColdFusion and Ajax to check for an existing database record (08/31/2011)
ColdFusion and Professional Grade Tools (08/31/2011)
Spock sneak peak / geolocation example (08/30/2011)
New content for Adobe Developer Connection (08/29/2011)
Note to self about Server-Sent Events (08/29/2011)
Latest Nook App - TBS Horoscope (08/28/2011)
Quick tip with cfpop and debugging (08/27/2011)
Making jQuery Mobile templates even easier - with ColdFusion (08/26/2011)
query, dump, query, dump - is this better? (08/25/2011)
FusionReactor Update (08/25/2011)
Even more ColdFusion sessions... (08/24/2011)
Using a background with a Flex Mobile project (08/24/2011)
Adobe ColdFusion Developer Week (08/23/2011)
jQuery Quickie - Noticing ctrl/shift keyboard events (08/23/2011)
Ask a Jedi: Printing data by column in ColdFusion (08/22/2011)
Indexing PDFs with Solr? Read this tip. (08/22/2011)
Finding dates in a string using ColdFusion (08/20/2011)
Thoughts on developing for the Nook (08/19/2011)
Next presentation - ColdFusion and Solr (08/19/2011)
Flex Mobile Chat Session on Thursday (08/17/2011)
Application Report - ColdFusion Admin Extension example (08/15/2011)
Muse available on Adobe Labs (08/15/2011)
Revisiting an old blog entry - how ColdFusion can help save your business (08/14/2011)
Support for Collection, Index, and Search operations in Script-Based CFCs (08/13/2011)
ColdFusion Sample - Turning a form input into a PDF for email (08/12/2011)
Script based query issue to watch out for (and a fix!) (08/12/2011)
cfcache user? Watch out for this mistake! (08/11/2011)
AIR 3 Beta updated (08/10/2011)
Speaking at NCDevCon (08/09/2011)
Updating my ColdFusion HTML presentation to use jQuery (08/08/2011)
cfpresentation and HTML slides (08/08/2011)
Quick demo of jQuery and Google Maps (08/06/2011)
jQuery Mobile Beta 2 released (and a small demo) (08/04/2011)
My "Don't try this at home" experiment with jQuery UI (08/02/2011)
Query of Query bug involving numbers (08/01/2011)
How I got started in ColdFusion (08/01/2011)
RIAForge update, and a reminder about ColdFusion debugging (07/29/2011)
ColdFusion Unconference - Final Schedule (07/29/2011)
Flex Mobile and ColdFusion Sessions (07/28/2011)
ColdFusion Sample - Searching a RSS Feed for Keywords (07/28/2011)
New ColdFusion site - FaqMe (07/27/2011)
How are Facebook and Google+ creating link previews? (07/26/2011)
Don't make your mobile site a prison (07/25/2011)
Great quote on ColdFusion (07/25/2011)
jQuery Mobile - adding Local Storage (07/13/2011)
Adobe AIR 3 and Flash Player 11 hit Labs (and Sony news!) (07/13/2011)
These are REALLY big pictures of my eyes (07/13/2011)
One more (I swear this is it) follow up to my CFSpreadSheet Example (07/12/2011)
Quick followup to my CFSpreadSheet Samples (07/11/2011)
Sunday Reviews: Strange vocabulary and killer robots (07/10/2011)
Some thoughts on working with CFCs remotely (07/08/2011)
Online CFMeetup celebrating it's 200th meeting (07/07/2011)
Yes - you can develop Flash apps for iOS on Windows! (07/06/2011)
Another regex - simple formatting for comments (07/06/2011)
Quick little regex example - Youtube video from URL (07/05/2011)
Components for script-based search, index, and collection (07/04/2011)
Initial list of speakers and sessions for the ColdFusion Unconference (07/03/2011)
DateDiff and Wholeness (07/01/2011)
Change in debugging with CFCs in ColdFusion 9 (06/30/2011)
Interested in AIR development for the Nook? (06/29/2011)
jQuery Mobile Quick Start and new jQuery class (06/29/2011)
Presentation tonight: Introduction to jQuery Mobile (06/29/2011)
Initiative to improve ColdFusion docs (06/28/2011)
Need to scan ColdFusion code? Try the analyzer (06/28/2011)
Ask a Jedi: Hack for percentage based CFCHART (06/27/2011)
Working with Adobe AIR and Dreamweaver CS 5.5 (06/26/2011)
Flex Mobile/ColdFusion Example - Art Search (06/25/2011)
This weeks winner for the "Bug you will never run into a million years" award (06/24/2011)
jQuery Mobile First Look (06/24/2011)
Slides, code, and recording from my Flex Mobile/ColdFusion presentation (06/24/2011)
Some thoughts on presenting (06/23/2011)
Presenting tomorrow: Flex 4.5 and ColdFusion (06/22/2011)
Using ColdFusion 9's Caching Feature? Watch your keys (06/22/2011)
Deep dive into CFCs and Requests (06/21/2011)
I'm joining Adobe (06/20/2011)
Updates to Flash Builder for iOS and Blackberry (06/20/2011)
Take a look at Angular (06/19/2011)
Talk to me about Green Lantern (non-spoiler) (06/18/2011)
Handling/Testing of Emails in a ColdFusion App (06/17/2011)
FullCalendar jQuery Plugin (06/17/2011)
Best way to handle history autocomplete in a form? (06/16/2011)
Update to CFLib (and a quick trip to the past...) (06/15/2011)
Example of using Chrome Dev tools to solve Ajax issues (06/15/2011)
ColdFusion Security Hotfix (06/14/2011)
Can you manually run your ColdFusion's onServerStart CFC? (06/14/2011)
A few simple (and harmless) ColdFusion mistakes (06/13/2011)
ColdFusion Sample - Building a daily scheduled report (06/12/2011)
Two Eclipse search tips (06/09/2011)
Speaking at MAX 2011 - What's Next in ColdFusion (06/07/2011)
Wrapping a call to the Twitter user lookup API with ColdFusion (06/07/2011)
ColdFusion Unconference 2011 call for Speakers (06/06/2011)
Saving images from an RSS feed with ColdFusion (06/06/2011)
ColdFusion Sample - Reading a RSS Feed (06/05/2011)
ColdFusion Spreadsheet Bug with Formulas (06/03/2011)
Real time textual analysis via OpenAmplify (06/02/2011)
Meet the "Zeus" at RIACon (06/02/2011)
ColdFusion Sample - Create an Excel File (06/01/2011)
ColdFusion Sample - Upload and Parse an Excel File (05/31/2011)
Adding Login/Registration to a Flex Mobile project (05/29/2011)
When is it proper to try/catch versus global exception handling? (05/26/2011)
Flex 4.5 List control springing to top? (05/26/2011)
INeedIt - in the market (05/25/2011)
Adobe Developer Week 2011 (05/25/2011)
Extracting bookmarks from a PDF with ColdFusion (05/24/2011)
Adding a real time component to your Flex application (05/23/2011)
jQuery Quickie: On form change update a div (05/23/2011)
Few quick reviews (05/22/2011)
Working with Google Maps in Flex Mobile (05/21/2011)
Short and sweet good news - ColdFusion Unconference is on (05/20/2011)
My Flex Mobile/DPI issue - solved! (05/20/2011)
cfchart and non-American locales (05/19/2011)
cfObjective 2011 (05/19/2011)
When not to use cfcontent (05/18/2011)
INeedIt - Addressing text size issues (05/17/2011)
What's an expert ColdFusion developer? (05/17/2011)
Why (and how) to lock file operations in ColdFusion (05/16/2011)
New DZone reference for ColdFusion Builder 2 (05/16/2011)
Best way to learn JavaScript? (05/15/2011)
INeedIt - Simple Flex Mobile example (05/14/2011)
ColdFusion Builder 2 - View bug (05/13/2011)
Code from the keynote - the Jersey Shore Collection (05/12/2011)
cfObjective Bound (05/11/2011)
Using ColdFusion to add simple content formatting to user input (05/10/2011)
Interesting issue with reserved function names inside CFCs (05/09/2011)
Thoughts on the Xoom and Playbook (05/08/2011)
jQuery Mobile, Phonegap, and remote Ajax calls (05/06/2011)
Soundings 4.0 - Ready for testing (05/06/2011)
Anyone playing with iText and ColdFusion? (05/06/2011)
Related selects in jQuery - an example (05/05/2011)
Mobile developer? Check out Dreamweaver CS 5.5 (05/04/2011)
Getting file information in ColdFusion Builder (or Eclipse in general) (05/04/2011)
Update to CFLib Extension (05/03/2011)
Where is the documentation for ColdFusion Builder 2? (05/03/2011)
Official release of ColdFusion Builder 2, Creative Suite 5.5, Flash Builder 4.5 (05/03/2011)
Dynamic debug templates in ColdFusion? (04/29/2011)
How do jQuery, jQuery UI, and jQuery Mobile fit together? (04/29/2011)
Bug with CFFEED and iTunes podcasting metadata (04/28/2011)
CS5.5 and jQuery Mobile presentations tomorrow (04/27/2011)
ColdFusion Builder 2 adds a Free Edition (04/27/2011)
Bring the Misery Hammer down on your trolls (04/26/2011)
In Cali this weekend? Check out the Flash Camp (04/26/2011)
Video encoding with Zencoder (04/26/2011)
Null, Entities, and CFDUMP (04/25/2011)
Examples of ColdFusion 9 Script Support (04/25/2011)
Issue with callback URLs and ColdFusion Builder 2 Extensions (04/24/2011)
ColdFusion Quickie: Splitting data into columns (04/23/2011)
Good example of a jQuery demo with two rewrites (04/22/2011)
this.datasource versus this.ormsettings.datasource (04/21/2011)
Script based version of CFWDDX (04/21/2011)
Interesting JSON issue to look out for - and a cffileupload bug (04/19/2011)
jQuery Mobile + Google Analytics proof of concept (04/19/2011)
My first jQuery Conference (04/18/2011)
Slides, code from my jQuery Mobile presentation (04/16/2011)
Working with RARs in ColdFusion - Why I did it... (04/14/2011)
Simple introduction to Google Maps Part 2 - Markers (04/13/2011)
Interesting Internet Explorer/Ajax/ColdFusion issue (04/13/2011)
Programmatically select a row in CFGRID (04/12/2011)
Spot the error - it may not be what you think (04/12/2011)
Looking for comments - CFCs for Exceptions (04/11/2011)
Did you know - previousCriteria and cfsearch (04/10/2011)
Stupid experiments with Google Static Maps and ColdFusion Image functions (04/07/2011)
Slides, Recording, Code for my HTML 5 Presentation (04/07/2011)
Workarounds for things not supported in ColdFusion Script (04/07/2011)
Collapsible content and Ajax loading with jQuery Mobile (04/05/2011)
Speaking at the cfObjective Keynote (04/05/2011)
ColdFusion Quickie: Finding all the credit card numbers in a string (04/04/2011)
Presentation on Thursday: A Gentle Introduction to HTML5 (04/04/2011)
Example of jQuery Mobile site using authentication - first round (04/03/2011)
CFC, returnForm, JSON, and content-type (04/02/2011)
Help with a frustrating jQuery UI Tabs issue (04/01/2011)
Joining Apple as Developer Insight/Creative/Knowledge Evangelist (04/01/2011)
jQuery Mobile Alpha 4 Released (plus jQuery core update!) (03/31/2011)
How do you play video on an Android device? (03/31/2011)
ColdFusion Builder Extensions and Long Processes (03/30/2011)
Persistence with ColdFusion Builder Extensions (03/29/2011)
Detecting mobile, and providing a way out (03/28/2011)
Review: Homefront and Bad Company 2 (03/27/2011)
Another experiment in jQuery Mobile swipe navigation (03/26/2011)
Friday Puzzler: Joe's Car Wash and the Cheap Employee Problem (03/25/2011)
Exploring CFDUMP, AKA an Ode to Dump (03/24/2011)
Ask a Jedi: jQuery and ColdFusion 7 (03/24/2011)
New ColdFusion Security resource (03/23/2011)
Thoughts on PhoneGap (03/23/2011)
Creating category specific RSS feeds (03/22/2011)
Quick advice for handling the ColdFusion haters (03/21/2011)
jQuery Blog Aggregator - jQueryBloggers.com (03/20/2011)
Source code for ColdFusionBloggers (03/18/2011)
Mobile version of ColdFusion Bloggers updated (03/18/2011)
builderUtil - tool for extension developers (03/17/2011)
Table not found error when you know it exists? Check your triggers (03/16/2011)
Speaking at the jQuery Conference (03/16/2011)
Outputting a ColdFusion query dynamically (03/15/2011)
Using CAPTCHA in ColdFusion with reload powered by jQuery (03/14/2011)
Using swipe gestures for navigation in jQuery Mobile (03/14/2011)
Building an offline capable mobile web site with jQuery Mobile (03/12/2011)
Better handling of missing files with your web application (03/11/2011)
Frustrating issues with Firefox and offline manifests (03/10/2011)
The right (and wrong) way to package a ColdFusion Builder extension (03/10/2011)
Flex aggregator updated... (03/09/2011)
Adding driving directions to a jQuery Mobile web site (03/09/2011)
ColdFusion Builder extensions - Assigning multiple handlers to one file (03/07/2011)
ColdFusion Security Resources (03/07/2011)
jQuery Mobile presentation (03/04/2011)
Video on ColdFusion Builder 2 Extension Enhancements (03/03/2011)
ColdFusion X Writeup (03/03/2011)
New public bug base launched (03/02/2011)
Stormy weather.... ColdFusion Builder 2 on Labs (03/02/2011)
Ask a Jedi: Hard coded values - how to handle? (03/01/2011)
cfcache and errors (02/28/2011)
CFBloggers, CFLib updates (02/27/2011)
jQuery Mobile Example - Paged Search Results (02/25/2011)
RIACon Announced (02/25/2011)
Parts of the ColdFusion Server Scope are read only (02/24/2011)
Example of categories and Solr searching (02/24/2011)
Your blog needs... (02/23/2011)
Reminder - there is a maximum number of network connections in your browser (02/23/2011)
ColdFusion: Counting to a number and repeating (02/22/2011)
ColdFusion 9 ORM error: String index out of range: 0 (02/21/2011)
Working with RARs in ColdFusion (02/21/2011)
Did I stutter? (02/20/2011)
National Broadband Map (jQuery Demo) (02/17/2011)
When using ANT to write to the file system, specify a file (02/17/2011)
What tags does your browser support? (02/17/2011)
Offtopic (and NSFW) blog post - Dead Island Trailer (02/16/2011)
ColdFusion, INI files, and comments (02/16/2011)
Simple introduction to Google Maps (02/15/2011)
Ask a Jedi: Strategies for minimizing/customizing resources loaded by a template (02/15/2011)
cfdump ER you may want to vote for (02/14/2011)
Adobe releases FormsCentral (02/14/2011)
Ask a Jedi: SQL showing up in Verity indexes (02/12/2011)
Adding Google Streetview to ColdFusion CFMAP (02/11/2011)
Two quick Application.cfc questions (02/11/2011)
New blog for Adobe/jQuery Partnership (02/10/2011)
ColdFusion S3 Issue with Folders (02/10/2011)
No (MS)Access for you... (02/09/2011)
Updating an HTML/Adobe AIR Application Title (02/09/2011)
Comparing different ways of writing out large amounts of data (02/08/2011)
Security Bulletin for ColdFusion (02/08/2011)
Panel Reminder - 11AM CST (02/08/2011)
ColdFusion S3 Implementation bug with metadata and ACLs (02/07/2011)
When does ColdFusion's Trim function not trim? (02/07/2011)
Using jQuery to search against different types of content (3) (02/06/2011)
Open Connect room today at 4CST (02/04/2011)
Using jQuery to search against different types of content (2) (02/03/2011)
CFPanel next week: Why Server Side Developers Should Consider jQuery (02/03/2011)
Working with Base64 representations of strings in ColdFusion (02/02/2011)
Automatically storing changes in a form (02/01/2011)
Using jQuery to search against different types of content (02/01/2011)
jQuery 1.5 Released (01/31/2011)
Getting additional machine information in ColdFusion (01/30/2011)
Ask a Jedi: Concerns about CFGRID performance (01/29/2011)
My InsideRIA Archive (01/28/2011)
Proud to be an Adobe Community Professional for 2011 (01/28/2011)
Yet another charting option - Highcharts (01/27/2011)
ColdFusion and Unscoped Variables (01/26/2011)
Update to my Pie chart with lots of data post (01/26/2011)
Results of ColdFusion's XMLSearch functions are references (01/25/2011)
Ask a Jedi: ColdFusion Pie chart with lots of data (01/24/2011)
Quick thanks (01/24/2011)
Picking randomly but not from the last few choices (01/22/2011)
My biggest regret (in code) (01/21/2011)
Quick Regex example - matching multiple things at once (01/20/2011)
RIAForge Update (01/19/2011)
Personalizing a login form with jQuery and ColdFusion (01/19/2011)
Slides, code from HTML5 Preso (01/19/2011)
Next ColdFusion Panel announced (01/18/2011)
Galleon updated - getTempDirectory issue (01/18/2011)
New (and very annoying) Chrome behavior - blocking access to your own pages (01/13/2011)
jQuery quickie: Reading the contents of form fields in an iframe (01/13/2011)
Diagnosing a CFHTTP issue - peer not authenticated (01/12/2011)
ColdFusion UDFs for Google URL Shortening service (01/10/2011)
jQuery based example of simple shopping cart UI (01/10/2011)
RIAForge Status (looking for help Apache/SVN) (01/09/2011)
ColdFusion Portal updated (01/07/2011)
My Vizio support experience (Updated with a positive outcome!) (01/06/2011)
Creating map previews with jQuery and Google's Static Map API (01/05/2011)
Quick follow up to Modal Dialog Editing post with jQuery and ColdFusion (01/04/2011)
Searching multiple ColdFusion SOLR Collections at once (01/04/2011)
Two ColdFusion Builder videos posted by Adobe (01/04/2011)
A special message from RIAForge's new director of public relations... (01/03/2011)
Ask a Jedi: Example of modal dialog editing with jQuery (01/02/2011)
My 2011 Resolutions (01/01/2011)

Posts for 2010

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Install (or update) the Adobe AIR Launchpad (11/09/2010)
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Presenting next week in Omaha (09/22/2010)
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Ask a Jedi: Children custom tags reading data from their parents (09/15/2010)
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Guest Post: Apple Push Notifications From ColdFusion in Ten Minutes or Less (09/13/2010)
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Baby steps towards impossible (09/10/2010)
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Cumulative Hotfix for 901 Released (08/31/2010)
Speaking at RIAUnleashed (08/31/2010)
Small formatting issue with emails sent via ColdFusion 9 Mail.cfc (08/28/2010)
CF901 CFGRID's new multirowselect feature (08/28/2010)
