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Here's a weird one for ya. I don't think I've used arrayResize() once in my life. It allows you to dynamically expand an array to a new size and is - apparently - more performant than just increasing the size of an array one by one. The docs specifically mention 500 elements as an example, so I think for most of us this is a non-issue. But of course, on the day I decide to use it I run into an odd little bug. When you use CFWDDX to convert a WDDX string into an array, all (*) the array functions work except arrayResize. Here's an example:

<cfset source = []> <cfwddx action="cfml2wddx" input="#source#" output="packet"> <cfwddx action="wddx2cfml" input="#packet#" output="mirrorUniverseSource"> <cfdump var="#mirrorUniverseSource#"> <cfoutput> isArray? #isArray(mirrorUniverseSource)#<br/> len? #arrayLen(mirrorUniverseSource)#<br/> </cfoutput>

<cfset arrayResize(mirrorUniverseSource,10)>

I've got a simple array that I convert into a WDDX string and back into an array. I can dump it - and ColdFusion recognizes it as an array. I can also isArray and arrayLen it just fine. (The * above is in regards to me saying I tested all the array functions. I did not. To be clear, I just tested those two.) But if you try to arrayResize it you get:

Error casting an object of type java.util.Vector cannot be cast to coldfusion.runtime.Array to an incompatible type.

Yep. There ya go. I filed a bug report for it but frankly, I don't think it's that big of a deal. If you want a quick fix, you can do this with the "bad" array:

<cfset a = serializeJSON(mirrorUniverseSource)> <cfset mirrorUniverseSource = deserializeJSON(a)>

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