Ok, I know I did a Zeus POTW earlier this week, but I had to share this little gem. This is another small thing - a simple function - and something that's been possible via a CFLib UDF for years. That being said - when I saw this show up in the latest Zeus build today, I had to share.

If you've ever needed to format a date and a time, you know that it requires two calls, ala:

<cfoutput> #dateFormat(now())# #timeFormat(now())# </cfoutput>

Zeus adds dateTimeFormat to combine this into one call:

<cfoutput> #dateTimeFormat(now())#<br/> </cfoutput>

For formatting, the mask is slightly different than before. Masks are based on SimpleDateFormat from Java. So for example:

<cfoutput> #dateTimeFormat(now(), "MMMM d, yyyy h:mm a")#<br/> </cfoutput>

Yeah, ok, not Earth-shattering, but this was one of a few new functions released in the latest Zeus build that were things I've seen requested for years.