In case you don't use Twitter, you may have missed the announcement last night that we now have official names for Centaur and Bolt. Bolt, the new ColdFusion editor, will be called ColdFusion Builder. Not as fun as Bolt, but, code names are always more fun. It meshes well with Flash Builder too. Centaur will be called.... wait for it.... wait for it.... ColdFusion 9. Yeah, no big surprise there, but at least now we have real names to go along with the products.

No, I don't know when they will be released or at what cost. I'd be willing to bet that ColdFusion Builder will price a bit below Flash Builder. I'd also bet that ColdFusion 9's prices will be very close to ColdFusion 8. Then again, if I were to run a lemonade stand I'd probably need a government bailout so please don't put much stock in my guesses.