1. I'm up in Boston till Friday. Something is definitely wrong with this city. Tomorrow is June. Yesterday I was BBQing in my back yard back in Louisiana. Yet now I'm sitting in a hotel room with the heater cranked up!

  2. Woxy, the absolute best online music station, has released a new station Woxy Vintage. As you can tell by the name, it's older alternative music. So far the selection has been quite nice.

  3. Speaking of vintage alt-rock, I heard a New Wave song a few days ago that was pretty good. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out why I hadn't heard it before. Then I discovered it was the latest by Kelly Osbourne. Good song - very good song - just a good song from 20 years ago. (Was she even alive then??)

  4. Use Greasemonkey and Gmail? Over the last few days my Gmail account has been getting locked for no reason. They unlock my account after a little while, but get this - I write them to request more information, and they actually asked me to send them my original invite email. Um... are you saying the only way you can provide me support is if I kept the stupid invite email?!?! Did you keep yours? For now I've disabled the Gmail script I was using, but I hope to add it back - it was a Delete button. I can see how that would be a violation of the TOS (ahem).