Now that is what I'm talking about. This wasn't a great episode over all - but the interaction between Charlie and Locke was wonderful, especially while Locke couldn't speak.

We learned a bit about what Locke did after his father screwed him over. He ended up at a commune that was actually a pot growing organization. Locke had been tricked by a young cop and when he had the opportunity, he didn't kill the officer. This scene was much like last week with Jun - except Jun actually pulled the trigger.

Locke makes a sweat lodge and has a vision with Boone in it. Boone tells Locke he has to clean up his own mess - which basically means finding Eco. Eco is being held captured by the other polar bear. (There were two - who knew.) Locke tracks him down to a cave - a pretty cool looking cave I must say, however the bear shown in the case was created with some pretty horrible CGI.

Hurley runs into Desmond, and then something odd happens. Desmond mentions Locke's speech. Well, Locke doesn't do his speech until the end of the show ("I'm going to rescue them, blah blah blah."). So something is up with Desmond, but what exactly I can't guess. While the island definitely has healing powers - no one else seems to demonstrate psychic abilities (as far as I remember).

I don't know if folks know this - but Lost is taking a break in a few weeks. So things seem to definitely be ramping up with the Others. Next week shows Ben torturing Sawyer, so I'm assuming Locke will be attempting his rescue soon.

(By the way - Jericho is rapidly approaching the cool level of Lost for me. The drama isn't nearly as good, but the nuke story is interesting as hell.)