Ok, so maybe not all geeks, but this one is hooked. ABC has announced that they will be launching a new game based on the Lost TV show. The game, "Lost Experience", will feature a story line that is parallel to the main one, but will feature new characters. A friend has told me that the real world component will be pretty strong. Also, the link above reveals that clues will vary by continent, so more can be gained by sharing information.

With that in mind, I added a new forum to my Lost conference just for the game itself. The game begins on May 3rd in the US, but I expect my friends in England who get it on May 2nd to start posting as soon as possible!

Other big news - there is now an official Lost fan club with - get ready for it - merchandise! I'm buying a Dharma mug now. Seriously. I can't drink coffee again until I have one. Right now the link does not seem to lead to a real club, but the official Lost site says it is opening soon, so that must be why it just leads to products. (Unless it is some evil plot to sell merchandise! Never happen I say, never!)