I woke up today to some sad news - the ColdFusion Open Source Update is ending. This service, created and ran by Brian Rinaldi over the past four years, has provided an invaluable service to the ColdFusion community. Brian took the time to curate and aggregate news related to ColdFusion and open source. This was much better than any automated service. Why is Brian ending the service? Not because of any lack of ColdFusion open source. (To the contrary, as Brian notes in his post, when he began there were about 100 projects available on RIAForge. Now we have 793 ColdFusion projects and 45 ColdFusion Builder projects.) Instead it is simply a matter of time. I can more than understand that.

I'd like to remind people of two automated services that can't take the place of Brian's list but may be of use as a temporary replacement. First, registered users at RIAForge can go into your subscriptions and select categories to monitor:

This will give you a daily email that lists any and all projects updated in the past 24 hours. Secondly, if you use ColdFusionBloggers to monitor ColdFusion blog posts, don't forget that you can sign up as a user and register for:

  • A daily email of all the posts
  • A daily email of the top posts
  • An alert any time a particular keyword is metioned

Here's my setup - and yes - I've got a monitor for my name (I'm that hungry for attention):

While I don't expect either of these services to be a good replacement for Brian's list, I do hope they can be of use to the public. (And for anyone out there running or using other community sites, feel free to post any automated resources you may have.)