ColdFusion Unconference - Sessions Announced (08/27/2010)
Select boxes that limit other select boxes (08/26/2010)
Is HTMLEditFormat enough? (08/26/2010)
ColdFusion Administrator bug with mappings (08/24/2010)
Can a web action fire off an AIR event? (08/23/2010)
Win a copy of ColdFusion Builder and support a great cause (08/23/2010)
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HTML-based AIR Applications can do video (08/20/2010)
Quick question for Galleon users (08/20/2010)
Please stop using Flash Forms (08/19/2010)
HTML/Adobe AIR Application Diversion Three - Add ActionScript to your HTML (08/17/2010)
Opportunity to learn about Git (08/16/2010)
Second example of an HTML-powered AIR application (08/15/2010)
Adding timezone detection for Adobe Groups (08/14/2010)
Limiting individual file sizes in the Ajax based uploader in ColdFusion 9 (08/13/2010)
Share Your (Code) Pride (08/13/2010)
Recording from Adobe AIR/HTML/jQuery/ColdFusion Presentation (08/12/2010)
Cool Adobe resource for Chrome users (08/11/2010)
Yet one more YQL demo - Term extraction from CFBloggers (08/11/2010)
Lighthouse Pro adds stored filters (08/11/2010)
ColdFusion Security Hotfix Released (08/10/2010)
Ask a Jedi: Modify cfchart to remove commas from y-axis (08/10/2010)
Missed me at CFUNITED? Catch my presentation this week (08/09/2010)
ColdFusion Unconference Update (08/07/2010)
HTML/Adobe AIR Application Diversion Two - Data Layout (08/06/2010)
Online ColdFusion docs updated for CF901 (08/06/2010)
HTML/Adobe AIR Application Diversion One - User Login (08/05/2010)
First example of an HTML-powered AIR Application (08/04/2010)
Video of CFUN Presentation on Adobe AIR HTML Applications (08/04/2010)
Building your first HTML/Adobe AIR Application - Using Aptana (08/03/2010)
Nice Lighthouse Pro update (08/03/2010)
Building your first HTML/Adobe AIR Application (07/31/2010)
Some ColdFusionBloggers.org Guidelines (07/30/2010)
Slides + Code from CFUNITED10 (07/29/2010)
Announcing CFAM - ColdFusion Administrator Mobile (07/28/2010)
Interesting bug to watch out for involving cfqueryparam and sql (07/27/2010)
Three ways to sign URLs for Amazon Web Services (07/27/2010)
jQTouch Notes (07/25/2010)
CF901: Changes to the multi file uploader (07/22/2010)
Not happy with the CF901 JSON Changes? (07/21/2010)
Custom grid renderers with CFGRID (2) (07/20/2010)
CF901: Logging enhancements (07/20/2010)
CF901: Solr is (once again) the bomb (07/19/2010)
Ask a Jedi: Foreign text over CFDIV (07/19/2010)
Show me a better way: Inserting date/time strings into SQLite via HTML and Adobe AIR (07/17/2010)
Example of Ajax-based address verification with ColdFusion and jQuery (07/16/2010)
Odd ColdFusion Ajax binding error? (07/15/2010)
CF901: Guide to Amazon S3 support in ColdFusion 9.0.1 (07/15/2010)
CF901: File upload support in cfscript (07/14/2010)
CF901: CFDump Update (07/13/2010)
ColdFusion 9.0.1 Released (07/13/2010)
Ask a Jedi: Disabling form submission when using ColdFusion Ajax Binding (07/10/2010)
Quick example of jQuery Templates (07/09/2010)
Another simple jQuery/ColdFusion example (07/09/2010)
Getting Started with ColdFusion Security (07/08/2010)
Ask a Jedi: Questions on the VFS (07/07/2010)
Proof of Concept - Remembering preferences in ColdFusion Builder Extensions (07/06/2010)
Adding print support to ColdFusion Builder Extensions (07/02/2010)
Recording, slides and bits from todays presentation on CFBuilder (07/01/2010)
Hackin' the MAX Scheduler (06/30/2010)
Flash Remoting, onCFCRequest Issue (06/30/2010)
Presentation tomorrow: Building CFBuilder Extensions (06/30/2010)
CFUNITED T-Shirt Contest! (06/29/2010)
CF101: Splitting a string into parts using ColdFusion (06/29/2010)
Generate Random Data CFBuilder Extension (06/28/2010)
Tour de ColdFusion Beta (06/28/2010)
Building the map view for Adobe Groups (06/22/2010)
New ColdFusion Ref Card from DZone (06/22/2010)
MAX Sessions posted (06/22/2010)
How to use one remote method in Flex for multiple "clients" (06/21/2010)
Survey on the Future of ColdFusion (06/21/2010)
RIAForge Restored (06/21/2010)
RIAForge Downtime (06/20/2010)
Quick Eclipse Tip - "Refresh the file and stop fracking bugging me" (06/19/2010)
Scary little CFFEED Bug (06/18/2010)
Settings cookies (with expiration, etc) in CFScript (06/17/2010)
ORM Scanner Extension (06/17/2010)
Quick example of RSS URL checking with jQuery and ColdFusion (06/16/2010)
Review: Object-Oriented JavaScript (06/15/2010)
Spell checking in ColdFusion? (06/14/2010)
Ask a Jedi: Using links to select tabs in jQuery UI Tabs (06/11/2010)
Recording and Slides from SQLite presentation (06/11/2010)
Adobe AIR 2 + Flash Player 10.1 Released (06/10/2010)
Presentation tomorrow: Beginning SQLite Database Development for AIR (06/09/2010)
Quick look at Visustin (06/09/2010)
Google Storage for Devs - how compatible with S3? (06/08/2010)
ColdFusion 9.0.1 Sneak (06/08/2010)
Interesting change with listToArray from ColdFusion 8 to 9 (06/04/2010)
Automating watermarking of images with ColdFusion (06/04/2010)
Ask a Jedi: Composite, Dynamic Views in Model-Glue? (06/02/2010)
Linking dynamic content to Wikipedia (06/01/2010)
Scotch on the Rocks 2010 (and other random ramblings) (05/30/2010)
Very cool trick - CFBuilder extensions and Firebug Lite (05/27/2010)
Turning a form into a multistep process with jQuery (05/26/2010)
Two CFBuilder Extensions (05/25/2010)
Scotch on the Rocks Preso and Files (05/24/2010)
Example of jQuery loading form fields (05/24/2010)
Two new ColdFusion 9.0.1 Gems (05/24/2010)
Congrats to Akbar and the AppCore Creator (05/22/2010)
Ask a Jedi: Dynamic math? (05/21/2010)
CFBuilder Contest: Final Thoughts... (05/20/2010)
SciFi BOF @ CFUNITED (05/20/2010)
First update to ColdFusion Builder Released (05/20/2010)
Ask a Jedi: Using ColdFusion Image functions and ImageUtils to create dynamic banners (05/19/2010)
Important BlogCFC update - thanks to ProCheckup (05/19/2010)
CFBuilder Contest: Gilt (05/18/2010)
Attending my second SOTR presentation next week? Read this. (05/18/2010)
jQuery Autocomplete and HTML (05/17/2010)
Bug with local scope, cfthread, and ColdFusion 9 (05/13/2010)
CFBuilder Contest: AppCore Creator (05/12/2010)
New ColdFusion Security Bulletin (05/11/2010)
Good news on the ORM front (05/11/2010)
ColdFusion Builder Extension Developer Group (05/10/2010)
Galleon ColdFusion Forums 2.3.1 (05/10/2010)
Simple jQuery/ColdFusion form example (05/08/2010)
Sometimes it's the small mistakes... (2) (05/08/2010)
CFBuilder Contest: Base64 Image Converter (05/07/2010)
Help me pick a PC... (05/07/2010)
ColdFusion 9, Caching, IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP Error (05/06/2010)
CFBuilder Contest: Pastebin (05/05/2010)
Ask a Jedi: Dynamic Updates for CFMEDIAPLAYER (05/05/2010)
Help (05/04/2010)
Best Photoshop Content Aware Demo Ever (05/04/2010)
CFBuilder Contest: Squeezer (05/04/2010)
Ask a Jedi: When do you catch errors? (05/03/2010)
Simple jQuery/ColdFusion data loading example (05/01/2010)
Eclipse Tip - Whitespace characters visible when they are turned off (04/30/2010)
Get WACKed (04/30/2010)
Last day for entries in the ColdFusion Builder Contest (04/30/2010)
Can you search a CFGRID? (04/29/2010)
Stupid jQuery Trick - HTML Preview (04/28/2010)
Interesting arraySet Behavior (04/28/2010)
Contact Form Issue (04/27/2010)
Linking Two (or more) jQuery Autocompletes (04/27/2010)
An experiment in combining JavaScript and CSS Requests (04/26/2010)
cfObjective 2010 (04/26/2010)
FYI on ColdFusion Bloggers (04/23/2010)
cfObjective Code and Slides - SQLite and AIR (04/22/2010)
ColdFusion 9.0.1 Sneaks (04/22/2010)
Ouch - this cookie bug has teeth (04/20/2010)
Model-Glue Question - Helpers calling helpers (04/20/2010)
New files in Flash Builder and code hinting/coloring (04/18/2010)
Reminder - Get your entries in for the ColdFusion Builder Contest (04/16/2010)
MAX 2010 Call for Speakers (04/14/2010)
Ask a Jedi: Passing values to ColdFusion's MessageBox (04/14/2010)
Adobe Groups is now ColdFusion (04/13/2010)
Playing with jQuery UI's Autocomplete Control (04/12/2010)
jQuery Quickie: Using a checkbox to enable/disable a row of checkboxes (04/10/2010)
My thoughts on Apple (04/09/2010)
ColdFusion 9 without OpenOffice (04/09/2010)
Some morbid ColdFusion Birthday fun (04/08/2010)
SVNStalker POC (04/07/2010)
Ask a Jedi: Getting the legend from CFCHART (04/07/2010)
ColdFusion 9 fixes arrayIsDefined (04/06/2010)
Detecting CFINCLUDE versus Custom Tag (04/02/2010)
A new path (04/01/2010)
Processing forms with duplicate field names (03/31/2010)
Quick example - updating stuff with CFSLIDER (03/30/2010)
Galleon and Lighthouse Pro updates (03/29/2010)
Adding a preview to CFFILEUPLOAD (03/29/2010)
Tips for folks new to CFBuilder and the Eclipse Platform (03/26/2010)
Friday ColdFusion Contest (03/26/2010)
Yet another CFMAP Demo - Bird Report App (03/25/2010)
ORMScanner CFBuilder Extension (03/24/2010)
Using jQuery to post an array to a ColdFusion Component (03/23/2010)
Three useful ColdFusion Builder links (03/22/2010)
ColdFusion Builder Contest (03/22/2010)
ColdFusion Builder Has Arrived! (03/21/2010)
Video demo of GoogleGeocode (03/20/2010)
Using jQuery to convert text into form fields (2) (03/19/2010)
Quick Review: Clean Code by Robert Martin (03/19/2010)
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Full ColdFusion Builder Tour Listing (03/18/2010)
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JavaScript Tip - Auto Capitalizing (03/16/2010)
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Coloring CFCHART Dynamically (03/12/2010)
ColdFusion Builder - References (03/12/2010)
ColdFusion Builder - Refactoring (03/10/2010)
ColdFusion Builder - Code Assist for Scoped Variables (03/09/2010)
Ajax Image Uploads (with Previews) (03/08/2010)
Speaking at Scotch on the Rocks 2010 (03/08/2010)
ColdFusion 9 Multifile Uploader - Complete Example (03/05/2010)
Quick Demo - KML and CFMAP (03/03/2010)
Interesting issue with ORM, Model-Glue, and Exceptions (03/02/2010)
ColdFusion Builder Tip - Internal Web Browser (03/01/2010)
Framework One Sample Application - QBall (02/27/2010)
Exploring ColdFusion Builder's Services Browser (02/26/2010)
Doing translations with Twitter (using ColdFusion, jQuery, and AIR) (02/25/2010)
Small ColdFusion Admin Bug (DSN Form and Timeouts) (02/25/2010)
ColdFusion 9 Performance Brief (02/24/2010)
Tweak ColdFusion Builder's Outline Mode (02/23/2010)
Change ColdFusion Builder's Icon (02/22/2010)
CHF Warning - Impacts MXUnit (02/20/2010)
Cumulative Hot Fix for ColdFusion 9 Released (02/20/2010)
Video: Using ColdFusion Builder's SQL Editor (02/19/2010)
Quick Tip: Adding a bookmark to a PDF when it has none (02/19/2010)
ColdFusion Security Bulletin - impacts version 7 through 9 (02/18/2010)
Watch out for "Disable CFC Type Check" (02/18/2010)
A Simple Class Scheduling/Conflict Handler built with ColdFusion and jQuery (02/18/2010)
Modifying a search to enable OR/AND style matches (02/15/2010)
Example of iPhone Geolocation with jQuery (02/12/2010)
Dynamic Dummy Generator (02/12/2010)
Attending CFUNITED? Vote for topics! (02/12/2010)
Two (More) iPhone development tips (also involves ColdFusion Components) (02/11/2010)
Latest update on the CFML Advisory Committee (02/10/2010)
Get 10 more pixels of coding space with CFBuilder (02/10/2010)
Totally useless ActionScript drawing tests (02/10/2010)
Ask a Jedi: Handling a recurring billing date (02/09/2010)
Another ColdFusion Builder Extension example (02/09/2010)
ORM Entity not available? Check your logs (02/08/2010)
Repeat - ColdFusion 9 does NOT remove the need to var scope! (02/08/2010)
AIR 2.0 and Flash 10.1 Betas (02/08/2010)
Looking for ideas on ORM Optimization (Post Launch) (02/05/2010)
Google's Static Map API (02/04/2010)
Cropping to the center of an image (02/03/2010)
Translating from Roman to Decimal Numbers with ColdFusion (02/02/2010)
Example of pagination with jQuery and ColdFusion with "External Buttons" (02/01/2010)
Best of ColdFusion 9 Contest: And the winners are... (01/29/2010)
ColdFusion 9 Security Bulletin (01/29/2010)
Get BIRT-y with Flash and Flex (01/29/2010)
Trouble downloading from RIAForge? Read this (01/29/2010)
One example of dealing with JSON deserialization issues (01/28/2010)
Quick example of table sorting with ColdFusion and jQuery (01/28/2010)
Bug with CFDUMP/output, impacts XML/JSON services (01/27/2010)
The last ColdFusion Builder Extension you will install (01/27/2010)
Some criticisms on Solr in ColdFusion 9 (01/26/2010)
Ask a Jedi: Adding additional text to a CFCHART (01/25/2010)
ColdFusion Quickie: Simple way to cache by arguments passed to a method (01/23/2010)
Getting Component Metadata via CF Builder Extension (01/22/2010)
Be careful with ColdFusion 9's isNull (01/21/2010)
Best of CF9: MuralBuilder (01/21/2010)
Follow up to CFMAP/jQuery/911 Demo (01/20/2010)
Looping over an array with XML objects - CF8 versus CF9 (01/20/2010)
Ask a Jedi: What is Cause and RootCause in ColdFusion exceptions? (01/20/2010)
Proof of Concept 911 Viewer (01/19/2010)
Meet your new Adobe Community Professionals (01/18/2010)
Proof of Concept - CFMAP with Driving Directions (01/18/2010)
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jQuery 1.4 is Born... (01/14/2010)
Ask a Jedi: Cycling through Charts (01/13/2010)
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Proof of Concept CFBuilder Extension: convertToCFSCRIPT (01/11/2010)
Review: Need for Speed: Shift (01/09/2010)
Example of ColdFusion 9 Cache Reporting (01/08/2010)
Interesting ColdFusion Ajax Issue(Bug?) (01/08/2010)
Best of CF9: MultiMail (01/07/2010)
Speaking at cfObjective 2010 (01/06/2010)
Change to Scheduled Tasks page in ColdFusion 9 (01/06/2010)
jQuery Quickie: Highlighting a table row after selecting a checkbox (2) (01/05/2010)
Sometimes it's the small mistakes... (01/01/2010)

Posts for 2009

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Call for Speakers: CFUNITED and cfObjective (11/13/2009)
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Have you seen this? XBox 360 freeze on some games only (09/19/2009)
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Building a Twitter Report in ColdFusion (Part 2) (09/16/2009)
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WebCharts3D Editor in Eclipse (09/14/2009)
Building a Twitter Report in ColdFusion (09/14/2009)
Ask a Jedi: Sorting files numerically that begin with strings (09/12/2009)
Delicious little problem with Application.cfc (09/11/2009)
Friday Puzzler - Twitter style (with an actual prize this time!) (09/11/2009)
Yahoo Query Language (09/10/2009)
Some thoughts on ColdFusion 9 ORM and Persistent CFCs (09/09/2009)
Speaking at RIA Unleashed, and help me get a PS3 Slim. (09/09/2009)
Ask a Jedi: Fingering the bad web service (09/08/2009)
Win a ColdFusion Dude Camera (09/08/2009)
Registration open for cfObjective(ANZ) (09/07/2009)
ColdFusion Charting - Y Axis Titles and Dashed Lines (09/06/2009)
Increasing the canvas size of an image (09/04/2009)
Making Subclipse recognize a project checked out from Subversion (09/03/2009)
Cumulative Hot Fix 3 did NOT include security updates (09/03/2009)
Quick warning/tip to ColdFusion Builder Extension writers (and note on varScoper fix) (09/02/2009)
Ask a Jedi: How do I convert JSON to XML? (09/02/2009)
Stupid ColdFusion Syntax Trick (09/01/2009)
Cumulative Hot Fix 3 for ColdFusion 8.0.1 (09/01/2009)
createUUID speeded up in ColdFusion 9 (08/31/2009)
SlideSix News (08/31/2009)
ColdFusion Builder Tip - Finding a file (08/31/2009)
Another example of the QofQ Bug (08/28/2009)
ColdFusion Unconference Update (08/27/2009)
Ask a Jedi: Impact of whitespace and script based CFCs (08/26/2009)
Using ColdFusion 9's new FileSeek (08/21/2009)
Followup on ColdFusion 9/Solr Post (08/21/2009)
Speaking on the ColdFusion Panel Tomorrow (08/20/2009)
Simple ColdFusion 9 ORM/Solr Example (08/20/2009)
ColdFusion Quickie - Scan and Report on Exception Logs (08/19/2009)
onServerStart and handling a bad startup (08/19/2009)
Problem with Scatter graphs in ColdFusion (08/19/2009)
Cool (and undocumented) ColdFusion 9 Feature (08/18/2009)
CFUNITED 09 - Review (08/18/2009)
Subtle little query caching performance issue (08/17/2009)
Application.cfc lookup order change in ColdFusion 9 (08/16/2009)
My evil jQuery Plugin (08/15/2009)
CFUNITED Demo Derby Code (08/15/2009)
Simple ColdFusion 9 ORM Paging Demo (08/14/2009)
CFUNITED Presentations - jQuery, Application.cfc, and Charting (08/14/2009)
MAXROWS Attribute - Not as good as I thought (08/12/2009)
Interesting CFQUERY Bug (08/11/2009)
South Korea closing out international adoption (08/11/2009)
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Model-Glue 3 Released (08/10/2009)
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RIAForge Update, and awesome example of ColdFusion/Google Integration (07/19/2009)
QuickSort in ColdFusion, with a ColdFusion 9 example as well (07/19/2009)
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Review: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (07/17/2009)
ColdFusion Builder and Outline Mode (07/17/2009)
Question from Reader: ColdFusion and Licensing Schemes (07/17/2009)
