Let's be honest. The most important aspect of a conference isn't location, speakers, sessions, or dare I say it, food, but rather the t-shirt you go home with. This year CFUNITED is looking to the community for help in designing the 2010 conference tee shirt. All you need to do is come up with a snazzy, funny, coy, etc bit of CFML code to put on the front of the shirt. As an example, a few years back a company produced a set of beer glasses with some <cf_beer> code printed on it. Your code should be similar. Remember it has to fit on the front of a shirt so keep it short and sweet.

There will be a first, second, and third place winner. The first place winner will get 50% off their ticket to CFUNITED and their code printed on the official conference tee shirt. The second and third place winner will both get $200 off the ticket price.

To enter, simply post your entry as a comment below. I'll be picking winners Friday at the end of business.

As a reminder, CFUNITED is coming soon. You have 28 days left to register. Myself, and many other community members, will be speaking on a variety of topics. Register now!