Many moons ago I did a quick video on using Firebug to solve Ajax issues. While Firebug does quite a bit, for me it was primarily an Ajax debugging tool and I showed how to use it to quickly diagnose issues that may be a bit hard to see visually. Most of the time Ajax issues show up as nothing in your browser. Firebug can help make them a lot more apparent.

Now that I'm mostly a Chrome user I thought it might be nice to create a new video that demonstrated the same process using Chrome's "Dev Tools" feature. Like Firebug, there is a heck of a lot more to the tool than what I'm going to show. But there are still way too many people out there trying to do Ajax development without knowing how to debug and I hope that this video can be helpful. Just click the image below to load the video (it's quite a bit larger) and let me know what you think.

I explain this in the video, but to be absolutely clear, while I make use of jQuery and ColdFusion, they are not relevant at all to the discussion. You can use Chrome Dev Tools with any other Ajax library or back end server.