Important Model-Glue note, and CanvasWiki update (07/16/2009)
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No, not ColdFusion 9, not BlogCFC 6, but new update to BlogCFC 5 (07/15/2009)
Intro to jQuery Presentation (07/15/2009)
Error resizing a JPG with ColdFusion? (07/15/2009)
ColdFusion 9 Videos (07/14/2009)
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jQuery Presentation Tonight (07/14/2009)
CFaaS Demo - Dead Bike (07/13/2009)
ColdFusion 9's new Application variables (07/13/2009)
ColdFusion 9 fixes onRequest, adds onCFCRequest (07/13/2009)
My first ColdFusion 9 scoop - disable server side validation (07/12/2009)
Adobe releases public beta of ColdFusion 9 and ColdFusion Builder (07/12/2009)
Links (07/12/2009)
Are we falling behind? (07/10/2009)
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Hot Fix for FCK Issue (07/08/2009)
Forcing ColdFusion to recognize changes made to data used for Ajax bindings (07/08/2009)
Link - Reporting ColdFusion Security Issues (07/08/2009)
StructSort Example (07/06/2009)
Adobe response to recent FCK Issue (07/06/2009)
Review: Red Faction Guerrilla (XBOX 360) (07/04/2009)
Did you know Adobe had a Product Security Incident Response blog? (07/04/2009)
ColdFusion Security Issue - FCKEditor (07/03/2009)
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Important RIAForge Updates (06/30/2009)
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iPhone 3GS - So far, so good (06/28/2009)
LighthousePro 2.6 (06/27/2009)
Finding the username in an AIR app, and a quick binding tip (06/27/2009)
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Calling a function... did you really call it? (06/25/2009)
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Follow up on creating ATOM Feeds with RSS (06/19/2009)
Fascinating issue with createTimeSpan (06/18/2009)
Centaur and Bolt are... (06/18/2009)
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Will you go 3 oh? (06/17/2009)
Flex Question: How do I render a grid row differently based on data? (06/16/2009)
Please Read: Help Tim Buntel and Flex 4 (06/16/2009)
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Incrementing with ++ (06/12/2009)
Follow up - Flash Builder 4, ColdFusion CFCs, and AIR (06/12/2009)
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Tomorrow on the Online Meetup - Adobe ColdFusion Eclipse Extensions (06/10/2009)
ColdFusion Quickie - Moving a file to a day-based folder (06/10/2009)
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My waste of time this weekend - playing with Yahoo Maps and jQuery (06/07/2009)
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Links (05/31/2009)
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'Formal' release of ColdFusion Cross OS Guide (05/27/2009)
School's Out (05/27/2009)
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CFUG Netherlands (05/24/2009)
Is this surveillance overkill? (05/22/2009)
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Adobe Community Achievement Awards Announced (05/21/2009)
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Figuring out how many mails are in a POP account (05/20/2009)
New ADC Article: Using Dreamweaver, InContext Editing, and Spry to build a dynamic site (05/19/2009)
MAX 2009 Site Updated (05/19/2009)
ColdFusion Cookbook Update (05/18/2009)
CFTHREAD - When to join? (05/18/2009)
CFTHREAD, Names, and Commas (05/18/2009)
Notes from the cfObjective Keynote (05/15/2009)
Simple CFCHART/jQuery Demo (05/15/2009)
Small project updates (05/14/2009)
(Possible?) Answer to slow image resizes in ColdFusion 8 (05/14/2009)
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Review: Star Trek (05/08/2009)
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Transfer Meeting - Online - 3 Hours. Be there or be a PHP developer! (05/07/2009)
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Are you a friend of ColdFusion? (Facebook Friend that is...) (05/06/2009)
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I Heart Amazon Referrals (05/01/2009)
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Scotch on the Road 2009 (04/29/2009)
If I use ColdFusion, I don't have to worry about data types, right? (04/28/2009)
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Code and Design of Gameone (04/26/2009)
Links (04/26/2009)
Quick sanity check... (04/24/2009)
Handling additional (non charted) values in CFCHART? (04/24/2009)
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Important Note for ColdFusion 8 Ajax Developers (04/20/2009)
Full Sail University uses ColdFusion in Web Design and Development Program (04/20/2009)
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ColdFusion Admin checks JVM Path (04/18/2009)
Food for thought - method to block non-Ajax requests (04/17/2009)
My first jQuery/AIR Application: Selecter Tester (04/16/2009)
On doors closing (and hopefully opening) (04/16/2009)
Did you know you could verify DSNs with ColdFusion code? (04/15/2009)
FusionDebug for Railo 3.1 Open Source (04/14/2009)
Ask a Jedi: Catching type exceptions in cfargument (04/13/2009)
Using ColdFusion to get the end of a file (04/12/2009)
Follow up to CFGRID post, interesting queryConvertForGrid Behavior (04/11/2009)
Friday Puzzler - Fractions (04/10/2009)
CFUnited Express Atlanta - Next Week (04/09/2009)
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Using Wrap() in a PDF (04/08/2009)
ColdFusion, jQuery and Search Example (04/08/2009)
jQuery 101 Presentation (04/07/2009)
500th (and more) ColdFusion project released at RIAForge (04/06/2009)
CFCHARTs with Custom Markers (04/03/2009)
Two quickies - Cache Clearer Admin Extension and CFCHART Doc Typo (04/02/2009)
Foundeo releases ColdFusion Web Application Firewall (04/02/2009)
Skipping labels in a ColdFusion Chart (04/02/2009)
Small (very small) ColdFusion 9 leak (04/01/2009)
A new month, a new beginning... (04/01/2009)
CFUNITED Manager's Guide, Early Bird Pricing Ends Today! (03/31/2009)
Help spread the word about Ulitzer/Con-Sys (03/30/2009)
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ColdFusion Logs to RSS (with a quick sidetrack into zombies) (03/28/2009)
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Call for Help: Web shops using ColdFusion (03/27/2009)
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CFLib Submissions (03/25/2009)
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InsideRIA Links for March 8-21, 2009 (03/21/2009)
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Want to learn ColdFusion? (03/18/2009)
More sessions announced for CFUNITED... (03/18/2009)
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Multi-file search and replace in Eclipse (03/16/2009)
Today is Fail Day... (Looking for MySQL, Vista, whatever else help) (03/15/2009)
Sites moving.. (03/14/2009)
Friday Puzzler - Helping the Model-Glue Team (03/13/2009)
Presentation files (and thanks) (03/12/2009)
Presenting today: The Art of AJAX Development Using ColdFusion at the Online Meetup (03/12/2009)
Writing a JSONP service in ColdFusion (03/11/2009)
Flex Builder Question - Not seeing files during AIR export (03/11/2009)
How To: ColdFusion Chart with No Numbers (03/09/2009)
When does it make sense to cache ColdFusion code? (03/08/2009)
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Riddle me this, OSX Firefox Users (03/03/2009)
Groovy version of code to get an Amazon S3 Download URL (03/03/2009)
Yet another ADC article on Dreamweaver: Creating a Spry XML data set (03/02/2009)
CFBL - A Year Later (03/02/2009)
Latest Broadchoice Workspace now has a free edition (02/28/2009)
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Google Analytics and Ajax (02/26/2009)
jQuery Progress Bar (with ColdFusion) (02/26/2009)
Do you test under cfsetting? (02/26/2009)
jQuery Sortable with ColdFusion (02/25/2009)
Metadata properties for CFFEED - Atom (02/25/2009)
Out of Office notice - getting fat on Tuesday (02/24/2009)
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jQuery Thickbox and ColdFusion Dynamic Image Resizing - With Bookmarks (02/20/2009)
Ask a Jedi: Showing Every Nth Record (02/20/2009)
GoogleDocs CFC (02/19/2009)
Using jQuery to add form fields (02/19/2009)
Officer Roseland offers a unique take on 'Stimulus Package' (02/18/2009)
jQuery Thickbox and ColdFusion Dynamic Image Resizing (02/17/2009)
ColdFusion LiveDocs Updated (02/16/2009)
jQuery Form Validation with Selects (02/16/2009)
Use Google Analytics and Ajax? Remember to update your code (02/15/2009)
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Determining the location of ColdFusion's log files (02/11/2009)
Ask a Jedi: jQuery or ColdFusion 8 Ajax? Or both? (02/11/2009)
Ask a Jedi: Updating multiple records at once (02/10/2009)
An Introduction to jQuery and Form Validation (2) (02/10/2009)
An Introduction to jQuery and Form Validation (02/09/2009)
Open Question: ColdFusion and Reports? (02/09/2009)
Ready2Run Open BlueDragon and Web Services (02/07/2009)
ColdFusion and SugarCRM Intergration (02/07/2009)
New ColdFusion/Bolt Product Manager (02/06/2009)
Working with Office Metadata (02/06/2009)
CFML Advisory Committee Update (02/06/2009)
Reading Office documents with ColdFusion (2) (02/05/2009)
Reading Office documents with ColdFusion (02/04/2009)
How to report a security problem with ColdFusion (or any other Adobe product)? (02/03/2009)
This is ColdFusion - this is ColdFusion 100% in Script, on Bolt... (02/03/2009)
Using jQuery and ColdFusion to create an auto-link for definition application (2) (02/03/2009)
Reader Survey Results (02/02/2009)
Creating a Dialog with jQuery UI (2) (02/02/2009)
Creating a Dialog with jQuery UI (02/01/2009)
Using jQuery and ColdFusion to create an auto-link for definition application (01/31/2009)
CF-Talk Status (01/29/2009)
CFBloggers.org/Twitter Issue (Another Simple Mistake!) (01/27/2009)
Update to CFPDF/Password Issue (no unicorns this time) (01/27/2009)
Article on Spry HTML Datasets and DWCS4 (01/26/2009)
Using ColdFusion to estimate the number of seconds a user spends on a page (01/26/2009)
Is the Sys-CON at it again? (01/26/2009)
ColdFire 1.3 (01/25/2009)
New XBox Experience and Video Streaming Problem (01/25/2009)
How to remove a password from a PDF using ColdFusion (01/23/2009)
Horror fan? Horror addict? (01/22/2009)
Ask a Jedi: Sending a dynamic PDF via email (01/22/2009)
Why you should, and should not, break encapsulation in methods (01/22/2009)
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Reminder - MAX Sessions on AdobeTV (01/19/2009)
Cross-Post: ColdFusion survey on the cloud (01/19/2009)
Mixing client side dynamic forms with dynamic ColdFusion form processing (01/18/2009)
Making a "sticky" CFWINDOW (01/17/2009)
Launching CFWINDOW with a Dynamic Location (01/16/2009)
Please Help (01/16/2009)
cfchart and cfimage - useless experiment (01/15/2009)
Ask a Jedi: Emailing CFCHART (01/14/2009)
Ask a Jedi: Dynamic expires with an image via ColdFusion (01/13/2009)
Speaking at NYCFUG Tomorrow Night (01/12/2009)
Hal's next OO Class - February 23 (01/12/2009)
Ask a Jedi: RSS Reader with CFGRID? (01/12/2009)
Project Updates (and a small little security fix) (01/11/2009)
Update ColdFusionBloggers Feed (01/10/2009)
An odd cfdiv issue (01/09/2009)
Ask a Jedi: cfdiv, cfform, cflayout and selecting tabs - also a new bug? (01/09/2009)
ColdFusion 8 Ajax and History Management (01/08/2009)
They podcast over there (01/08/2009)
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2008 @ ColdFusionBloggers.org (01/07/2009)
Be careful with CFCHART (01/07/2009)
Survey Reminder (01/07/2009)
If I'm going to use Eclipse for ColdFusion development, what packages do I need? (01/06/2009)
Handling CFDIV's resizes (01/06/2009)
Having issues with your BlazeDS/Flex app? Try changing the display-name (01/05/2009)
Don't forget to validate those checkboxes/radio buttons/multi selects/etc (01/05/2009)
This is where your hot sauce comes from... (01/02/2009)
structClear and Sessions - Still bad? (01/02/2009)
Ask a Jedi: cflogout, session variables, and the back button (01/01/2009)
My New Years Resolutions (01/01/2009)

Posts for 2008

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Quick Updates (12/19/2008)
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Early Christmas related excuse to test a jQuery Plugin (12/17/2008)
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ColdFusion.navigate works with non-CF generated UI items (12/16/2008)
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Take the OO Quiz - and prepare to be humbled... (12/12/2008)
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Ask the Crowd: Documentation (12/11/2008)
Global warming is a sham! (12/11/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Checking Spry data for duplicates (and Spry 1.7 News) (12/10/2008)
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Ask a Jedi: Where to use Transfer? (12/08/2008)
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MAX Videos to be available... to all (11/24/2008)
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Friday Insanity (11/21/2008)
Article at InfoQ published: Debunking Common Myths about ColdFusion (11/19/2008)
MAX Sneak Peaks (11/19/2008)
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MAX Day One - and why Brian Rinaldi is my hero (11/18/2008)
ColdFusion in the Cloud (11/17/2008)
New on Adobe Labs (11/17/2008)
MAX Keynote Liveblog (11/17/2008)
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Safe and Sound in the Big City (11/16/2008)
Less than 10 hours to take off... (11/15/2008)
Getting Some with Transfer (11/14/2008)
Broadchoice Workspace in da House... (11/14/2008)
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Attribute validation error with CFTEXTAREA (11/05/2008)
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Vote (11/04/2008)
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cf_happyHalloween (10/31/2008)
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MTV Music (Yes, it has an API) (10/28/2008)
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Speaking of Model-Glue (and other Frameworks)... (10/27/2008)
Model-Glue Survey (10/27/2008)
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PIcture: Our Lady of the Ghouls (10/24/2008)
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ColdFusion 8 Posters (10/21/2008)
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Death is a giant, brightly-covered slug heading your way.... (08/27/2008)
Minor updates (08/26/2008)
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Bug with Ajax HTML Grid and File Upload Forms (08/25/2008)
Review: Clone Wars - It didn't suck! (08/24/2008)
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Code, slide, and recordings from yesterday's presentations (08/22/2008)
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Interview (08/14/2008)
Getting page orientation and size from PDFs (08/12/2008)
Day 100 from the ColdFusion war front (or, what's going on with RIAForge) (08/12/2008)
About time - Cockfighting ending in LA (08/11/2008)
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SpoolMail update (08/09/2008)
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My Wife Kicks Butt... (08/07/2008)
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Speaking at Online ColdFusion Meetup, on August 21, on something (08/07/2008)
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Ajax-based CFGRID and IE issue (08/05/2008)
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What? Folks aren't using cfqueryparam? (07/29/2008)
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I survived! (Mostly) (07/28/2008)
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Follow ColdFusion Bloggers on Twitter (07/14/2008)
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Non-Flash ColdFusion charts are still interactive (07/13/2008)
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iAftermath - and how ColdFusion held up (07/12/2008)
Contest Delay (07/11/2008)
So far iPhone 2.0 is.... DOA (07/11/2008)
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Overriding returnFormat at runtime (07/03/2008)
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Bribery for the ColdFusion Cookbook (and looking for a grunt or two) (07/01/2008)
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ColdFusion Bloggers code update (06/30/2008)
ColdFire update for latest Firebug (06/30/2008)
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Second beta of Railo 3 out (06/27/2008)
Announcing the ColdFusion Unconference at MAX (06/26/2008)
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MAX Website up, Sessions Listed (including mine) (06/25/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Followup on Certification (06/25/2008)
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Sunday Mega Media Review (06/22/2008)
ColdFusion 8 Ajax Browser Support (06/21/2008)
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CFUNITED - Internals of the Adobe ColdFusion Server (06/20/2008)
Seeker updated to support Word docs and Excel files (06/20/2008)
Clearing individual files/folders from ColdFusion template's cache (06/19/2008)
