Missed NCDevCon? Watch the entire thing online now - in your underwear

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One more reason NCDevCon is a cool conference is that they record, and share, all of the content online. If you missed the conference, or couldn't attend a session because another cool one was at the same time, now is your chance to catch up.

You can view the entire library here: http://textiles.online.ncsu.edu/online/Catalog/pages/catalog.aspx?catalogId=35211b84-031b-4a18-8875-506f09b9b3a7

Here are my sessions, specifically, in order of how well dressed I was when presenting:

Websockets and ColdFusion 10 - No chats allowed!
HTML5 Storage Options
Brackets: An Open Source Code Editor for the Web

p.s. The underwear thing was optional.
p.p.s. To be clear - please - wear underwear - but you don't need to watch the presentations in your underwear.
p.p.p.s. For the love of God - if you do - please don't tell me. Thanks. Bye.

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