There is a great article over at DevNet on creating custom server behaviors in DWMX. I can say that after suffering through VTML (the language to create tag editors in CFS/HS), the DWMX way looks like a dream. I've been a devout CFS/HS+ user for years, but DWMX 2004 has almost convinced me to move. There is still one little bug that annoys the heck out of me and prevents me from using it... but I'm still on the fence as to what IDE I will use as my primary editor. In the past, HS+ was always the clear winner, now I'm not so sure.

Anyway, if you read the article above, Simon Horwith describes creating a server behior that allows you to create an intelligent comment header. What you may not know is that HS+ 5.5 included a cool new feature that allows you to embed variables in snippets. Consider this snippet:

Author : Raymond Camden
Created : $${MONTH} $${DAYOFMONTH}, $${YEAR}

When inserted into a document, all the $${..} items will be replaced. This is a handy little feature that I don't think many people know about. It's hard to find in the docs as well. To find the complete list, open up the book, Writing Code and Web Content, and select, "Saving a code block as a snippet"