Files/Slides from CFUNITED Presentations (06/19/2008)
The coolest thing I've seen at CFUNITED (06/19/2008)
SciFi BOF Members - Post Here (06/18/2008)
SciFi BOF Location (06/18/2008)
CFUNITED 08 Opening Keynote (06/18/2008)
Mr. Camden goes to Washington (06/17/2008)
CFDevcon - Coming to an England near you... (06/16/2008)
CFConversations - First podcast available now (06/16/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Problem using onMissingMethod inside a CFC (06/13/2008)
Transfer deep relationship/order bug (06/13/2008)
RIAForge is now officially the mac-daddy (06/12/2008)
Firebug Tip - When Ajax Calls Go Bad... (06/12/2008)
Ask a Jedi: ColdFusion Search Engine Safe URLs versus URL Rewriting (06/12/2008)
Model-Glue 3 - Custom Event Types - Want that in XML? (06/11/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Paging within cfsearch? (06/11/2008)
Seeker update (06/11/2008)
Quick correction about my new CFUNITED Preso (06/10/2008)
ColdFusion 8, DIV, "Loading" graphic issue (06/10/2008)
More on CFLib update (Transfer specifics) (06/10/2008)
CFLib 2008 (06/09/2008)
CFFILE/Upload Issue I ran into (06/09/2008)
Transfer 1.0 is Gold (in more ways than one) (06/08/2008)
Uber Friday OS Report (06/06/2008)
Ask a Jedi: CFWINDOW for Messaging? (06/06/2008)
Waiting for CFUNITED (06/06/2008)
Use cgi.server_name? Be careful (06/05/2008)
Recording/Code from Last Nights CF8/Ajax Meeting (06/05/2008)
I'm a bit late to the party, but big announcement from Railo (06/05/2008)
RIAForge Crash and Burn (06/04/2008)
Bonehead Custom Tag mistake (06/04/2008)
CFUNITED Survey (06/04/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Two jQuery and ColdFusion questions (06/04/2008)
Open Letter to Adobe on Certification (06/03/2008)
Another Seeker Update (06/03/2008)
Be careful with returnFormat and JSON (06/03/2008)
Presenting to New Zealand CFUG (06/02/2008)
Changing the size of a footer in CFDOCUMENT (06/02/2008)
Seeker code update (06/02/2008)
Small updates (Share, Lighthouse Pro) (05/30/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Getting the SQL from a Query (05/30/2008)
SlideShareCFC Wrapper (05/30/2008)
RIAForge Update (05/30/2008)
Another option for trimming text in ColdFusion (05/29/2008)
Comparing centuries of dates (05/29/2008)
MAX 2008 Registration opens (05/28/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Best way to trim text (05/28/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Best way to handle feed stats (05/27/2008)
Complex data in an auto-suggest (05/27/2008)
CFFEED and Date Values (05/24/2008)
BlogCFC and Galleon updates (05/22/2008)
VarScoper Tool (05/22/2008)
Charlie Arehart and CF911 (05/21/2008)
WebManiacs ColdFusion Images Presentation (Lecture/Hands On) (05/20/2008)
ColdFusion Image Processing - Shrinking an image, but not the canvas (05/20/2008)
Broadchoice Web Platform Released (05/19/2008)
Did you know a hot fix for ColdFusion was released this week? (05/17/2008)
The other returnFormat - plain (05/16/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Add an edit button to a ColdFusion 8 Ajax Grid (05/16/2008)
Galleon 2.2 (05/15/2008)
Two ColdFusion Server Monitoring Tips (05/15/2008)
Who Uses ColdFusion? (05/15/2008)
RIAForge Status (05/15/2008)
Model-Glue 3 - Example of Formats (05/14/2008)
New ColdFusion 8 Book (05/14/2008)
Adobe Connect failure on the Mac - apologies to the Connecticut UG (05/13/2008)
Playing with jQuery - ColdFusionBloggers.org Update (05/13/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Complete Spry CRUD Example (05/13/2008)
Speaking at Connecticut ColdFusion Users Group (05/13/2008)
Galleon 2.1 (05/12/2008)
Link - SES URLs in Model-Glue 3 (05/12/2008)
The last book you will ever read (05/11/2008)
Model-Glue 3 - Example of Custom Event Types (05/09/2008)
There is only one Spry... (05/09/2008)
Proposals for ColdFusion 9 - From the Enemy's Camp (05/09/2008)
CFLOG and Permissions (05/08/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Getting the current directory (05/08/2008)
Quick CFBL update and a minor LighthousePro update (05/07/2008)
Running Model-Glue 3 on a box with Model-Glue 2 (05/07/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Multiple templates and Model-Glue (05/07/2008)
Adobe Developer Week recordings (05/06/2008)
I'm not a programmer (05/05/2008)
cfObjective Slides/Code (05/04/2008)
2 quick links (one tech, one music) (05/03/2008)
(Short) Review: Iron Man (05/02/2008)
Model-Glue 3 - The New Frakin' Awesomeness (05/02/2008)
Another hint on ColdFusion 9? (05/02/2008)
Adobe announces public bug/enhancement database for ColdFusion (05/02/2008)
cfObjective Keynote: News on Centaur (CF9) (05/02/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Why would I use cfhtmlhead? (05/02/2008)
New month, new job. I've joined Broadchoice (05/01/2008)
Ask a Jedi - Why isn't my session expired when I logout? (05/01/2008)
Project updates (04/30/2008)
Recording URL and Slides from CF/OS Presentation (04/30/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Does ColdFusion have a htmlfoot tag? (04/30/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Copy session values from one application to another (04/29/2008)
Presentation tonight on ColdFusion and Open Source (04/29/2008)
LighthousePro Updated (04/28/2008)
Reader looking for UK-based (or related) Reseller (04/28/2008)
Transfer 1.0 RC is Out (04/28/2008)
Small Canvas update (04/25/2008)
ColdFusion/SlideShare integration tip (04/25/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Caching Stored Procedures (04/25/2008)
Galleon 2.013 Released (04/24/2008)
Real men write their own forms (or do they?) (04/24/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Using JSON in older versions of ColdFusion (04/24/2008)
cfObjective Blog Posts (City Related) (04/23/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Handling RSS feeds with custom data (04/23/2008)
What makes a code diva? (04/22/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Query naming inside a CFC - best practice? (04/22/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Extending ColdFusion's auto-complete feature (04/21/2008)
Check out varScoper (04/21/2008)
YouTube CFC Updated (04/19/2008)
Review: Rock Band (04/19/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Question about learning frameworks (and other things) (04/18/2008)
CFCACHE and the Fall of Rome (04/17/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Two CFGRID Questions (04/17/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Creating lowercased cookies in ColdFusion (04/16/2008)
My current least favorite Mac 'feature' (04/16/2008)
First draft of new YouTube API (04/15/2008)
How can I move my Flex app into multiple layers? (04/15/2008)
imageUtils gets some Tiff love (04/15/2008)
Ask a Jedi: What is the proper way to handle session/cgi variables in CFCs? (04/15/2008)
Inteviewed by Greg Cerveny (04/14/2008)
WebCharts and ColdFusion (04/14/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Flash, ColdFusion and FIle Uploads (04/10/2008)
Designers for CFLib wanted (04/10/2008)
Model-Glue 3 Preview (04/10/2008)
ColdFusion 8.0.1 change to CFEXECUTE (04/09/2008)
Open BlueDragon Steering Committee (04/08/2008)
ColdFire Update (04/08/2008)
I hit level 35 today (IRL) (04/08/2008)
Free Exchange Testing (04/07/2008)
XML forms and CFIMAGE (04/07/2008)
RIA Dev Shed Review (and Files) (04/07/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Is my site slow because of Ajax or something else? (04/07/2008)
Update to pdfUtils Component (04/04/2008)
ColdFusion 8.0.1 - Easier to add PDF Watermarks (04/04/2008)
CFFEED Fixes in 8.0.1 (04/04/2008)
ColdFusion 8.0.1 is out the door! (04/03/2008)
ColdFusion 8.0.1 adds pizazz to implicit array/struct creation (04/03/2008)
Changes to attributeCollection in 8.0.1 (04/03/2008)
RIAForge update (04/03/2008)
The Jedi Punts - Need IE testers (04/02/2008)
Galleon ColdFusion Forums update (04/01/2008)
Work for the NFL! (ColdFusion Job, and no, not an April Fool's joke) (04/01/2008)
Old School Ray (04/01/2008)
Forget web development, I'm becoming a gold farmer (04/01/2008)
Misleading docs for isUserInAnyRole (03/31/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Sending emails out over time. (03/31/2008)
ColdFusion Bloggers Update (03/30/2008)
These are not the search results you are lookin for... (03/30/2008)
Quick and Dirty ColdFusion 8 CAPTCHA Guide (03/29/2008)
Ask a Jedi: CFIMAGE performance concerns (03/28/2008)
Searching CFDocs (03/28/2008)
I'm an idiot for not using... (03/27/2008)
Photoshop Express Example (03/27/2008)
Photoshop Express Launches (03/27/2008)
One AIR annoyance (03/27/2008)
TimeTracker updated (again!) (03/26/2008)
Quick RIAForge Update (03/26/2008)
TimeTracker Updated - Dealing with long strings in Flex DataGrids (03/26/2008)
Ask a Jedi: MVC too much work? (03/26/2008)
Time Tracker AIR Application Updated (03/25/2008)
Quick BlueDragon/Galleon Tip (03/25/2008)
cf.Objective Birds of a Feather Sessions (03/24/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Question on Application based CFCs (03/24/2008)
TimeTracker Updated, and how I did date filtering in SQLite/AIR (03/24/2008)
BACFUG Spry Preso Files (03/23/2008)
You know your plane is safe when it's running Linux... (03/21/2008)
is your framework up to date? (03/20/2008)
CFBL - Week 10 - The End (03/20/2008)
Adobe Developer Week (03/19/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Ajax-bound requests and onRequest (03/19/2008)
ColdFusion Biggest Loser Reminder (03/19/2008)
Ask a Jedi: So what happens when you don't var scope? (03/18/2008)
Facebook API Book (03/18/2008)
Ask a Jedi: CFC Scope Question (03/18/2008)
Files from last weeks Images presentation (03/17/2008)
Interesting ColdFusion 8, Auto-Suggest issue to watch for (03/17/2008)
Book Review: The Intellectual Devotional: American History (03/15/2008)
Lighthouse Pro 2.4.3 (03/14/2008)
Ask a Jedi: ColdFusion 8 Licensing Question (03/14/2008)
CFBL Update - Week 9 (03/14/2008)
Ask a Jedi: ColdFusion 8 Ajax Features and JavaScript Detection (03/13/2008)
Ask a Jedi: List question (03/12/2008)
ColdFire Update (03/12/2008)
Presenting tomorrow, and next week (03/12/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Having CFCHART Links in a new window (03/11/2008)
Coffee Talk: New Atlanta Announcement (03/11/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Spry, Database, and XML Question (03/10/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Development question - built in JRun web server versus IIS (03/10/2008)
Top 100 Sci-Fi Books (03/09/2008)
Someone tell me what this odd TV issue is (03/08/2008)
Suggest a topic for CFUNTED 08, and win a pass! (03/07/2008)
Cross-Domain AJAX calls using ColdFusion (03/07/2008)
ColdFusion wins DDJ Award (03/06/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Block access to an include files (03/06/2008)
Spry, Dates, and how we will make you conform.... (03/05/2008)
It's ok - we want you to lie to us... (03/05/2008)
CFBL Update - Week 8 (03/05/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Check for file existence before upload (03/04/2008)
Speaking at BACFUG (03/04/2008)
Adding an ADD button for cfgrid - Part Deux (03/03/2008)
Adding an ADD button for cfgrid (03/03/2008)
ImageUtils updated (03/01/2008)
Semi-Pro, All Bad (02/29/2008)
Ask a Jedi: No cookie for you! (02/29/2008)
Even more YouTube... (02/29/2008)
My 30 seconds on ColdFusion (02/29/2008)
Quick and dirty CAPTCHA Guide - for ColdFusion 8 (02/28/2008)
ScopeCache on RIAForge (02/28/2008)
Can you do file uploads with ColdFusion 8's Ajax features? (02/27/2008)
CFBL Update - Week 7 - The "Numbers Lie" Edition (02/27/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Converting a set of static method calls to dynamic calls (02/26/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Where did Loci come from in Lighthouse Pro? (02/26/2008)
Galleon update (02/26/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Flex released - where do I go next? (02/25/2008)
Spry 1.6.1 Released (02/25/2008)
AIR Support? (02/25/2008)
Flex 3, AIR Released (02/24/2008)
Quick review of the Facebook platform (02/23/2008)
Interview as a Mac convert for the Digital Media Dude (02/22/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Creating RSS Feeds on the Fly from Semi-Dynamic Sites (02/22/2008)
The Friday "How dumb was I" post (02/22/2008)
How would you replicate CFIMPERSONATE? (02/21/2008)
Simple math tricks with ColdFusion 8 Ajax tags (02/21/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Remote access blocked by a host? (02/21/2008)
Spry update on the way (02/20/2008)
CFBL Update - Week 6 - The "Getting There" Edition (02/19/2008)
Article on Developer Center (02/19/2008)
Soundings Update (02/19/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Delaying CFMENU (02/19/2008)
ColdFusion site, BabyPlays.com, featured on the Today show (02/19/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Why isn't my cferror working? (02/18/2008)
Small update to LighthousePro (02/18/2008)
Review: Burnout Paradise (Lost) (02/16/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Another Chart Question (02/15/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Question about CFC Security (02/14/2008)
CFBL Update - Week 5 - Half-Way to SkinnyVille Edition (02/14/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Requiring an API key for web services (02/14/2008)
Thank you to the NYCFUG (02/14/2008)
Five years old today (warning, fluff post) (02/12/2008)
Careers in Usability? (02/11/2008)
Quick Google Analytics Tip (02/11/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Issue with cfdocument and name (02/11/2008)
I Heart New York (02/11/2008)
Watch out for this CFFORM issue (02/10/2008)
ImageUtils launched at RIAForge (02/09/2008)
ColdFusion 8 is bringing the web counter back! (02/08/2008)
Another Charting Option - JFreeChart (02/08/2008)
Stupid CFCHART Trick of the Week (02/08/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Custom Tags, OnRequestStart, UDFs, and Antimatter Engines (02/07/2008)
CFBL Update - Week 4 - The "Show me your numbers" Mardi Gras Edition (02/07/2008)
Ask a Jedi: CFCHART Question (02/07/2008)
Important ColdFire security update (02/06/2008)
Happy Mardi Gras Recovery Day (02/06/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Dealing with session variables and multiple windows (02/06/2008)
CFBL Week 4 Numbers - Resend (02/06/2008)
This week... (02/04/2008)
Word of the Day: Query Anxiety (02/01/2008)
RIAForge Update (02/01/2008)
Ask a Jedi: AjaxProxy and working with CFCs (02/01/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Another CF8 Ajax question - Running code when stuff loads (01/31/2008)
Lost premiers tonight (01/31/2008)
Speaking at February New York CFUG Meeting (01/30/2008)
Ask a Jedi: AjaxProxy example (01/30/2008)
RIAForge back up (and note on what I screwed up) (01/30/2008)
OSX, multiple monitors, and mouse issues (01/29/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Moving the label of a pie chart to the right (01/29/2008)
ColdFusion Zone at DZone (01/29/2008)
CFBL Update - Week 3 (01/29/2008)
Chasing down a whitespace issue (01/28/2008)
Ask a Jedi: CFIMPORT, Application.cfc, and custom tags (01/26/2008)
Ask a Jedi/Stump the Chump: CFDOCUMENT PDFs with Forms (01/25/2008)
Fight the (Spam) Power (01/24/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Remembering a search (01/24/2008)
RIAForge hits 400 (01/23/2008)
Ask a Jedi: Seeing a SOAP Request that ColdFusion sent (01/23/2008)
Are you No Name? (01/23/2008)
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BioShock versus Halo 3 (10/13/2007)
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Update #1: toXML (10/12/2007)
ColdFusion Bloggers Update (10/12/2007)
File Upload Guide (10/12/2007)
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ColdFusion eSeminar Series (10/11/2007)
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xkcd - Web Comic (10/10/2007)
ColdFusion Account Managers (10/09/2007)
ColdFusion Developer Center at Yahoo (For real this time) (10/09/2007)
License Report at RIAForge (10/08/2007)
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Warning to Adium/iTunes users (10/08/2007)
First version of Share CFC Released (10/06/2007)
Friday Worthless Post (10/05/2007)
Ask a Jedi - Issue with single quotes in a query (10/05/2007)
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Dailyrazor hosted sites down (10/03/2007)
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Changing the text of a CFWINDOW (09/28/2007)
CFThread Demo with Status Messages (09/27/2007)
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Looking for wireless suggestions (09/26/2007)
Quickie Code Review (09/25/2007)
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Firefox - DOA? (09/21/2007)
Fixing the Facebook Problem, and why one ColdFusion feature needs to die... (09/21/2007)
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Database Explorer Updated (09/21/2007)
The Friday "I like to link" Post (09/21/2007)
