Ask a Jedi: Formatting a year to just 08?

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Robert asks:

Ok.. I'm doing :


to get just the current year. It returns 2008.. great.. How do I get it to return just 08?

I've tried:

#Year(Now(),"yy")# #Year(Now(),"y")#

But both fail. Any suggestions for the stupid?

You aren't stupid. You just overthought it a bit. ;) Like most things in ColdFusion, you have multiple ways to do this. One way is with the simple Right() function:

<cfset thisyear = year(now())> <cfset oyear = right(thisyear,2)> <cfoutput>#oyear#</cfoutput>

You could write that all in one line of course. Another way to do it with dateFormat, and that's the form I'd use:

<cfoutput>#dateFormat(now(), "yy")#</cfoutput>
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