My current least favorite Mac 'feature'

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Time for a quick rant. In general, I love that I've left the Windows world behind. I love OSX. But - like my own software, it isn't perfect. Today I want to complain about something that has bugged me since I first switched.

Why is it that every time I install software, the Mac does a volume check? By that I mean this screen:

The fact that it asks me what drive to install too doesn't bug me. What bugs me is that it immediately finds my main hard drive, but then I wait for 3-4 seconds while it searches for other volumes. I know 3-4 seconds isn't a long time, but it just annoys the heck out of me. I want to immediately hit "Macintosh HD" and hit next to continue on with the install.

Anyone know if this is a configurable setting?

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