The book is here!! (09/20/2007)
A use for structFind! (09/20/2007)
Quick and Dirty JSON/Query Example (09/20/2007)
MAX BOF list posted - CFC Session is on again (09/19/2007)
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Pablo Vos on ColdFusion and PHP/ASP (09/19/2007)
MAX Attendance Record! (09/18/2007)
The End of the World (09/18/2007)
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Using Sitemaps with Verity (09/17/2007)
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Geek the Tube Forums moved... (09/17/2007)
CFCATCH accepts any attribute? (09/16/2007)
Logo for ColdFusion - CFImage Demo (09/14/2007)
Serving up CFIMages via Image Tags (and a Non-CF Friday contest!) (09/14/2007)
Mean People Suck (09/13/2007)
CFCDev Mailing List (09/13/2007)
Working with funky XML in ColdFusion (09/13/2007)
CS3 doesn't like me - can anyone help? (09/13/2007)
My kul CFC (Kuler API CFC) (09/12/2007)
NPEs, onRequest, and other mysteries of the universe... (09/12/2007)
Presenting to Detroit CFUG Tonight (09/12/2007)
2 new projects up at RIAForge (09/11/2007)
CFWACK 8 Volume 1 Site and Forums (and sample chapters!) (09/11/2007)
Slow page report - Doing it with ColdFusion 8 (09/11/2007)
Important Message for CFDJ Subscribers (09/11/2007)
First ColdFusion 8 Cumulative Hot Fix Released (09/10/2007)
Bug with JavaScript bind and textareas (09/10/2007)
Web Development Tip - Always provide directions... (09/10/2007)
ColdFusion mapping names and conflicts (09/10/2007)
Galleon 2 Update (09/09/2007)
Sys-Con announces end of CFDJ (09/09/2007)
Shall we play a game? (09/08/2007)
Site launched - TipBin.com (09/07/2007)
ColdFusion 8 Tip - Reading the top (or another slice) of a file (09/07/2007)
Thunderbird Tip: Rewrap (09/06/2007)
JSON/Paging Fix for Spry (09/06/2007)
And I'm back... (09/06/2007)
Exporting from CFGRID (09/04/2007)
OOO Notice (09/04/2007)
ColdFusion custom tag for layout example (09/03/2007)
Ding dong the WACK is dead... (09/01/2007)
Updating a drop down based on an HTML Grid Selection (08/31/2007)
Ask a Jedi: Display value of file upload field (08/31/2007)
Slideshow with Flair (08/31/2007)
New ColdFusion web site: learncf.com (08/31/2007)
Adding "virtual" data to a Zip with ColdFusion (08/30/2007)
Using component as a variable type (08/30/2007)
Simple image slide show built in ColdFusion 8 (08/29/2007)
Database Explorer Updated (08/29/2007)
Holy RIAForge Milestone, Batman! (08/29/2007)
Cool feature in CFPRESENTATION (08/29/2007)
Excellent ColdFusion/Ajax Demo by James Edmunds (08/28/2007)
Ajaxian publishing ColdFusion/Ajax articles (08/28/2007)
Avoid those "hidden" features (08/28/2007)
Can you send flushed content to ColdFusion 8 Ajax UI containers? (08/27/2007)
Speaking at CFUNITED Express in Chicago (08/27/2007)
Speaker recommendations? (08/27/2007)
Friday Challenge - Reorder a CFC File (08/24/2007)
FeedBurner CFC (08/24/2007)
Calling want-to-be artists - Galleon Logo (08/24/2007)
Jason Delmore of Adobe blogging (08/23/2007)
CFWACK TOC (08/23/2007)
YouTube CFC Update and a Demo Site (08/22/2007)
Metadata properties for CFFEED (08/22/2007)
YouTube API CFC (08/21/2007)
Getting the space available on a hard drive (partition) (08/21/2007)
Mark Drew's Model-Glue Tips (08/21/2007)
Custom grid renderers with CFGRID (08/20/2007)
Interesting little bug with query columns (08/20/2007)
Adobe ColdFusion Extensions and CFEclipse (08/20/2007)
Update to ColdFusion Eclipse Plugins (08/17/2007)
Got?CFM Released 1000th Site (08/17/2007)
Ask a Jedi: Becoming a Jedi? (08/17/2007)
Cool little CFPOD Trick (08/17/2007)
Updates to ColdFusionBloggers (08/16/2007)
Quick note on Google for Domains (and other misc personal/boring stuff) (08/16/2007)
Ajax Presentation Recording and Files (08/15/2007)
Presentation to Hartford, CT Adobe User Group Tonight (08/15/2007)
What has changed (tag/function-wise) in ColdFusion 8? (08/15/2007)
Using ColdFusion 8 to perform an "Auto Save" (08/15/2007)
ColdFusion Ajax Debugger Ignores CFSETTING (08/15/2007)
Database Explorer - ColdFusion 8 Sample Application (08/14/2007)
ColdFusion 8's Ajax debug works nicely with Spry (08/14/2007)
Help promote ColdFusion (and win some cool crap) (08/13/2007)
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Ask a Jedi: Structure as an Argument (08/13/2007)
Email alerts added to ColdFusionBloggers (08/13/2007)
Hiding meta information in ColdFusion 8's CFDUMP (08/12/2007)
This Movie Is Not Yet Rated and C.S.A. (08/12/2007)
Another Flash Launches Tonight (08/10/2007)
Yes, Virginia, you can put HTML into a CFGRID (08/10/2007)
Friday Joke - Share your best geek one liner (08/10/2007)
ColdFusion Portal Updated (08/09/2007)
Reacting to grid row selection (08/09/2007)
Mysterious method added to your CFCs - where does it come from? (08/09/2007)
Do you want to be in pictures?? (08/09/2007)
Recording from ColdFusion 8 Image Presentation (08/09/2007)
MAX Early Bird ends tonight (Not!) (08/08/2007)
Amazon shows new WACKs (08/08/2007)
Speaking tonight at Boston CFUG on CFIMAGE (08/08/2007)
Preselecting a tab via the URL in ColdFusion 8 (08/08/2007)
Miss a day? Catch up with ColdFusionBloggers.org (08/07/2007)
Selecting default items using ColdFusion 8's AJAX Controls (08/07/2007)
More on VerifyClient - ColdFusion 8 Ajax Security Feature (08/07/2007)
The power we wield... (08/06/2007)
Don't forget that CFCONTENT tag when working with Spry (08/06/2007)
Finally reading some book about a kid wizard - maybe you've heard of it? (08/06/2007)
Warning about onMissingMethod (08/05/2007)
Reminder about forms and ColdFusion 8 Ajax Containers (08/05/2007)
Dreamweaver Help Needed (08/04/2007)
Soundings 2 Released - Shock the Monkey (08/03/2007)
Simple "FIlter as you type" ColdFusion 8 Demo (08/03/2007)
Another simple update to ColdFusionBloggers.org - Logging Search Change (08/03/2007)
Sad day for the sousaphone (08/02/2007)
Counting Word Instances in a String (08/02/2007)
Slick image cropping demo by Todd Sharp (08/02/2007)
Correction to earlier ColdFusionBloggers.org post and a warning about removing HTML (08/01/2007)
RIAForge Milestone (08/01/2007)
Quick - look at the dumb mistake on ColdFusionBloggers.org (08/01/2007)
Sam's list of ColdFusion One-Liners (08/01/2007)
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ColdFusion 8: Working with PDFs (Part 8) (07/30/2007)
Reminder for ColdFusionBloggers.org testers (07/30/2007)
Quick thanks to Aquafold (07/30/2007)
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ColdFusion 8 - Help spread the word (07/30/2007)
ColdFusion 8 Launches! (07/30/2007)
Livedocs gone? (07/29/2007)
Columnmap "Gotcha" with CFFEED (07/29/2007)
Update to ColdFusionBloggers.org (07/29/2007)
More on ColdFusion 8 Server Alerts (07/27/2007)
Ajax Technology Center (07/27/2007)
Update to ColdFusionBloggers.org: Ajax-based Contact Form (07/27/2007)
Using the CFTHREAD Scope (07/27/2007)
Important Update for BlogCFC Users (07/26/2007)
Getting a page from a PDF Document in ColdFusion 8 (07/26/2007)
ColdFire Updated - Supports Variable (07/26/2007)
Reading text from a PDF in ColdFusion 8 (07/25/2007)
Server Monitor Alerts in ColdFusion 8 (07/25/2007)
Using CFDIV for Paging (ColdFusionBloggers.org Update) (07/24/2007)
ColdFusion 8: Working with PDFs (Part 7) (07/24/2007)
Todd gets the funk on with Spry and ColdFusion 8 (07/24/2007)
Another "Gotcha" with cfform tags and cfdiv (07/24/2007)
ModelGlue Tip: ViewState's getAll() (07/23/2007)
A "Gotcha" with Auto Suggestions in ColdFusion 8 (07/23/2007)
Update to ColdFusionBloggers - and a description of my process change (07/22/2007)
Site back up (again) (07/22/2007)
ColdFusion 8: Working with PDFs (Part 6) (07/21/2007)
Fun way to break attributeCollection in ColdFusion 8 (07/21/2007)
Model-Glue List of Sites (07/21/2007)
AutoSuggest Example (07/20/2007)
onMissingTemplate Example (07/20/2007)
Change that email address please (07/20/2007)
Building an "auto refresh" div with ColdFusion 8 (07/19/2007)
My little project - ColdFusionBloggers.org (07/19/2007)
Back up... (07/19/2007)
Ask a Jedi: Preventing direct access to a CFC (07/19/2007)
Ask a Jedi: Working with IFrames, JavaScript, and how ColdFusion 8 makes life easier (07/18/2007)
Another "ColdFusion 8 is so super fast" Post (07/17/2007)
ColdFusion 8: Working with PDFs (Part 5) (07/17/2007)
Interesting change to CFCONTENT in Scorpio (07/16/2007)
Clearing your SnipEx Cache - and CFLib SnipEx Update (07/16/2007)
ColdFusion 8: Working with PDFs (Part 4) (07/13/2007)
ColdFusion Bootcamp at MAX (07/13/2007)
Knowing when to call it a day... (07/13/2007)
ColdFusion 8: Working with PDFs (Part 3) (07/13/2007)
ColdFusion 8: Working with PDFs - A Problem (07/12/2007)
ColdFusion 8: Image Rotate Tip (07/12/2007)
You want some RIAForge source? You got some RIAForge source! (07/11/2007)
Remember LINDEX? ColdFusion integration with Lucene (07/11/2007)
Snipex Code Released - CFLib Available in Eclipse (07/11/2007)
Soundings 2 Update / Request for Logo (07/11/2007)
ColdFusion 8: Working with PDFs (Part 2) (07/10/2007)
Helping orphans in Iraq (07/10/2007)
Happy Birthday, ColdFusion (07/10/2007)
Interesting blog post on ColdFusion and OO (07/09/2007)
ColdFusion 8: Working with PDFs (Part 1) (07/09/2007)
Real life Var scope screw up (07/09/2007)
Boeing 787 Launches (07/09/2007)
Ask a Jedi: Components and the Init Method (07/07/2007)
RIAForge Update (07/07/2007)
RIAForge Move Begun (07/06/2007)
Soundings 2 Preview Release (07/06/2007)
RIAForge Notice! (07/06/2007)
ColdFusion 8 - Return Format for ColdFusion Components (07/05/2007)
CFEclipse adds Eclipse 3.3 Support (07/04/2007)
Ask a Jedi: Problem with Autosuggest (07/04/2007)
Review: Transformers (07/03/2007)
MAX BOF Announcement (07/03/2007)
Update to LighthousePro/JSON/Spry Post (07/03/2007)
Ask a Jedi: Listing all var scoped variables (07/03/2007)
Error with queryNew and query of queries (07/02/2007)
Girly man geek helps jock get on MTV (07/02/2007)
Case Study - Moving to Spry 1.5 and JSON for Lighthouse Pro (07/02/2007)
Undocumented change to GetHTTPRequestData in ColdFusion 8 (07/01/2007)
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Back from CFUNITED (06/30/2007)
Windows Live Writer and BlogCFC (06/29/2007)
Spam list reminder (06/29/2007)
Security Presentation Materials (06/29/2007)
Modifying the ColdFusion 8 Administrator Menu (06/28/2007)
ColdFusion 8: Pausing Scheduled Tasks (06/28/2007)
Source code from today's presentations (make that yesterday) (06/27/2007)
Event Gateways are in ColdFusion Standard 8 (06/27/2007)
CFUNITED Keynote Notes (06/27/2007)
Off to CFUNITED! (And a few random notes...) (06/26/2007)
Model-Glue 2 is Here! (06/26/2007)
Birds of a Feather @ CFUNITED (06/26/2007)
Two ColdFusion 8 Documentation Resources (06/25/2007)
Useless Trivia Post - ColdFusion and the Government (06/25/2007)
Review: I Am Legend (06/25/2007)
New Spry Preview: Tooltips (06/23/2007)
Simple AIR Demo - Yahoo Traffic (06/22/2007)
Dunk Me (Seriously) (06/22/2007)
Find the bug.... (06/22/2007)
Registering for MAX? Use me! (06/22/2007)
Quick example of CFTHREAD - and a warning (06/21/2007)
ColdFusion 8's Server Monitor and Performance (06/21/2007)
CFMenu CSS Hacking with Daniel Budde II (06/21/2007)
ColdFusion Meetup Presentation - Mark Drew and CFEclipse (06/21/2007)
Happy Release Day (06/20/2007)
Sessions posted for MAX 2007 - Speaking at MAX (06/20/2007)
Has MX left the party? (06/20/2007)
ColdFusion 8: AJAX UI Windows (06/20/2007)
File System versus Database Argument (06/19/2007)
ColdFusion Position in Lafayette, LA (06/19/2007)
Winner of ColdFusion Newbie Contest (06/19/2007)
ColdFusion 8: Getting the value of AJAX-ified controls (06/19/2007)
ColdFusion 8: AJAX UI Menus (06/18/2007)
Happy Father's Day (06/17/2007)
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Warning about the ColdFusion Admin API and CFLOGON (06/15/2007)
ColdFusion Newbie Contest - Wrap Up (06/15/2007)
ColdFusion 8: Server Monitor API (06/14/2007)
One more item for the ColdFusion Security Checklist - AJAX Debugging (06/14/2007)
MAX 2007 Registration Opens (06/14/2007)
ColdFusion Newbie Contest - Entry 10 (06/14/2007)
User Group Manangers Meeting (06/13/2007)
ColdFusion 8: URL Thumbnails (06/13/2007)
ColdFusion Newbie Contest - Entry 9 (06/13/2007)
CFUnited Europe Announced (06/13/2007)
RIAForge Milestone (Again!), and time for 'What will happen to Ray on this trip' (06/12/2007)
Aptana adds AIR Support (06/12/2007)
Ask a Jedi: Tracking Users (06/12/2007)
ColdFusion 8: AJAX UI Pods (06/11/2007)
Preachin' the VAR Scope Gospell (06/11/2007)
Aggregator CFC updated, hosted, and named (06/11/2007)
AIR and Flex 3 Betas Launch Tonight (06/10/2007)
HP Printer and the Tone of Death (06/10/2007)
ColdFusion 8: AJAX UI Vertical and Horizontal Boxes (06/08/2007)
Ask a Jedi: Using the Server Scope (06/08/2007)
Diagnose an OS X Slowdown (06/08/2007)
ColdFusion 8 Aggregator CFC - First Release (06/08/2007)
ColdFusion 8: AJAX UI Tabs (06/07/2007)
It is here - Yahoo launches ColdFusion Developer Center (06/07/2007)
Automatically pushing to a new URL, and how ColdFusion 8 makes this a bit simpler (06/07/2007)
ColdFusion 8 Dictionary for CFEclipse (06/07/2007)
ColdFusion 8: Admin API and Trusted Cache (06/07/2007)
ColdFusion 8: AJAX UI Layouts (06/06/2007)
Jericho Returns (06/06/2007)
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ColdFusionJedi.com lives (hopefully) (06/06/2007)
Quick note - blog going into "read only" mode. (06/06/2007)
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Ask a Jedi: What day is Wednesday? (06/05/2007)
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Site Updates + Random Notes (06/04/2007)
ColdFusion 8: Dumping a Query in ColdFusion 8 (06/04/2007)
Mark Drew announces SnipEx (06/04/2007)
Installing Windows on a Dell machine with SATA? Check this tip... (06/04/2007)
ColdFusion 8: A "Tip" For You... (06/03/2007)
ColdFusion 8: Additions to Roles Based Security (06/03/2007)
ColdFusion 8: Built-in Support for MySQL 4/5 (06/02/2007)
ColdFusion 8: QueryConvertForGrid (06/01/2007)
Windows Server ISO with SATA Drivers slipstreamed in... (06/01/2007)
ColdFusion 8: Dumping gets even better (06/01/2007)
ColdFusion Newbie Contest - Entry 7 (05/31/2007)
Model-Glue 2 - When will it get here? (05/31/2007)
ColdFusion 8: Demo of CFGRID, Ajax binding, and CFWINDOW (05/31/2007)
BlogCFC and ColdFusion 8 (05/31/2007)
ColdFusion 8: Handling missing CFM files (05/31/2007)
ColdFusion 8: Log Viewer added to Eclipse Plugins (05/30/2007)
HostMySite offering free ColdFusion 8 hosting (for testing purposes) (05/30/2007)
ColdFusion 8: Checking the size of an image (05/30/2007)
ColdFusion 8: Checking to see if a file upload is an image (05/29/2007)
ColdFusion Newbie Contest - Entry 6 (05/29/2007)
Adobe releases public release candidate of ColdFusion 8 - AKA Scorpio (05/29/2007)
Stop downloading MP3s... (05/29/2007)
Next Online ColdFusion Usergroup Meeting (05/29/2007)
Drink Coffee (05/29/2007)
Harlan AdServer Updated (05/28/2007)
Ask a Jedi: Moving existing application code into Model-Glue (05/27/2007)
ColdFusion Newbie Contest - Entry 5 (05/26/2007)
Forta's Response to the Computerworld Article (05/26/2007)
ColdFusion Newbie Contest - Entry 4 (05/24/2007)
Computerworld Journalist and the Death of ColdFusion (05/24/2007)
Lost for May 24 - The WTF Edition (05/23/2007)
Warning to Spry folks upgrading to 1.5 (05/23/2007)
RSS data for projects in RIAForge via Yahoo Pipes (05/23/2007)
ColdFusion Newbie Contest - Entry 3 (05/22/2007)
Watch out for the reserved event values in Model-Glue (05/22/2007)
Autosuggest in Spry - Working with ColdFusion (05/22/2007)
Potential Jericho Closure (05/21/2007)
Travelling to Vegas - Start the pool now... (05/20/2007)
ColdFusion Newbie Contest - Entry 2 (05/19/2007)
Review: Island in the Sea of Time (Series) (05/19/2007)
Spry, Apollo, and Remote XML Sources (05/19/2007)
Autosuggest in Spry (05/18/2007)
BlogCFC 5.8 Released (05/18/2007)
ColdFusion Security Reminder - Read me now (05/18/2007)
Friday Puzzler - A short one, I swear! (05/18/2007)
Spry 1.5 Released (05/17/2007)
ColdFusion Newbie Contest - Entry 1 (05/17/2007)
Online ColdFusion Meetup - Today! (And CFJUG news...) (05/17/2007)
Lost for May 16 - "...blow them all up to Hell" (05/16/2007)
History of ColdFusion Slide (05/16/2007)
Jericho needs an exit interview (05/16/2007)
Flex/ColdFusion case sensitivity gotcha (05/16/2007)
Newbie Contest Entries (05/16/2007)
Ask a Jedi: Client and Session Storage Questions (05/15/2007)
Macs are cool too... (05/15/2007)
Contest Deadline Today! (05/15/2007)
Coolest. Windows. Feature. Ever. (05/15/2007)
RIAForge Downtime (05/15/2007)
Model-Glue Listserv Notice (05/14/2007)
Presentation from Frameworks Conference Posted (05/14/2007)
Dynamic arguments and attributes in ColdFusion (05/14/2007)
Contest Reminder (05/13/2007)
Battlestar Galactica to continue... (05/12/2007)
Lighthouse Pro 2.4 Released (ColdFusion Bugtracker) (05/12/2007)
Looping over a ColdFusion Array (In ColdFusion 8) (05/11/2007)
Ask a Jedi: Password protecting CFIDE (05/11/2007)
All Mac All Day (or in another words - my thoughts on moving to the Mac full time) (05/10/2007)
Spry up on Livedocs (05/10/2007)
