Global warming is a sham!

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And I have proof! We got a phone call this morning at 5:45AM. My mother-in-law was calling to let us know that it had not only snowed last night, it had actually accumulated. We've seen a light frosting of snow once here, but never anything like this:

(Yes, I need to work on my nighttime photography skills.) We went ahead and woke the kids up since we figured this would probably never happen again. Here is Jacob and Noah behind a snowman. They are incredibly hard to see since I refused to get any closer, but I thought the snowman looked suitably deranged:

And finally, Lynn being, well, cute.

We made today an unofficial snow day and they are playing with the neighbor kids now.

p.s. The title of this blog entry is a test. If you get worked up over it and correct me, you have failed the test. ;)

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