I really should stop calling these reviews as I mainly just jot notes down while I watch the show. :) Anyway, here is what happened:

This episode begins with a Kate flashback. She meets a guy at a hotel (hey, its that Firefly guy!), and embraces him.

Back in realtime, Jack tells Ben that he doesn't trust that he will be et go if he performs the operation.

Back in the past, we find out Firefly guy was going to marry Kate. The guy - whose name is Kevin I believe, calls her Monica.

Back in the present, Locke, Sayid, and the new kids are by Eco's body. Sayid asks Locke what killed Eco. Locke says that the people back at the beach call it the monster. He believes Eco died for a reason.

Kate and Sawyer are working when "Compound Breach" is announced on the loud speaker. The Crazy French Lady's kid attacks them with the slingshot, but the Others capture her. They don't hurt her but just carry her away. She yells that the Others will kill Sawyer. Blondie tells Kate to put on a blindfold and that if she does, it will help save Sawyer's life.

Back in the past, Kate marries Kevin.

Back in the present, we see that Blondie has led Kate to see Jack. They catch up on what is going on. Kate tells Jack that they will kill Sawyer if he doesn't operate on Ben. This gets Jack mad. Ben is watching the whole thing.

Back to Kate's married life, we see her doing some shopping for dinner. She goes to a phone booth and calls the US Marshals. She tells them she doesn't want to run anymore. She asks him to stop chasing her. He says he will - if she stops moving - but that he knows she won't.

Locke buries Eco out in the jungle. As Locke puts Eco's prayer stick next to the grave, he notices a quote. "Lift up your eyes and look north."

Kate opens the cage - but Sawyer says he won't run. He tells her they are on another island and there is no point in trying to escape. Then they share a nice little kiss. (Oh, how sweet.) Oh scratch that - they have sex actually.

Back in Kate's past, her husband gives her tickets for them to go on a trip. The tickets are for Oceanic Air, the same airline the castaways were on.

Back in Jack's cell, the speaker makes some noises, and he hears to try the door, which opens for him. He walks around, and finds a gun. He then seens Kate and Sawyer sleeping together. Ben confronts him. Instead of shooting Ben - Jack says he will operate on him.

Back in the past, Kate's pregnancy test was negative. She tells Kevin the truth about her being a fugitive. She drugs him so she can escape cleanly.

Jack begins the surgery. The angry Other (the one who lost his wife), goes to get Sawyer out of the cage. Jack makes a cut on Ben - and then hits one of the nurses. He tells one of the Others that Ben will die within the hour. He demands a walkie-talkie. The bad guy is fixing to kill Sawyer when the other Other tells him to give the walkie to Kate. Jack tells her to remember the story he told her the day of the crash, and to call back in an hour. He yells at her to run but she says she can't. (Jack doesn't know about Sawyer.)

All in all - I don't think it was a great ending for the break. I still can't wait for February, but I was hoping for a bit more. Anyway, discuss this at Geek the Tube.