Variable Type Gotchas - ColdFusion Arrays and Boolean Functions (05/10/2007)
Lost for May 9 - "His name is Jacob" (05/09/2007)
Variable Type Gotchas - ColdFusion Arrays and Missing Indexes (05/09/2007)
Critical update for Canvas (ColdFusion Wiki) users (05/08/2007)
Next CF Meetup Meeting - CFUNITED Preview with Charlie Arehart (05/08/2007)
Ask a Jedi: Learning CFScript (05/08/2007)
Ask a Jedi: Sizing a window with ColdFusion (05/07/2007)
cfObjective in Review (05/07/2007)
Ben announces improvements to LCDS (Flex Data Services) Integration (05/06/2007)
Ben announces ColdFusion Debugger for Eclipse (05/06/2007)
Ben announces ColdFusion AJAX Wizard for Eclipse (05/06/2007)
cfObjective - Jason Delmore: Scorpio: 1337 (05/06/2007)
Tip for CFEclipse/CF Frameworks Explorer (05/06/2007)
Framework explorer ready for CFEclipse (05/06/2007)
cfObjective - Filtering and Sorting Data in Flex 2 by Scott Stroz (05/05/2007)
cfObjective - Dynamic Spry Widgets with Coldfusion by Andrew Powell. (05/05/2007)
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Stepping up as Community Manager for Model-Glue (05/04/2007)
Model-Glue and AJAX Presentation (05/04/2007)
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Cock fighting in Louisiana on the way out... (05/04/2007)
cfObjective - Scorpio Keynote by Jason Delmore, Product Manager for CF. (05/04/2007)
Yes, I did make it, kinda... (05/04/2007)
On my way to CF Objective (05/03/2007)
Variable Type Gotchas - ColdFusion Lists and Empty Elements (05/02/2007)
Lots of Scorpio (ColdFusion 8) News (05/02/2007)
How do you handle libraries of code for your organization? (05/02/2007)
Variable Type Gotchas - ColdFusion List Delimeters (05/02/2007)
Happy happy - joy joy - New Mac on the Way (05/01/2007)
CFJUG Recording and Materials (05/01/2007)
Contest Reminder (04/30/2007)
toXML Component Updated (04/30/2007)
CFJUG Meeting Tonight - ColdFusion Variable Datatypes (04/30/2007)
Dealing with cookie-less sessions (04/29/2007)
Want some Joost? (04/27/2007)
Friday Puzzler - Listing all posibilities of a set (04/27/2007)
Mac Mozy in open beta (04/26/2007)
RIAForge hits 200! (04/26/2007)
Can I do it in a CFC? (04/26/2007)
Where to find a ColdFusion Job (04/26/2007)
Flex Going Open Source (04/26/2007)
Where I am (and why I'm still behind) (04/25/2007)
Online ColdFusion Meetup very active this week with 3 meetings (04/25/2007)
Mozy is a life saver (04/25/2007)
Changing ColdFusion settings per application - New Scorpio Feature Announced (04/24/2007)
Where the heck am I? (04/24/2007)
What I did this weekend... (04/23/2007)
Heroes Returns Tonight (04/23/2007)
Two Reminders - Next CFJUG Meeting and ColdFusion Contest (04/23/2007)
Ask a Jedi: Controlling where ColdFusion looks to run a custom tag (04/23/2007)
Happy Release Day (04/20/2007)
Watch out for overly vague cfcatch statements (04/20/2007)
New Revision of ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit - Now with 3 times the goodness! (04/19/2007)
Apollo Recording (04/19/2007)
Why you will never read my blog again... (04/19/2007)
Ask a Jedi: How much is too much when it comes to the Application scope? (04/18/2007)
Helping spread the word - Contributions for Virginia Tech (04/18/2007)
Two Apollo Notes (And no, this isn't a BSG post) (04/17/2007)
Quick example of cleaning up Verity results (04/17/2007)
ColdFusion Query to Flex DataGrid (04/17/2007)
ColdFusion Newbie Contest Announced - Monster Maker (04/16/2007)
CFJUG meeting scheduled (04/16/2007)
Ask a Jedi: cfinvoke and createObject (04/15/2007)
Friday Puzzler : Lines, your days are numbered... (04/13/2007)
BlogCFC 5.7 Released (04/13/2007)
Recording from ColdFusion Meetup (04/13/2007)
Recording from last nights presentation (04/12/2007)
Duplicate Application name issue (04/12/2007)
Lost review for April 11 (04/11/2007)
Reminder - ColdFusion Meetup Tomorrow (04/11/2007)
Reminder - Presentation to Toronto UG Tonight (04/11/2007)
Recommend a good UPS? (04/10/2007)
Something to remember when working with inline components in Flex (04/10/2007)
And now for something very important... (04/08/2007)
Using AJAX and Server Side Search (2) (04/07/2007)
Using AJAX and Server Side Search (04/07/2007)
Friday Puzzler - Getting Bob Fired (04/06/2007)
Presenting to Toronto UG (04/05/2007)
Update Firebug. Like now. (04/05/2007)
Ted Patrick publishes a list of top Flex Firms (04/05/2007)
ColdFire/Lighthouse Updates (04/04/2007)
Ask a Jedi: Updating data and refreshing with Spry (04/04/2007)
Did you know about the Log Viewer Filter? (04/03/2007)
JSEclipse Updated (04/03/2007)
Model-Glue code to avoid (04/03/2007)
Why I love my insurance company (Mega) (04/03/2007)
Interesting CFTIMER Behavior (04/02/2007)
Apollo Screensaver Post (04/02/2007)
New pricing plans for my products (04/01/2007)
My second HTML based Apollo application (03/30/2007)
Friday Puzzler - Getting even with Bob (03/30/2007)
ColdFusion MX 7.0.2 Cumulative Hot Fix 2 (03/30/2007)
Building an HTML based Apollo Application (03/29/2007)
Followup to last Model-Glue article - checking for the existence of a value (03/29/2007)
Late night link/question/Star Trek reflections (03/28/2007)
XBox 360 Elite (03/28/2007)
Changes to the ColdFusion Online Meetup group (03/28/2007)
Interesting Model-Glue "Feature" to watch out for (03/27/2007)
Next CFJUG Title (No Date) (03/27/2007)
Building a simple "Days Till" code block in ColdFusion (03/27/2007)
Off to Las Vegas (03/25/2007)
Apollo isn't just Flash/Flex (03/23/2007)
RIAForge updated to include wikis (03/23/2007)
ColdFire's SizeSplit function (and the dumb mistake I made) (03/23/2007)
Getting the columns of a Spry Dataset (03/23/2007)
Model-Glue tip - Watch out for renamed events (03/22/2007)
More new ColdFusion 8 Goodness (03/22/2007)
Public beta of ColdFusion 8 and New Features mentioned at WebDU (03/22/2007)
My cf.Objective() Fusion Authority Interview Is Up (03/22/2007)
Critical ColdFire Update (03/21/2007)
Apollo videos from Apollo Camp (03/21/2007)
Update to my Apollo regex checker (03/21/2007)
Another quick Apollo App (03/21/2007)
Quick Application.cfc Review (03/21/2007)
Spry 1.5's new "Session Expired" Support (03/20/2007)
The Magic of 1 (03/20/2007)
Interview at cfFrameworks (03/20/2007)
Need ColdFire testers (03/20/2007)
Edge article by Brian Rinaldi (03/19/2007)
My first Apollo app (03/19/2007)
Apollo added to RIAForge (03/19/2007)
Apollo on Labs (03/18/2007)
Few Sunday Notes (03/18/2007)
Free Apollo book available on Labs (03/17/2007)
Ask a Jedi: Ordering Verity results by filename (03/16/2007)
Lighthouse Pro 2.3 Released (03/16/2007)
How to tell if a header has been set in ColdFusion (03/16/2007)
Spry 1.5 Preview (03/15/2007)
Uploading multiple files in Flex as one "unit" (03/15/2007)
Counting Sessions with Application.cfc (03/15/2007)
Pre-conference classes for CFUNITED Posted (03/15/2007)
Lost Review for March 14, 2007 (03/15/2007)
Louisiana stands alone (03/14/2007)
Quick example of JSON versus XML (03/14/2007)
Links taking forever to load (03/14/2007)
ColdFire is Hot (03/13/2007)
Is it cold in here or is it just me? ColdFire RC1 Released (03/13/2007)
Tracking data views accurately (03/13/2007)
New Yorkers don't speak like us... (03/12/2007)
Counting Sessions with Application.cfm (03/12/2007)
Announcing ColdFire (03/09/2007)
Trip report and review of CFUNITED/Express (03/09/2007)
On the way to New York (almost) (03/07/2007)
Alagad is hiring (03/06/2007)
Yahoo's Search SDK Updated (And guess what new language is included?) (03/05/2007)
Another Lighthouse (03/05/2007)
Generating XML from a CFC? Watch out for whitespace (03/05/2007)
Do you have to use a remote source for Spry datasets? (03/02/2007)
Useless but cool link: Steampunk Star Wars (03/02/2007)
Recording/Files from Last Night's Presentation (03/01/2007)
BlogCFC 5.6 Released (02/28/2007)
MAX 2007 Announced (02/28/2007)
ColdFusion 101: Building a contact form with dynamic TO addresses (02/28/2007)
Presention on Spry tonight to Auckland ColdFusion User Group (02/28/2007)
FlexLib lauches (02/28/2007)
State of the Forge Report (02/28/2007)
The People's Toolbox adding ColdFusion - Victory! (02/28/2007)
Are you going to CF Objective? (02/27/2007)
Make this the last year someone doesn't know what ColdFusion is! (02/27/2007)
Galleon Update (02/26/2007)
Spry demo - check for a valid URL (02/26/2007)
Canvas 2 Beta Refresh (02/26/2007)
Model-Glue Tip - Marking an event private (02/26/2007)
Lost Planet Review (02/24/2007)
Followup on last factory/galleon post (02/24/2007)
Spry and Server Side Paging (02/23/2007)
Speaking at CFUnited Express - NYC (02/23/2007)
Four Years and Counting... (02/23/2007)
Baby steps in Factory Land (right over the edge of a cliff...) (02/22/2007)
Yahoo is now officially the cool kid on the blog (02/22/2007)
Help spread the word at the People's Toolbox (02/22/2007)
Lost is one step away... (02/21/2007)
Scorpio User Group Tour Announced (02/21/2007)
How does RIAForge support the project URLs? (02/20/2007)
(Mostly) Out of Office - Happy Mardi Gras! (02/20/2007)
Baby steps in factory land (again) (02/19/2007)
Why don't bookmarks display in Adobe Reader 8? (02/19/2007)
Simple guide to switching to CFQUERYPARAM (02/18/2007)
Would this make sense in ColdFusion? (02/16/2007)
Flex Chart Gotcha (02/16/2007)
Fixing a Windows Audio Issue (02/16/2007)
Spring <br /> Conference (02/16/2007)
FusionDebug 2 Released (02/15/2007)
Generating URL Thumbnails with ColdFusion and Girafa (02/15/2007)
Cool DZone Script - Send JavaScript errors via CFMail (02/15/2007)
Matt Woodward's Mac Guide (02/15/2007)
Presention to Auckland CF (02/14/2007)
RIAForge back up... (02/14/2007)
Frameworks Conference Speaker Feedback (02/14/2007)
Taking another step forward with Fusebox - Configuration (02/13/2007)
Another CF Search Engine (02/13/2007)
Baby steps in factory land (02/10/2007)
Code to Avoid: cfoutput over a query with one row (02/09/2007)
Returning XML in ColdFusion for AJAX (02/08/2007)
Ask a Jedi: Is it worthwhile to learn everything about ColdFusion immediately? (02/08/2007)
Newest member of the family (02/07/2007)
How do you report bugs in Fusebox (and Model-Glue)? (02/07/2007)
Flash Forms are the New Layer Tag (02/07/2007)
Continuing my Fusebox study (02/07/2007)
Lost is Found Tonight (02/07/2007)
CFEclipse TV (02/06/2007)
Removing an error flag from a form field in Flex (02/06/2007)
Installing Fusebox (02/05/2007)
Frameworks Conference - Final Thoughts (02/05/2007)
Louisiana - leading the country in cock fights (02/05/2007)
You guys sure like to talk a lot... (02/04/2007)
Fusebox 5.1 Released (02/03/2007)
Frameworks code/slides (02/03/2007)
Spry blog active again (02/03/2007)
Frameworks Conference: Designing Framework-Agnostic Models with CFCs - Brian Kotek (02/02/2007)
Frameworks Conference: Leveraging ColdSpring To Make Better Applications - Kurt Wiersma (02/02/2007)
Frameworks Conference: Intro to Object Factories - Rob Gonda (02/02/2007)
Frameworks Conference: CFCs ARE the Framework, by Steve Nelson (02/01/2007)
Frameworks Conference: Introduction to Fusebox 5, by Adam Lehman (02/01/2007)
Cool Spry Extension (02/01/2007)
Made it to DC (Mostly Safe) (01/31/2007)
Off to the Frameworks Conference (01/31/2007)
Update to RIAForge Today (and a little secret) (01/30/2007)
ColdFusion 101: Building a Calendar (3) (01/30/2007)
Doing form Post in Spry (2) (01/29/2007)
Quick and dirty debugging tip for Flex/ColdFusion (01/29/2007)
Google Geocode CFC (01/26/2007)
this.Developer Persona (01/26/2007)
This is NOT customer service (01/26/2007)
CFEclipse 1.3 Released (01/26/2007)
CFLib downtime and movement... (01/25/2007)
Quick error handling tip for Model-Glue (01/25/2007)
MySQL Tip - Finding total rows for a query that uses Limit (01/24/2007)
Help create Flex 3 (01/24/2007)
It's a Revolution, Really! (01/23/2007)
ColdFusion 101: Building a Calendar (2) (01/23/2007)
Flex Datagrids - not for simple arrays (01/23/2007)
RIAForge Downtime (01/23/2007)
Pssst - hey buddy - wanna test ColdFusion 8? (01/22/2007)
Did you know CFEclipse had a File View? (01/22/2007)
Flex date gotcha (01/22/2007)
Followup to FlashVars in Flex Articles (01/22/2007)
LighthousePro 2.2 Released (01/21/2007)
More on the JavaScript bug I had - and how it relates to Spry (01/21/2007)
Setting the disabled property of a form field (help needed) (01/21/2007)
Friday Night Links (01/19/2007)
Flex/ColdFusion Mystery with a very simple answer (01/19/2007)
New ColdFusion Site: <cf>Answers.org (01/19/2007)
This weeks presentations posted (01/19/2007)
What is it? (01/18/2007)
Can you do Flex "Wrappers" like you can with ColdFusion? (01/18/2007)
Presentation to the Scottish CFUG today a 2PM CST (Cool Standard Time) (01/18/2007)
CFLib hits 1000 (01/18/2007)
Ask a Jedi: Frames and Model-Glue (01/17/2007)
Adding an XMLList back to an XML object in Flex/ActionScript 3 (01/17/2007)
RDS and Line Numbers in Eclipse (01/17/2007)
CFJUG Meeting Tonight - ColdFusion Security Checklist (01/17/2007)
Another Flex conference announced - FlexManiacs (01/16/2007)
Want to attend 360Flex? Better hurry (01/16/2007)
Handling this error: The tag does not allow the attribute(s) RESULT. (01/16/2007)
The Flex Show - A Flex Podcast (01/16/2007)
Using CFMAIL's server attribute to store additional information (01/15/2007)
Doing a form POST in Spry (01/14/2007)
Eclipse 3.2, RDS, and OSX (01/14/2007)
Heading back to the bayou (01/12/2007)
RIAForge Milestone (01/10/2007)
ColdFusion Security Patch Released (01/10/2007)
Two Presentations Next Week (01/09/2007)
Children of Men - More than worth your money (and time) (01/07/2007)
Alert can still lock browsers - why? (01/07/2007)
XBox Live Gamercard API in ColdFusion (01/06/2007)
Where the heck is InvalidTag coming from? (01/05/2007)
More on the Flex 2.0.1 (01/05/2007)
Update for ColdFusion UPS Package (01/05/2007)
AJAX and ColdFusion - Help spread the word (01/05/2007)
Flex Builder 2.0.1 (and yes, support for the Mac) is here! (01/05/2007)
Testing with Spry (01/04/2007)
Watch out for functions that return booleans (01/04/2007)
Various updates to a few products (01/04/2007)
So - ya want your Flex Builder for the Mac? (01/03/2007)
Searching Spry Data Sets (01/03/2007)
Quick tips on Spry's new PagedView feature (01/02/2007)
Next CFJUG: January 17 / Security Part 2 (01/02/2007)
Did you know - Flex and ID3 tags (01/02/2007)
Saving data in case of brower crashes (01/01/2007)

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CFUPS in the Wild... (12/18/2006)
Three more features of Spry 1.4: removeClassName, addClassName, getNodeText (12/17/2006)
Spry 1.4: Spry.utils.updateContent (12/17/2006)
Spry 1.4: documentToObject makes XML handling easy (12/17/2006)
Two more gems from Adobe Labs (12/16/2006)
Two Spry tips (12/15/2006)
Spry 1.4 Released (Really), oh and I survived. (12/15/2006)
Out of Office Today (12/15/2006)
Spry 1.4 Released! (12/14/2006)
Lamest command line tool ever (12/14/2006)
Simple Chat in Spry (12/14/2006)
Using CFLOGIN for Authentication of REST Based Queries (12/13/2006)
Problem with Video DVDs under XP (12/13/2006)
ColdFusion UPS Package Released (12/12/2006)
First draft of UPS Package Released (12/12/2006)
WindowShade Flex Component (12/12/2006)
What can Brown do for me? How about a provide an easy to use service? (12/11/2006)
FlashVars in Flex (12/11/2006)
ColdFusion handling of Subversion events (12/09/2006)
JavaScript - Opening a new window with little to no chrome (12/08/2006)
Friday Puzzler - Santas Got (API) Issues (12/08/2006)
BlogCFC and SpoolMail Updated (12/07/2006)
MySQL administration via ColdFusion (12/07/2006)
So - why did we build a web version again? (12/06/2006)
360 Flex (San Jose March 5-7) (12/06/2006)
SpoolLockTimeoutException (12/06/2006)
Flash Forms and ParagraphFormat (12/05/2006)
How to do a "Your download will begin..." type page. (12/05/2006)
RSSWatcher Back (12/05/2006)
Handling remote errors in Flex 2 (12/04/2006)
Announcement - Throwing my hat in the ring... (12/04/2006)
Finding out what an object is in Flex 2 (12/04/2006)
Simple Error Templates (12/04/2006)
Microsoft's Cross Browser Testing "Solution" (12/01/2006)
Don't count on form field's maxlength property (12/01/2006)
ColdFusion Portal Update (12/01/2006)
Friday Puzzle - Welcome to Santa's IT Department (12/01/2006)
ColdFusion MX 7.0.2 Cumulative Hot Fix 1 (11/30/2006)
Position of CFERROR Matters (11/30/2006)
RIAForge - 100 Project Mark (11/30/2006)
RSSWatcher Down... (11/29/2006)
ColdFusion Customer List (11/29/2006)
A Loading page with CFFLUSH and JavaScript (11/29/2006)
CFLOGIN, How do I love thee... (11/27/2006)
Gravatar Caching Service (11/26/2006)
Last build of my Flex 2/ColdFusion Security Homework (11/25/2006)
Two Model-Glue 2 backwards compatability issues to watch out for (11/25/2006)
Next build of my Flex 2/ColdFusion Security Homework (11/24/2006)
Geek versus Jock Update (11/24/2006)
Happy Thanksgiving! (11/23/2006)
Modified version of Zoids custom combo box to allow preselected value (11/22/2006)
Check out Zoid's custom Flex component example (11/22/2006)
Second revision of my Flex homework (11/22/2006)
CFLib.org is back (11/21/2006)
First stab at my Flex homework (11/21/2006)
