Today was a rather busy day - not what I expected for what is normally a slow day before the conference starts off. I got up - worked a bit on some Lucene code - and then went to get my pass for MAX. I then promptly left to go attend the CFUNITED conference down the road. I saw some pretty darn good speakers and gave my CF+Ajax+Apple Pie preso right after lunch. After that I headed back to the hotel - did some work - and then left to wait for Ignite to start up.

As I told my friends - the presentation absolutely scared the heck out of me. I tend to be a very casual presenter. I love to discuss things in whatever fashion the audience wants, going on side topics if they want, speeding up parts the audience may find boring, etc. But Ignite is very rigid. You have 5 minutes and 20 slides. Period. And they control the slides. So as I said - a bit nerve wracking, but it was over a heck of a lot quicker than I thought it would be. (In case folks are curious - I spoke on RIAForge.) After that was the reception and the speaker dinner - and now I'm back in the hotel. (About to read more Harry Potter.)

So nothing terribly exciting to report yet. Chicago is great. It is definitely nice seeing friends and blog readers out there. I'll be blogging from the keynote tomorrow (assuming wireless is up).