This blog sucks. I mean, not the information, but the design. It's horrid. It's boring. I have had folks offer to help me out (and I appreciate it!), but I'm just too lazy.

So, here is a challenge for someone bored. If you can give me a new design for this blog, something I can just extra from a zip and go with, I'll give you.... um.... well.... nothing. But I will give you a link. I'll also praise you and tell member of the opposite sex that you are either a) smart, b) super strong, or c) all of the above. I'll flatter you on a post that contains the best Google keywords so your name shows up all over the web.


So - anyone up to it? Some guidelines:

When I say I just want to extract a zip - I mean it. You should simply overwrite the CSS, the index.cfm, and the pod layout code. I don't really care much about the popups for comment editing.

I love green. Something green would be nice. Not poopoo green as my two year old would say, but dark, warm greens like Hunter Green or "I'm an Important Guy with an Expensive Dark Office" Green. While it isn't very green, this is a good example of the kind of shading, font style, etc, I'm looking for.

Keep the title text if possible. I'm thinking of renaming the blog, so having that part as text would be helpful.