Handling broken images in Flex 2 (11/21/2006)
My Thanksgiving Flex Homework (11/21/2006)
On the air again (11/21/2006)
Important Notice about My Site Network (11/20/2006)
Sunday Poll: Did you Wii or PS3? (11/19/2006)
Return of the Friday Puzzler: Build a Regex Tester (11/17/2006)
Sitemap Generator (11/16/2006)
Spry Presentation Recording (11/16/2006)
Vertigo - Not your average comic (11/15/2006)
Flex Search Engine (11/15/2006)
Spry Photo Gallery Demo (11/15/2006)
Presenting on Spry tomorrow (the world is invited) (11/14/2006)
SQL Server Profiler (11/14/2006)
Quick and dirty CAPTCHA Guide (11/14/2006)
Adding your own links in the ColdFusion Administrator (11/13/2006)
Example of a custom cache in a ColdFusion Component (11/13/2006)
The Saints are Coming (11/12/2006)
ColdFusion Yahoo Package Updated (11/11/2006)
Sponsored Post: ReviewMe Review (11/10/2006)
Making lemonade with Flex (11/10/2006)
CFSpry updated, and presentation next week (11/10/2006)
Small (In other words - obvious) Flex Builder 2 Tip (11/10/2006)
Discount code for Frameworks Conference (11/10/2006)
Speaking at Frameworks Conference (11/09/2006)
Wrapping up the last contest (11/09/2006)
Lost review for November 8 (11/08/2006)
More Regex - MySQL's Regular Expression Support (11/08/2006)
Regex Coach (11/07/2006)
Model-Glue Short URLs on the Cheap (11/07/2006)
Top 10 Signs You Have an Insecure Web App (11/07/2006)
Geek the Tube (11/06/2006)
CFC Flex Explorer (11/06/2006)
Handling unknown events in Model-Glue (11/05/2006)
Galleon ColdFusion Forums: Version 1.7 (11/03/2006)
ColdFusion/Spry Kit Proof of Concept (11/02/2006)
xmlFormat and Microsoft's Funky Characters (11/02/2006)
Is your site secure? (11/02/2006)
Lost Review for 11-1-06 (11/02/2006)
Spry built-in variables for Datasets (11/01/2006)
CFJUG Meeting Cancelled (11/01/2006)
BlogCFC now supports Contribute + Big Yahoo Package Updates (11/01/2006)
Did I break a mirror? (10/31/2006)
ColdFusion WebSphere Portal Toolkit Released (10/31/2006)
Happy Halloween! And what is on your soundtrack today? (10/31/2006)
Thanks LG! (10/30/2006)
RIAForge Update (10/30/2006)
CFJUG October Meeting (10/29/2006)
Try Flex (no, really, go ahead and try it) (10/29/2006)
Yes, I made it (10/27/2006)
ColdFusion Yahoo Package Updated (10/26/2006)
The travel curse continues... (10/26/2006)
Notes from MAX Keynote (Day 3) (10/26/2006)
Lost Review for October 25, 2006 (10/26/2006)
Firefox 2 and Intel Mac (10/25/2006)
Notes from the MAX Keynote (Day 2) (10/25/2006)
Flex Builder 2 for the Mac (10/25/2006)
ColdFusion 8 Image Support (10/24/2006)
Server monitoring with ColdFusion (10/24/2006)
ColdFusion .Net Integration (10/24/2006)
Known ColdFusion 8/Scorpio Facts (10/24/2006)
Custom Google Search Engines (10/24/2006)
MAX Keynote Review (Edited 12:12 PM) (10/24/2006)
I'm here (and the travel curse continues...) (10/23/2006)
MAX Flickr Group (10/22/2006)
Out next week (10/22/2006)
Spry Updated (10/20/2006)
How ColdFusion can save your business! (10/20/2006)
ColdFusion Components MAX BOF Scheduled (10/20/2006)
Last CFJUG Recording Available (10/19/2006)
Flash 9 for Linux (10/19/2006)
Oh look - IE7 is released (10/18/2006)
Lost review for October 18, 2006 (10/18/2006)
Did you know about the ColdFusion Cookbook? (10/18/2006)
CFJUG Repeat meeting (10/18/2006)
Announcing RIAForge (10/18/2006)
Yahoo Package Updated (10/17/2006)
How do I actually use a UDF? (10/17/2006)
Good tutorial on making an RSS Feed with ColdFusion (10/16/2006)
ColdFusion Yahoo Package - Third Release (10/15/2006)
Using ColdFusion's DirectoryWatcher Gateway (10/13/2006)
All the cool kids are going to MAX - are you? (10/13/2006)
ColdFusion Yahoo Package - Second Release (10/12/2006)
Small update to Lighthouse Pro (10/12/2006)
CFJUG October Meeting/Last Recording (10/12/2006)
Lost review for October 11, 2006 (10/11/2006)
Fun little AJAX/Internet Explorer issue (with cool Spry fix!) (10/11/2006)
ColdFusion Yahoo Package - Initial Release (10/11/2006)
CF Security Advisory: Patch available for ColdFusion MX 7 local privilege escalation (10/10/2006)
A perfect ColdFusion-centric host would have... (10/10/2006)
cf.Objective() 2007 - Be there or be trapezoidal (10/10/2006)
Preselecting data with Spry (10/09/2006)
CFJUG Recording/Files (10/09/2006)
Quick note on BlogCFC (10/08/2006)
GoogleCal Updated (1.3) (10/08/2006)
ColdFusion Drag Race at MAXUP/MAX (10/08/2006)
BlogCFC 5.5 Released (10/07/2006)
Dynamic BlogCFC Instances (10/07/2006)
Battlestar Galactica Season 3 (10/07/2006)
I survived! (10/05/2006)
Lost review for October 4, 2006 (10/04/2006)
I'm out of here (no thanks to Enterprise) (09/30/2006)
Yahoo Traffic API with ColdFusion and Flex 2 (09/29/2006)
Good article on Flex2 and ColdFusion Integration (09/29/2006)
GoogleCal beta (09/28/2006)
Yahoo Traffic API ColdFusion Example (09/28/2006)
Yahoo Weather API ColdFusion Example (09/27/2006)
Round three against the jock (09/27/2006)
Good custom tag examples (09/27/2006)
ColdFusion Jedi User Group Meeting Tonight (09/27/2006)
GoogleCal Updated (09/26/2006)
CFUNITED Videos Available (09/26/2006)
Yahoo Answers API Example (09/26/2006)
CFC Birds of a Feather on again (09/25/2006)
Followup to Yahoo Search API Post (09/25/2006)
What's going on this week (09/25/2006)
Yahoo Search API (09/24/2006)
CFUnderground 8 (09/23/2006)
Help me with Google (09/22/2006)
Friday's Random Media Post (09/22/2006)
Restricting logins after unsuccessful attempts (09/21/2006)
Flex 2 class in SF needs one more student (09/21/2006)
CFDEVCON - Calling all UK ColdFusion Devs (09/21/2006)
Reminder: Presentation next week (09/20/2006)
Using JavaScript to warn a user about a session timeout (09/20/2006)
Quick note on contacting me (09/20/2006)
Thunderbird Spam suggestions (09/19/2006)
New Quick References (09/19/2006)
Two project updates (Lighthouse Pro/toXML/Canvas) (09/18/2006)
BlogCFC/Flex article up at Adobe's Developer Center (09/18/2006)
Per request debugging in Model-Glue (09/18/2006)
Great quote (09/17/2006)
The news lied to me! (09/17/2006)
Lighthouse Pro 2.1 Released (09/15/2006)
Name these books (09/15/2006)
Friday Puzzler: Automatic CFC Method Tester (09/15/2006)
Using ColdFusion's Asynchronous Gateway - 3 (09/14/2006)
Interesting use of onRequestEnd (09/14/2006)
Presentation Tonight (09/14/2006)
Updated CFTHREAD/CFJOIN POC from Adobe (09/13/2006)
Apple enters movie business (yawn) (09/12/2006)
Question on Instant Messenger Gateway (09/12/2006)
This Week (09/11/2006)
A few random 9/11 Thoughts (09/11/2006)
Community track at MAX - MAXUP (09/09/2006)
Dharma Revealed? (09/08/2006)
Nimer's Log Viewer (09/08/2006)
Using ColdFusion's Asynchronous Gateway - 2 (09/07/2006)
Spry Error Callback Example (09/07/2006)
Using ColdFusion's Asynchronous Gateway (09/07/2006)
Thanks for "Ship of Gold" (09/07/2006)
Where do I report a bug with an Adobe product? (09/06/2006)
Next "virtual" user group meeting scheduled - Building a Security System (09/05/2006)
Return Types in Application.cfc (09/05/2006)
Job titles and salary are a security issue? (09/03/2006)
Mini Cooper is the only car not covered by lemon law (and other fun facts) (09/02/2006)
ColdFusion Quick Reference Sheet (09/01/2006)
Ask a Jedi: Getting a job and code samples (09/01/2006)
Application.cfc Presentation Files + Recording URL + Next Meeting (09/01/2006)
Want to know everything? (09/01/2006)
Flex 2 front end for BlogCFC (08/31/2006)
What's up with my Mini Cooper? (08/31/2006)
Eclipse Tip: Go Into (08/30/2006)
Help an ex-coworker (08/30/2006)
Application.cfc Presentation URL (08/30/2006)
Advanced ColdFusion Contest Entry 2: BruteForce (08/29/2006)
Ask a Jedi: Does using a framework reduce your portability? (08/29/2006)
Reminder on Application.cfc Presentation (08/28/2006)
Flex for CFers (08/28/2006)
The Half Million Dollar Video Game Bill (08/26/2006)
Spry Example: Check if user exists (08/25/2006)
Another Adobe ColdFusion Blogger (08/25/2006)
Ask a Jedi: Learning by doing (08/25/2006)
Quick note on the contest (08/25/2006)
Tip: Convert line feeds for files with Flip (08/24/2006)
Pluto Kicked Out (08/24/2006)
Even more Flex news (08/24/2006)
FlexTV (08/24/2006)
Ask a Jedi: Dealing with an incredibly slow query (08/23/2006)
Canvas 1.5 Released (08/23/2006)
Ask a Jedi: Sending users back after a logon (08/22/2006)
Using AJAX with Model-Glue (08/22/2006)
Lighthouse Pro 2.0.6 (08/22/2006)
TEOTWAWKI (A good Monday post) (08/21/2006)
Ask a Jedi: Tracking Users (08/21/2006)
Reminder on CFLOGON and Web Based Security (08/19/2006)
Busting Frames (08/18/2006)
Friday Puzzler: Mail Alerts (08/18/2006)
ColdFusion Custom Tag Tips (08/17/2006)
Prey Review (XBox 360) (08/17/2006)
Harlan Ad Server Updated (08/16/2006)
Hey, stop talking already (08/16/2006)
Application.cfc Presentation Scheduled (08/16/2006)
ColdFusion 101: Picking a random image (2) (08/16/2006)
Application.cfc Presentation (08/15/2006)
ColdFusion Portal Update (08/15/2006)
ColdFusion 101: Picking a random image or rotating over each one (08/15/2006)
ColdFusion Portal (2) (08/14/2006)
ColdFusion Portal (08/14/2006)
Multi-File Upload with Flex and ColdFusion (08/13/2006)
Back to the Big Easy (08/13/2006)
FusionDebug Released (08/11/2006)
Advanced ColdFusion Contest Entry 1: CodeCop (08/11/2006)
Spry 1.3 Released (08/11/2006)
CanvasWiki Updated (Version 1.4.1) (08/10/2006)
Flash Player 9 for Intel Macs (08/10/2006)
You know you're an old techie when... (08/10/2006)
Flex Templating (08/10/2006)
Ask a Jedi: CFCs and Cross Referencing Tables (08/10/2006)
CanvasWiki Updated (Version 1.4) (08/09/2006)
Yet Another Mini Cooper Update (08/09/2006)
Ask a Jedi: cfupdate versus cfquery (08/09/2006)
MAX Awards (08/09/2006)
The new 3.5 JDBC Drivers and ColdFusion (08/08/2006)
Ask a Jedi: Application.cfm, subdirectories, and paths (08/08/2006)
New Site: KidGamers.org (08/07/2006)
Ask a Jedi: Turning a site off (08/07/2006)
My XMLProxy.cfm (08/04/2006)
Real World Flex Seminar (08/04/2006)
Friday Puzzler: ColdFusion Trivia (08/04/2006)
Breaking rules (08/03/2006)
ColdFusion 101: Day of the Week Formatting (08/03/2006)
Dreamweaver Help (08/02/2006)
If Spry Do This... (08/01/2006)
Contest Deadline is Today! (08/01/2006)
Who dropped the mountain on my blog? (07/31/2006)
CFCDev (No, seriously, it's working now. I swear!) (07/31/2006)
Mail updates (07/31/2006)
Generating One-Time URLs with ColdFusion (07/30/2006)
Building an AJAX Based RSS Pod (07/28/2006)
Friday Puzzler: ADT - Can you stand the excitement? (07/28/2006)
Two Spry Questions (07/28/2006)
Last Contest Reminder (07/28/2006)
Spry Presentation Recording/Zip (07/27/2006)
Galleon Forums 1.6.1 (07/27/2006)
Installing ColdFusion on Intel Macs Guide (07/27/2006)
Spry Presentation Tonight (07/26/2006)
Loading widgets galore (07/26/2006)
ColdFusion Whitespace Options (07/26/2006)
CFCDev Status (07/25/2006)
Review: Sin City, Monster House (07/25/2006)
Quickie Flex2/ColdFusion Application (07/24/2006)
(Non-Adobe) Spry Patches Page (07/24/2006)
Quickie ColdFusion Image Viewer (07/24/2006)
Mail Services for Blogs, Forums, RSSWatcher (and anything I forgot) (07/23/2006)
Fast Track to ColdFusion (07/23/2006)
CFCDev is Dead (For Now) - Thank MailEnable (07/23/2006)
And we're back (hopefully) - along with another Lost post (07/23/2006)
CFTHREAD/CFJOIN Proof of Concept (07/21/2006)
Minor Updates to Galleon/BlogCFC (07/21/2006)
Friday Puzzler: All Fish Must Die! (07/21/2006)
You know you're a geek when... (07/20/2006)
Var Scoping Tool (07/20/2006)
Model-Glue Tip: Watch those event values! (07/20/2006)
BSG Versus Lost (07/19/2006)
I dub thee.... Idiot Bait (07/19/2006)
Caching options in ColdFusion (07/19/2006)
Big stuff planned for Lost? (07/18/2006)
Model-Glue Unity and Generic Database Messages (07/18/2006)
Minor Update to Galleon Forums (07/18/2006)
Blogbeat No More... (07/17/2006)
Ask a Jedi: Is CreateObject slow? (07/17/2006)
Superman was amazing (07/16/2006)
You can be a star! (Until the copyright notices fly...) (07/15/2006)
BlogCFC 5.1 Released (07/14/2006)
Return of the Friday Puzzler (07/14/2006)
New features in Spry (07/14/2006)
Spry 1.2 Released (07/14/2006)
SpoolMail Updated - Version 1.0.3 (07/13/2006)
ToXML Update (07/13/2006)
Sending Data with Spry (07/12/2006)
Galleon ColdFusion Forums Updated (07/12/2006)
Are you reading Stake Five? (07/12/2006)
Ask a Jedi: Layout in Application.cfc (07/12/2006)
Fusion-Reactor and FusionDebug (07/11/2006)
Spry Resources (07/11/2006)
CFCs and the Base Component (07/11/2006)
Lost is solved (07/11/2006)
Coolest. Video. Ever. (07/10/2006)
ColdFusion and Short Circuit Boolean Evaluation (07/10/2006)
MAX Info Released! (07/10/2006)
Self Defense in High School (07/10/2006)
Reading MP3 ID3 tags with ColdFusion (2) (07/09/2006)
Upcoming Speaking Engagements (07/07/2006)
Contest Reminder (07/07/2006)
SpoolMail Updated - Version 1.0.2 (07/07/2006)
Another security item to check... (07/07/2006)
Getting the RDS extensions for CFEclipse (07/06/2006)
CFCDev Up (Kinda) (07/06/2006)
CFCDev Down (07/06/2006)
Your mother writes code so bad.... (07/06/2006)
Galleon ColdFusion Forums Beta (07/06/2006)
DS Lite Review (07/05/2006)
Reminder on structs and bracket notation (07/05/2006)
BlogCFC and GoogleSpell Integration (07/04/2006)
Debug template information in the order of process (07/03/2006)
Ask a Jedi: Getting your scope on (07/03/2006)
ToXML CFC - Converting data types to XML (07/02/2006)
Verity Presentation, Spry Notes, and Final Farewall (06/30/2006)
More than meets the eye (06/30/2006)
Correction on RDS for CFE Support (06/30/2006)
RDS Support for CFEclipse (06/30/2006)
Fusion Authority Quarterly Update Launches (06/30/2006)
CFUNITED Review: ColdFusion Application Security (06/29/2006)
CFUNITED Review: Testing ColdFusion Applications (06/29/2006)
A few presentation tips (06/29/2006)
CFC Presentation Posted (06/28/2006)
CFUNITED Review: Managing CF Components w/ Factories (06/28/2006)
CFUNITED Reviews (06/28/2006)
Flex 2, ColdFusion 7.02 Released, Flash 9 (06/28/2006)
Hello from (Wet) CFUNITED (06/27/2006)
This blog, this week (06/26/2006)
Ask a Jedi: Setting up a home environment (06/26/2006)
CFEclipse 1.3 Beta (06/24/2006)
Minor Update to Lighthouse Pro (06/24/2006)
Newbies can share too! (06/24/2006)
Spry Demo: CFLib (06/23/2006)
Lighthouse Pro 2.0.4 Released (and the story of the Sithlord's Eye) (06/22/2006)
Spry Demo Updated (06/22/2006)
Review: Fusion-Reactor 2 (Beta) (06/21/2006)
Ask a Jedi: Wrapping List Elements in ColdFusion (06/21/2006)
CanvasWiki Updated (Version 1.3) (06/20/2006)
Ask a Jedi: Two Application.CFC Questions (and a request) (06/20/2006)
Ask a Jedi: Bilingual Sites (06/19/2006)
Moving from SQL Server to MySQL (06/17/2006)
Mac and Mini Update (06/16/2006)
Yes, you can cock fight, but you can't play GTA (06/16/2006)
Lighthouse Pro 2.0.3 (06/16/2006)
Good article on computer languages and being practical (06/16/2006)
Friday Puzzler: Finding a meeting time (06/16/2006)
ColdFusion Security Checklist (06/16/2006)
Ask a Jedi: Coding for Review (06/15/2006)
Tip: Remove some, but not all, HTML (06/15/2006)
CanvasWiki Updated (06/15/2006)
Model-Glue 2 Beta 1 Available (06/14/2006)
Top 10 PHP Vulnerbalities (and why ColdFusion developers need to care) (06/14/2006)
Macbook Pro and Firefox tip (06/13/2006)
ColdFusion Cookbook hits 100! (06/13/2006)
Another Spry demo (06/13/2006)
Reading MP3 ID3 tags with ColdFusion (06/13/2006)
Good use of PDF (06/12/2006)
Spry demo updated (06/12/2006)
Advanced ColdFusion Contest Announced (06/11/2006)
Spry updated to version 1.1 (06/09/2006)
Ask a Jedi: In CFCs, why would I use extends? Why would I use init()? (06/09/2006)
Initial MAX info (and yes, I'm back from Detroit) (06/09/2006)
Another night in Detroit, and some thoughts on Compuware (06/07/2006)
Creating a Mailing List in ColdFusion (Part 5) (06/06/2006)
BlogCFC to Wordpress Tool (06/06/2006)
I'm in Detroit, now where is Robocop? (06/05/2006)
Out of Office - Detroit (06/04/2006)
Mini Update (06/03/2006)
Model-Glue: What is reserved in the view state? (06/02/2006)
I heart Spry (06/02/2006)
Ask a Jedi: ColdFusion Calendar (06/02/2006)
Friday Puzzler: Self-Print Challenge (06/02/2006)
Model-Glue is back - get your glue on! (06/01/2006)
Ask a Jedi: If I do my own checking, do I still need cfqueryparam? (06/01/2006)
Bash me (and others!) (06/01/2006)
Model-Glue.com is down (05/31/2006)
Ask a Jedi: Scheduled tasks and username/passwords (05/31/2006)
Ask a Jedi: Pros and Cons of Flash Forms (05/31/2006)
onError, cfabort, and the Final Answer (05/30/2006)
Ask a Jedi: Get the size of a folder (pre-CF7) (05/30/2006)
Ask a Jedi: Encapsulation 101 (05/30/2006)
Do you monitor your site feedback? (05/30/2006)
Ask a Jedi: Backing up DSNs (05/29/2006)
A few more days with the Mac (05/28/2006)
Creating a Mailing List in ColdFusion (Part 4) (05/28/2006)
Pandora, a music lovers treat (05/26/2006)
Ask a Jedi: Smaller Dumps (05/26/2006)
Two Adobe Resources (05/25/2006)
Creating a Mailing List in ColdFusion (Part 3) (05/25/2006)
Model-Glue Presentation Recording (05/25/2006)
A quick thanks (05/25/2006)
Lost review for May 24, 2006 (05/24/2006)
Let's go to the movies... (05/24/2006)
