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Ok, so this is more proof of concept than actual usable code, but I thought it might be fun to write up during lunch. Have you ever encountered ColdFusion debugging code that 'leaked' into a pure CSS site? Most of us have. That was one of the main reasons behind the genesis of ColdFire. I was curious, though, to see if there was a jQuery way to manipulate the debug output.

I opened up the debug template and found that the HTML started off with: (well, ignoring the CSS above it)

<table class="cfdebug" bgcolor="white">

So with that in mind, I whipped up the following jQuery one-liner. Now - if you have heard me present on jQuery, you know that I don't actually like seeing code like this. I find it hard to read and overly confusing to people knew to jQuery. Please do not consider this something I'm promoting. As I said, it was more a test than anything else.

$(document).ready(function() { $("table.cfdebug:first").hide().parent().append("<a href='' id='cfdebugtoggle'>[Toggle Debug]</a>").click(function() {$("table.cfdebug:first").toggle();return false}) })

Ok, technically that is more than one line, but I'm not counting the document.ready block. What this code does, in steps, is:

  • Find the first instance of a table with the class debug. (I had to find the first since internal tables also used the class.)
  • Hide it.
  • Go up to the parent and append some HTML.
  • For the HTML I just added, a link, add this new click handler.
  • And in the click handler, toggle the visibility of the debug table and return false.

Now when you load a page with ColdFusion debugging in it, you just get the link. Clicking it will open and close the debugging information. And to be clear - I didn't actually test this on a nice CSS-based web page because - well - I can't write nice CSS-based web pages. Not yet anyway.

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Comment 1 by Jose Galdamez posted on 11/10/2009 at 11:58 PM

Nice work!

Between this, classic.cfm, dockable.cfm, and ColdFire it looks we've got a fair range of options for going through debug stats. I really wanted to get into the pop-up window (i.e. dockable) a while ago, but Chrome just wouldn't give it any love. That and it's super annoying when previewing pages in CF Builder.