Happy Halloween everyone! Halloween is one of those holidays that just kinda falls into disuse when you are too old to trick and treat and before you have kids. Now that I have kids, I've fallen in love with Halloween all over again. My oldest (the budding astronomer who knows the moons of the gas planets better than I do) is going as an astronaut, my middle one, the girl with the "forceful" personality is going as a witch, and my youngest is going as a little devil. Myself - I'm going as a cowboy because, well, I have no idea why I wanted to be a cowboy. I'll post pictures in the next couple of days.

Radio: I know I've ranted about this before, but radio sucks. It really sucks. My 20-25 minute drive home from dropping off my son at school equals to maybe 2 whole songs, if I'm lucky. Do people really listen to this crap? Do people really care about stupid contests and inane DJs??? I can't wait till I get my MP3 player and can never listen to the radio again.

Polls: I was watching the Sci-Fi channel report a few nights ago on the UFO investigation in Kicksburg(sp). During the show, they presented a few polls in the form of, X% of Americans belive something happened at Rowsell. Whenever I see polls like this I smile. It doesn't matter if 100% of Americans, or the world, believe something happened. Just because everyone thinks something happaned, doesn't mean it did happen.