Me - I'm being 100% completely lazy. I'd like to do some yard work (yeah, um, really) but it has been raining, or threatening to rain off and on all day.

So right now I'm sitting with my son while he plays Kameo. I'm really getting ticked since he is finding more secrets than his old man did. I just keep telling myself that he got to watch me go through the whole game first, so that makes it better.

I finished The Protector's War this weekend. I reviewed book one of this trilogy back in February. I still have a slight dislike for Stirling's writing, but the story is getting pretty interesting. What makes it most interesting is that most "End of the World" type stories don't show you how things up years down the road. In this book, the story takes place between 7-9 years past the "Change" would killed off all technology, including gunpowder. I've heard that he plans a second trilogy that will take place thirty years in the future after this book. Anyway - as I said, his writing tends to drag, but the story is worth picking up. At least he isn't as bad as Turtledove.