Another Sunday and another few posts to share with yall. I got ten hours of sleep last night so today is the best day ever.

Best day ever

One Serverless Principle to Rule Them All: Idempotency by Adrienne Braganza Tacke #

Raise your hand if you know what idempotency means. I certainly didn't. I've heard the term before but never got around to investigating what it meant. In this presentation, Adrienne does an incredible job explaining what it means and provides practical examples of how it would be implemented. Also, she has some incredible slide designs so those of you who give presentations can get some inspiration as well.

MySQL Window Functions Part 1 by Scott Stroz #

One of my oldest friends, Scott Stroz, recently got his first developer relations role as an advocate for MySQL at Oracle. He's already off to a great start and producing some awesome content. I've been mostly a NoSQL user for some time now, but I've got a huge amount of respect for SQL and always found MySQL to be one of the easier databases to work with.

In this article, he introduces the concept of "window functions", which are not related to paging as I would have guessed, but related to working with aggregate functions. Seriously, read the post, it's a fascinating feature.

Read more here: MySQL Window Functions Part 1

Search and the Jamstack #

This is a talk I gave a few months ago talking about search options in the Jamstack. I covered multiple different options and the code is available for anyone who needs help getting started.