I know I sound like a broken record when it comes to Chrome DevTools ("Your page is broken? What did DevTools tell you?"), but I wanted to share a new resource that just launched - Discover DevTools. This is an online video repository of tutorials about Chrome's powerful DevTools feature. I plan on going through them myself just to see what I've been missing. If you have yet to dig into this feature then now is the time!

A little while later...

I wrote this blog post earlier today just as a quick note to inform folks. I've now had the chance to run through the first four sections of the course and I wanted to share some thoughts.

First off, this is a damn good course. Like, I knew that I didn't know everything about DevTools, but in the very first lesson I saw something new. In general, I learned something interesting in every section I've taken.

The videos themselves (outside of that stupid intro song that is cute at first, sickening after a while) are incredibly well done. Very focused, very informative, and really good at exposing you to the tools and really seeing how they can help you. I'm not done yet (3 chapters to go), but this is now the resource I'm going to link folks too when they want to learn about the dev tools.

That's the good. The bad is that the challenges can be a bit tricky. In a few places now I've done what was asked of me and have gotten stuck. It seems like CodeSchool will wait about 60 seconds before offering you a "Skip" link. On one challenge in particular, nothing worked. So I had to wait about 5 minutes so that each step of the challenge would offer me a "Skip" link. It was very frustrating and I hope they fix it. Or maybe I was doing something wrong. If you're curious about the issues I ran into, here is the forum for the course: http://help.codeschool.com/discussions/discover-devtools