550 New BlogCFC Installs (05/24/2006)
Reminder - Model-Glue Presentation tonight (05/24/2006)
Flex 2 Class (05/23/2006)
Ask a Jedi: Saving a Dump for Later (05/23/2006)
Creating a Mailing List in ColdFusion (Part 2) (05/23/2006)
Macbook Pro in da house... (05/22/2006)
Creating a Mailing List in ColdFusion (Part 1) (05/22/2006)
Anyone used the lemon law? (05/21/2006)
CFLib Testers Needed (05/20/2006)
Ask a Jedi: Getting SQL from a query (05/20/2006)
Ionic's ISAPI Rewrite Filter (05/19/2006)
BlogCFC Update (05/19/2006)
Friday Puzzler: The tag popularity contest (05/19/2006)
Round two goes to the nerd (05/18/2006)
Presentation on Model-Glue next week (05/18/2006)
And now for a question from me: Thunderbird and Exchange meeting invites (05/18/2006)
Lost review for May 17, 2006 (05/17/2006)
Deployment options? (05/17/2006)
I love Louisiana, but... (05/17/2006)
New Google service: Google Notebook (05/17/2006)
Model-Glue Updates (05/16/2006)
I heart apple. (05/16/2006)
Ask a Jedi: CFQueryParam and MaxLength (05/15/2006)
I could be crazy... (05/15/2006)
BlogCFC v5: The circle is now complete... (05/12/2006)
cfmail and cfoutput (05/12/2006)
Friday Puzzler: Can you find it? (05/12/2006)
Flex 2 Demo: Taipan (05/11/2006)
Ask a Jedi: UDFs and CFCs (05/11/2006)
Lost review for May 10, 2006 (05/10/2006)
Styling with Flex Update (05/10/2006)
How NOT to do a game demo (05/09/2006)
Ask a Jedi: Stylin' with Flex (05/09/2006)
CFLib Flex demo updated (05/09/2006)
Flex 2 Beta 3 Released (05/08/2006)
Spammers love me! (05/08/2006)
Ask a Jedi: The Request Scope - not just for breakfast anymore! (05/08/2006)
What are you doing on this Sunday afternoon? (05/07/2006)
BlogCFC Beta 2 Released (05/06/2006)
Random musings (only the first one is important) (05/05/2006)
Friday Puzzler: Math in English (05/05/2006)
Ask a Jedi: Handling a custom sort order update (05/05/2006)
Ask a Jedi: Cached cfinvoke and web services (05/05/2006)
ColdFusion Developer Frappr Map (05/04/2006)
Lost review for May 3 (05/03/2006)
ColdFusion and Subversion (05/03/2006)
Adobe needs testers for new JRun (05/02/2006)
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Regex boundries go both ways (01/24/2006)
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BlogCFC Security Holes (01/22/2006)
Like the ColdFusion Cookbook? Bored? (01/21/2006)
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Ask a Jedi: Moving items up and down... (09/09/2005)
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Plants: 1, Raymond: 0, and more musings on Dell Hell... (09/06/2005)
Special Invite to Tech Workers in Lafayette (09/05/2005)
ColdFusion 101: Looping over Months (09/05/2005)
The Dell Hell Saga Continues... (09/02/2005)
ColdFusion 101: Config Files A-Go-Go Part 2: XML Files (09/02/2005)
New Site (Well, Updated Site) Launched: Aspen/Snowmass (09/02/2005)
CentraSoft Helping Katrina Victims (09/02/2005)
Welcome Blog Herald Readers, and Ask a Jedi Status (09/02/2005)
How bad can it get? Bad. (09/01/2005)
ColdFusion 101: Building a Calendar (08/31/2005)
Attention BlogCFC Users and Subscribers to this Blog (08/31/2005)
Ask a Jedi: ColdFusion Components and Validation (08/30/2005)
Yet Another Galleon ColdFusion Forums Update, and ColdFusion Tip (08/30/2005)
Flash 8 and Firefox Problems? (08/30/2005)
Cool UDF: cfcToPrinter (08/30/2005)
Macrochat on Validating Input Parameters (08/30/2005)
Galleon ColdFusion Forums Updated (Minor Bug Fixes) (08/29/2005)
ColdFusion 101: Sorting Directory Paths in ColdFusion (08/29/2005)
Katrina Update (08/29/2005)
Galleon ColdFusion Forums 1.4 Released (08/29/2005)
Hey, MTV Plays Music! (Who Knew?) (08/28/2005)
Potential Downtime (08/28/2005)
ColdFusion 101: Config Files A-Go-Go (08/26/2005)
Soundings ColdFusion Survey Application Updated (08/26/2005)
Comments Please... (08/26/2005)
More Dell Hell (08/26/2005)
BlogCFC 4.0 Update (08/25/2005)
New Depeche Mode Single: Precious (08/25/2005)
New Blog: The Adoption News (08/24/2005)
"Vile" Forms (08/24/2005)
Is a "Thank You" too much to ask for? (08/24/2005)
Dell Hell: The Finale... (08/24/2005)
Ask a Jedi: XML Forms, CFSELECT, and Value Issues (08/24/2005)
Sessions Expiring and Too Many Cookies (08/23/2005)
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Another Mindseye Site of the Day (08/22/2005)
SFU: Everyone's Waiting (08/22/2005)
Verity Tip: How to "hide" content from anonymous users... (08/22/2005)
Minor BlogCFC Update (08/22/2005)
Google Adsense Secrets Review (08/19/2005)
BlogCFC Update (08/19/2005)
CFLib Spam (08/19/2005)
Need for Speed: Underground Rivals PSP Review (08/18/2005)
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Sorry for the CFLib Email... (08/18/2005)
Ask a Jedi: ColdFusion and PGP (08/18/2005)
Ask a Jedi: Accessing Application Variables set in Application.cfc (08/18/2005)
A Thank You (to someone...) (08/17/2005)
Verity Macrochat Presentation Zip (08/17/2005)
Macrochat Recording (08/17/2005)
Even Jedis Make Dumb Mistakes... CFHTTP, Timeouts, and RSSWatcher (08/17/2005)
Macrochat Today! (08/17/2005)
CFLib/My Blog/RSSWatcher/Etc Downtime... (08/17/2005)
Verity Technote : Indexing Limit (08/16/2005)
Gotta Love that Typeless ColdFusion Goodness! (08/16/2005)
Mac Goodness (08/15/2005)
Model-Glue CFLib Update - Opinions Wanted (08/15/2005)
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Away for the Weekend... (08/13/2005)
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Ask a Jedi: Changing a ColdFusion Flash Form "Page" Based on Drop Downs (08/09/2005)
Galleon ColdFusion Forums 1.3.7 Released (08/09/2005)
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ColdFusion Flash Forms File Upload Example (08/09/2005)
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Luke Skywalker: "Because there is good in him...." (08/08/2005)
BlogCFC 3.9 Beta (08/08/2005)
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Ask a Jedi: Enhancing the Flash Form Grid (08/06/2005)
Reminder - Accepting ColdFusion and Development Questions (08/06/2005)
Dell Update Number 2,432,940 (08/06/2005)
My Day In H(D)ell (08/05/2005)
Using ColdFusion Scheduler With Files Based on Dates (08/05/2005)
Verity ColdFusion TechNote: Indexing a Verity collection fails with a Path not found error (08/05/2005)
One of Those Days - and Another Dell Horror Story (08/05/2005)
Even More On URL Rewriting (08/04/2005)
Model-Glue Version of CFLib: Version 0 (08/04/2005)
New Site: Atlas Venture (08/03/2005)
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Web Stats Recommendations? (08/02/2005)
Totally Useless Post: Half-Life 2 is Amazing (08/01/2005)
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ColdFusion Function IsValid Bug (07/31/2005)
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Attention Readers (07/29/2005)
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For Acadiana Folks Only: LafayetteTech (07/29/2005)
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BlogCFC Updated (07/27/2005)
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Ask a Jedi (07/26/2005)
Model-Glue FAQs (07/25/2005)
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IIS, SES URLs, and "Check for file existence..." (07/14/2005)
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Macrochat Archive Live on Devnet (07/12/2005)
Query of Queries and Bracket Matching (07/11/2005)
Flash, HTML, and the Non-breaking Space. (07/11/2005)
I'm Home! (07/09/2005)
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Blog BOF and "Power Users" (07/01/2005)
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Verity Tip (06/23/2005)
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Addicted to UPS (06/23/2005)
License Issue (06/23/2005)
New Blog: CFChart (06/23/2005)
CFC BOF @ MAX (06/21/2005)
Speaking at MAX 2005 (06/21/2005)
Help CFEclipse (06/17/2005)
Galleon Update (06/17/2005)
BlogCFC 3.7.1 Released (06/17/2005)
Verity Tip - Checking for a Key (06/17/2005)
CF Update Page... Updated (06/16/2005)
Verity Tip (06/16/2005)
Not Politics - A ColdFusion Image Tip (06/16/2005)
Yes, I can lock you up forever... (06/15/2005)
Updaters versus Hot Fixes (06/14/2005)
Verity Doc Note (06/14/2005)
Beta is NOT the End... (06/13/2005)
BlogCFC Update (06/08/2005)
BlogCFC Tip (06/07/2005)
BlogCFC Update (06/07/2005)
Macromedia and Eclipse - Where's the Fusion? (06/06/2005)
RSS Issue in BlogCFC (06/01/2005)
As free as I want you to be... (05/31/2005)
Lots of Randon Notes Not Pertaining to CF In Any Way... (05/31/2005)
Another BlogCFC Update (05/27/2005)
BlogCFC / BD / Access Warning (05/27/2005)
BlogCFC Update (05/27/2005)
2 Bugs Fixed with this Blog (and a note for SimpleContentEditor users!) (05/27/2005)
BlogCFC Quick Fix (05/26/2005)
CFLib / RSSWatcher / CFCZone / This Box (05/26/2005)
Lord of the Dance (05/25/2005)
iCal CFC Part 2 (05/25/2005)
SimpleContentEditor Updated (05/25/2005)
iCal CFC (05/25/2005)
String parsing with quotes (05/24/2005)
I have an enemy? (05/23/2005)
Simple Content Editor (05/22/2005)
New Custom Tag: Simple Content Editor (05/20/2005)
Musical Baton Meme (05/19/2005)
Episode 3 Review (05/19/2005)
Interesting Flash Remoting Issue (05/18/2005)
Soundings Released (05/18/2005)
Happy "Gotcha" Day (05/17/2005)
CFMX7 Verity/Category Bug (05/17/2005)
BlogCFC 3.7 Released (05/17/2005)
These are the voyages... (05/14/2005)
License Exceptions and CFChart (05/11/2005)
RSS.cfc Update (05/10/2005)
Random Notes... (05/06/2005)
Greetings (05/06/2005)
Out of Office Notice (05/01/2005)
Lighthouse Pro Bug Fixes (04/28/2005)
DRK11 Launched (04/28/2005)
Advanced ColdFusion MX 7 Application Development Shipping (04/26/2005)
Future Geeks of America - Unite! (04/26/2005)
IE7 Question (04/26/2005)
Galleon Warning / Notice about CFLOGIN (04/25/2005)
Verity and Titles (04/25/2005)
Links to Share (04/24/2005)
Mute the Browser Part Deux (04/24/2005)
Mute the Darn Browser (04/22/2005)
Urgent Message to CF Developers - CF Can Crash! (04/22/2005)
Light Side or Dark Side - Help me choose... (04/20/2005)
Adobe and Macromedia (04/19/2005)
Clone Wars (04/19/2005)
TechSouth (04/19/2005)
BlogCFC Fix Released (04/18/2005)
Installing Flex with ColdFusion (04/18/2005)
Galleon 1.3.2 Released (04/15/2005)
Now THAT Is an Error Message (04/13/2005)
Galleon Update (04/12/2005)
Not a Review of Gran Turismo 4 (04/11/2005)
Galleon 1.3.1 Released (04/08/2005)
CFC Methods Calling CFC Methods (04/08/2005)
Happy Birthday to Me! (04/08/2005)
Don't Buy.com (04/07/2005)
Galleon 1.3 Released (04/06/2005)
BlogCFC 3.6.4 (04/05/2005)
Minor Update (Again) (04/05/2005)
DRM is the new Microsoft... (04/05/2005)
Minor Update (04/05/2005)
BlogCFC 3.6.3 Released (04/04/2005)
Did You Know: Arrays of Components (03/31/2005)
Galleon 1.2 Released (03/31/2005)
Is it October yet? (03/31/2005)
Small CFLib Fix (03/31/2005)
Slushy Part 3: Return of the Label (03/30/2005)
Slushy Part 2: The Order Strikes Back (03/30/2005)
First CFMX7 Site: Celebrities For Charity (03/30/2005)
Thanks for KOTOR2 (03/30/2005)
Slushy! (03/30/2005)
RSSWatcher Update (03/29/2005)
Reminder on BlogCFC 3.6.X (03/28/2005)
PSP Review (03/28/2005)
BlogCFC 3.6.2 Released (03/26/2005)
Thunderbird/Norton Post #4903 (03/24/2005)
It's Here! CFMX7 WACK! (03/24/2005)
Working on Two Bugs (03/24/2005)
BlogCFC 3.6.1 Released (03/23/2005)
BlogCFC 3.6 Released (03/20/2005)
Thanks! (03/18/2005)
Design this Blog (03/18/2005)
Cool BlogCFC Use (03/17/2005)
New Article in CFDJ (03/17/2005)
Important Note for CFDJ Contest (03/17/2005)
Aligning Buttons in CFForm (03/17/2005)
Update to Old Marvel Post (03/14/2005)
Bug Fixing - Ignore (03/11/2005)
Time to Brag... (03/11/2005)
Minor BlogCFC Update (03/10/2005)
New Star Wars Trailer on OC Tonight! (03/10/2005)
Bug with onSessionEnd (03/10/2005)
Opinions Wanted: RSS.cfc (03/07/2005)
Working with Required Checkboxes in CFFORM (03/07/2005)
Speaking at NOMMUG (03/07/2005)
CFForm Tip (03/07/2005)
One More Thunderbird Issue (03/04/2005)
Fun with Google Maps (03/02/2005)
Always var scope! Always!! Except... (03/02/2005)
RSS for Stats (03/02/2005)
URL Validation - Rant Mode (03/02/2005)
You think cable is safe? (03/01/2005)
CFLib Notice (02/28/2005)
Issue with CFGRID in Flash Forms (02/25/2005)
Issue with empty strings and Flash Forms (02/25/2005)
Still aren't watching Battlestar Galactica? (02/25/2005)
Update to Application.CFC Reference (02/24/2005)
Application.CFC Reference (02/23/2005)
You don't buy the software (part 2) (02/23/2005)
New Beck Single (02/22/2005)
CFUNITED! (02/22/2005)
You don't buy the software, you buy the license. (02/21/2005)
Warning to Thunderbird and Norton Users (02/20/2005)
Good Copyright Article (02/17/2005)
As promised - new ScopeCache Download (02/16/2005)
Query Metadata in CFMX7 (02/16/2005)
Recorded Macrochat (02/16/2005)
CFMX 7: IsValid() (02/11/2005)
Reminder on MacroChat (02/10/2005)
Validating "Pages" in CFFORM (2) (02/09/2005)
Sunbird (02/09/2005)
Aspensnowmass is Macromedia Site of the Day (02/08/2005)
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CFForm Tips (3) (02/07/2005)
CFForm Tips (2) (02/07/2005)
CFForm Tips (02/07/2005)
Warning About Flash Forms (02/07/2005)
Warning About Application Events (02/07/2005)
Security and UDF Names in CFMX 7 (02/07/2005)
CFMX 7 - Favorite Features / Things You Should Note (02/06/2005)
ColdFusion MX 7 is Here! (02/06/2005)
Question for CFLib Users (02/04/2005)
Thank You! (02/03/2005)
Minor Galleon Update (02/03/2005)
GMail Invites (02/03/2005)
Why did I do that? (02/02/2005)
Galleon Announcement (01/31/2005)
No, you can't lock them up and throw away the key... (01/31/2005)
Nice Flash Animation - Radiohead Video (01/28/2005)
RSSWatcher Moving... (01/26/2005)
Server Issues Fixed (Really!) (01/23/2005)
More on Server Issues (01/21/2005)
Warning about Camdenfamily.com/CFLib.org (01/19/2005)
New Blog Address: (01/17/2005)
CFLib (and camdenfamily) Downtime (01/16/2005)
Battlestar Galactica (01/15/2005)
Hal Helms' Occasional Newsletter (01/14/2005)
Captivate Review (01/13/2005)
My Macrochat (01/10/2005)
RSSWatcher Updated (01/09/2005)
RSS.cfc Updated (01/06/2005)
CFLib in 2005 (and 2004) (01/05/2005)
Who's Your Daddy? (01/03/2005)

Posts for 2004

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National Republican Senatorial Committee: Did you get the survey? (10/05/2004)
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OT Blatant Greed (08/18/2004)
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New Job (Same Company) (06/21/2004)
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Firefox 0.9 Released (with the same old bug, yea!) (06/16/2004)
Managing Projects (06/14/2004)
Death Wish for a Printer (06/11/2004)
Mute for Browsers (06/09/2004)
iTunes SDK (06/08/2004)
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Finished Star Wars: KOTOR (06/01/2004)
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Ain't It a Slow Server (05/25/2004)
A WDDX Bug (05/24/2004)
New Blackstone Blog (05/24/2004)
Star Wars Episode 3 Title Announced (05/20/2004)
Updated Zip for Article (05/18/2004)
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Out of Town (04/27/2004)
DRK7 Released (04/26/2004)
Jedi vs. the Web Services, Final Round (04/26/2004)
Jedi vs. the Web Services, Round Four (04/26/2004)
Jedi vs. the Web Services, Round Three (04/25/2004)
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Looking for a job? (04/22/2004)
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This is the way the world ends... (04/13/2004)
Starting/Stopping CF from HS+/CFStudio (04/12/2004)
My CFUN Interview (04/12/2004)
Happy Birthday to Me! (and other random notes) (04/08/2004)
-sigh- Another Duplicate Bug (04/01/2004)
New laptop and coupon codes (04/01/2004)
Out of Office/In the Office (03/29/2004)
Vinyl Data (03/25/2004)
Odd Issue w/ CFQueryParam (03/24/2004)
HS+ Issue w/ Large Files (03/19/2004)
CFC Issue w/ Arguments (03/19/2004)
Lighthouse Bug Tracker 1.1 Released (03/18/2004)
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Session is Invalid Bug (and Fix) (03/12/2004)
Duplicate Bug Fix! (03/11/2004)
Rethrow in cfscript? (03/09/2004)
CFLib.org Update (03/03/2004)
Tech Note: Using CFCs as Datatypes with Web Services (03/02/2004)
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Another Puzzle Solved with CF (02/26/2004)
Happy (Belated) Mardi Gras! (02/26/2004)
Exporting SQL Server Data to a Script (02/26/2004)
Duplicate Bug (02/18/2004)
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Interesting Quote (02/16/2004)
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Woohoo, my new (mini) toy... (01/25/2004)
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Sending both HTML and Plain Text Emails in One Shot (01/21/2004)
CFLib Downtime Note (01/21/2004)
Star Wars Game: Battle of Endor (01/19/2004)
Old CF Bug Fixed / single quote issue in complex string functions... (01/15/2004)
So where the heck is 3.0? (01/13/2004)
ScopeCache (01/08/2004)
CFLib Bug Fixed (01/07/2004)
UDF Bug to Watch Out For - Part 2! (01/06/2004)
UDF Bug to Watch Out For... (01/05/2004)

Posts for 2003

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Session Tracker (03/25/2003)
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