I'm currently at Adobe Summit and this morning at the keynote we announced the beta of Adobe Firefly. Firefly is a generative AI service, which by itself isn't new, but Firefly has a strong commitment to being a more responsible AI service. You can read more about that and Adobe Sensei here if you would like. As an Adobe employee, I'm obviously biased, but the focus on having a responsible service that respects creators feels like a pretty important differentiator. While there are a lot of good uses for this, I decided to have some fun with it and see how well it would do something business-critical... with cats.

For my test, I looked up a list of Dungeons and Dragons classes and found this excellent list here. I then went to Firefly and used prompts like so:

dungeons and dragons <class> as a cat

In general, this worked well, but sometimes I added a bit to get things a bit closer to what I had expected. The "physical" classes looked pretty similar and I probably could have given a bit more context to help Firefly out, but I still found the results delightful.

Here's a Fighter:

Cat fighter

Here's a Paladin:

Cat paladin

The Barbarian, which is very similar, and could have been improved if I asked for a common weapon like an axe:

Cat barbarian

Now for something really fun - the Bard. The double-sided lute was crazy and I absolutely loved it:

Cat bard

Next up is the Cleric:

Cat cleric

For Druid, I specifically asked to add a "leafy staff", and the result wasn't what I expected, but I loved it:

Cat druid

Here's the Ranger - I added "bow and arrow" and the result was much more stylish than I expected:

Cat ranger

Next is the Monk:

Cat monk

The Rogue ended up being my favorite, it looks like they're carrying the severed head of someone they just assasinated:

Cat rogue

Finally, while there are multiple magic-using classes in D&D, I went with simple and just used "wizard" as a prompt. The eyes on this one are crazy good:

Cat wizard

This was fun, and if you want to try it yourself, head over to the site and request Beta access. I'm not sure how long it will take to get in, but if you are interested, sign up as soon as possible.

Photo by Amauri Mejía on Unsplash