So here is my story. Yesterday I woke up at 3:30 AM. Go to the Lafayette airport for 4:30, and was on my plane at 6. (We have a small airport, but I still like to arrive early.) After sitting in the airplane for 30 minutes, the pilot says the parking break is stuck (seriously) and that we have to go back in.

So I go back in and get a new flight out leaving at ll:50 (I was to arrive here at 10 something). That gets me to Dallas about 1, and I have four and a half hours to wait.

I get on my next plane at 5 something, and because of the weather, we wait on the tarmac for over an hour. The pilot even shut down the engines.

I finally ended up arriving close to 9, get to the hotel close to 10, and discover they lost my reservation. Luckily enough they still had rooms (and at the cfObjective rate). So I decided that my day was royally screwed and I'd just grab some food and skip the reception so I could finish my presentation.

Today... will... be... better. (Or else! ;)