Anthony asks a question about the CFCALENDAR tag:

I have a simple one... I think. I need to find out how to goto a URL when a date is selected using CFCalendar.

For instance, I choose Oct 17, I want to goto a page a date page with eq "2007-10-17"

I don't know flash, and have no idea how to accomplish what appears to be a simple operation.

Now technically I don't answer questions involving Flash Form stuff anymore. It was a fun feature, but in my opinion I'd use Flex 2 instead. But the calendar tag works in HTML forms as well so I thought I'd take a stab at this.

The docs for cfcalendar mention that it does indeed have an onChange event. However - you have to use ActionScript for this event. Now in theory - the calendar tag is just a Flex control. However - I had no idea what the control was, nor how to extra the current selected date. So I cheated. I know there is a getURL ActionScript function. This will fire off any URL, including a JavaScript one. So I began with this:

<cfform name="myform" action="test3.cfm"> <cfcalendar name="cal" onChange="getURL('javascript:test()')"> </cfform>

All this says is - when the date is selected, run the JavaScript function test (poorly named, I know). My test function then just does this:

<script> function test() { document.myform.submit(); } </script>

As you can see - it submits the form. You would then write code to say if exists, cflocation and pass along the value.