NCDevCon is over and once again it was an incredible conference. What makes NCDevCon especially good is that all of the presentations are recorded and available to anyone to see. Here are my videos as well as some others I thought were good.

First up is my presentation on Brackets: Using Brackets to Awesome-ify your Web Development

Next is my presentation on HTML5. I really like this presentation. Practical HTML5

Finally, here is a very long presentation I did on PhoneGap. This was a last minute addition to cover for a speaker who had a family emergency. It isn't the most polished presentation I've done but it might still be of interest to folks. PhoneGap and Stuff

Now I'd like to share a few presentations I thought were particularly good. First is David Epler talking about web penetration and hacking tools. This is a scary presentation. Seriously. Next is John K. Paul with JavaScript - The Real Bad Parts.

Another incredibly good presentation, but one that is not online yet (check later, it was an Unconference and it was recorded, but it isn't available at time of publication), was Doug Shepers of the W3C talking about accessible data visualization. I cannot recommend it enough and it was one of the most interesting presentations I've seen in a long time.

I can say without a doubt I was incredibly happy with NCDevCon, both as a speaker and an attendee. If you can attend next year I definitely recommend you make it a priority!