Yahoo Traffic API with ColdFusion and Flex 2

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I've talked before about how much I love Flex 2. While I still have trouble remembering the syntax and API at times, I love how it is just as RAD as ColdFusion. How RAD is it? I tend to wake up pretty early. This morning I had a good hour before the kids woke up for school. In that time I took my Yahoo Traffic API sample and turned it into a quick little CFC. I then built the UI you see below. It is a bit big so you may need to increase your resolution a bit. As always - don't hate me because my UI skills suck.

This is one hour of work folks. I've attached the source to this blog entry. As with my other demos, I changed the app ID used in the CFC. That should really be passed in by Flex. I also didn't make the image sizes for maps configurable via the client, but hey, it was a quick demo!

Download attached file.

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