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So last night was the finale of Enterprise. I watched it this morning (god I love DVR) and I have to say I'm really sad to see it go. The finale wasn't as horrible as I had heard it was - but it certainly wasn't one of the better episodes - and it was something of a letdown when compared to the wonderful Mirror Universe stories.

Lately there have been a lot of negative stories about Enterprise, and Trek in general. Personally I think folks were too hard on the series. It wasn't "great" SciFi, but it was a fun show to watch, and had some very strong moments. Not every episode needs to be a work of art (probably the only series that comes close is The Prisoner, although I haven't seen every episode), and I think its only fair if you look at the entirety of a series. In that regards, I think Enterprise was pretty darn good.

This is - most likely - the very last bit of Trek we will ever see - but I hope the books continue at least. I, for one, will miss Trek.

As a side note - I mentioned BlogCFC 3.7 on cf-talk a day or so ago. It is done - just not packaged up yet. I will try to do the packaging tonight.

Oh - and I also bought my new machine. I'm not saying what I bought yet. I want to wait till I can take a few pictures.

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