Ask a Jedi: Validating Numbers in a Flash Form Grid

A reader asks:

If you have an updatable grid, how do you validate a field numeric before it is submitted?

This is one of those things that is pretty simple if you know ActionScript well. I don't, but have friends who do. Here is a simple example of it in action, and it can definitely be done better:

<cfset data = queryNew("id,name,age")>

<cfloop index="x" from="1" to="10"> <cfset queryAddRow(data)> <cfset querySetCell(data,"id",x)> <cfset querySetCell(data,"name","User #x#")> <cfset querySetCell(data,"age",randRange(20,90))> </cfloop>

<cfform format="flash" name="test" onSubmit="return checkNumbers()"> <cfformitem type="script"> function checkNumbers() { for(var i=0; i < people.dataProvider.length; i++) { var theValue = people.dataProvider[i].age; if(isNaN(theValue)) { outputarea.text = theValue + " is not a number."; return false; } } return true;


&lt;cfgrid name="people" query="data" selectMode="edit" /&gt;
&lt;cfformitem type="text" id="outputarea" /&gt;
&lt;cfinput type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit" /&gt;


The beginning of the code simply creates a fake query for us to use. That query is passed to the cfgrid tag. Notice that I have turned on editing with selectMode="edit". To validate, I decided to use onSubmit. It may be possible to validate on change, but I had trouble getting it to work right. We use the new cfformitem type="script" to write a function that will check the values of our grid. I loop over every row in the grids dataProvider (just consider this the query behind the grid), and check the age column. (Technically I should check the ID as well.) I'm using isNaN which is short for "Is Not A Number" to check each value. If the value is bad, I write out an error and abort the form submission. You could even make this more intelligent and verify age is over 0, and below some sensible number like 130.

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