For a few years now I've run (along with Jeremy Petersen) the ColdFusion Cookbook. The idea was simple: Provide a set of very direct questions and answers to common ColdFusion problems. The site did kinda well, and we have over 150 entries, but to be honest, it could be a lot more. Adobe's Flex Cookbook has been quite a success. They have a much more open process which allows for content to be created and shared much quicker than the more rigid process we have over on the ColdFusion Cookbook.

Adobe never intended to compete with my site. They have linked to my site and helped promote it. That being said, they are moving their cookbooks to a platform that will no longer restrict the content to Flex. It isn't intentional competition, but at the same time, I think we can obviously expect ColdFusion stuff to start showing up there.

I've made the decision to shut down the existing ColdFusion Cookbook site. Admittedly I feel a bit sad about this, but frankly, I think its will help everyone. I also want to help seed the site. Adobe has said they would handle as much of the grunt work as possible, but in order to do so, they need the original authors to work with them. Ed Sullivan ( will help work with folks to get their content migrated. I ask that the original authors ping him, and me as well, so I can keep track of what has moved over. I don't want any content lost, so if need be, I can migrate content under my account, but with a nice, clear paragraph that credits the original author, but I only want to do that for authors who aren't around anymore or don't care.

Any thoughts on this? Obviously I could do some massive architecture updates to my own site, but it seems easier to cooperate here and help give the ColdFusion content at Adobe a huge boost. Right?