Friday Puzzler: The Quest for Foo

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My readers know I'm an avid video gamer, and I've been reading the reviews for Skyrim, the latest Elder Scrolls game with great interest. One of the more interesting facts I read this week was that the game would support infinite, randomly generated quests. While these quests will - probably - be somewhat simple - it is an interesting concept and probably something that was fun to code.

So with that being said, your Friday Puzzler is to create this concept. No, I'm not asking you to build a RPG. Not at all. Rather, I'm asking you to simply generate a quest description in text. You can go serious...

Travel to the mount of San'tooth and find the evil necromancer Lord Maelneborn. Slay him and bring back the Amulet of Kings so that peace be returned to the kingdom.

Or not so serious...

Travel to the mount of the Slightly Lemon-Scented Peaks of Fred. Slay the not-terribly-evil-just-a-bit-lazy accountant Bob and bring back the Sword of Copy and Paste+1.

As always, this should be fun, quick, and please use pastebin to share your code. You can paste the results in the comment though.

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