I was diagnosing an issue with the maps feature at Adobe Groups. For some reason the map simply stopped working. No CF error - nothing odd in the source - but the map didn't render. The basic logic of the map is to simply loop over all the groups with geolocation data and add them as markers. To debug, I simply switched from looping over all the rows to looping over 50 at a time. Doing that I was able to find a range that caused the map to not display. I then slowly shrunk this down to one record and finally one string. At this point I began to wonder if some odd character was breaking the map. Nothing looked wrong, but I've seen this in the past with other applications. Here is the code I used to look for the character.

<cfset str = g.getAddress() > <cfloop index="c" from="1" to="#len(str)#"> <cfset char = mid(str, c, 1)> <cfoutput>#char#=#asc(char)#<br></cfoutput> </cfloop>

This code loops over every character and prints out the ascii code for each. Check out the result:

Yeah, see it? I wrapped up a call to the UDF that Ben Nadel wrote and it helped right away.