Dang it. My favorite blog stats tool, Blogbeat, was just bought by FeedBurner. The good news is that the stats will be added into the free edition of FeedBurner. The bad news is this won't be done for a few months. I'm curious to see how well it integrates with FeedBurner. I use FeedBurner for my RSS stats, but the main thing that I worry about is the integration. What I like about Blogbeat is how I can quickly get to the stats without any clutter. I can still access my stats though, which is a nice, and the owner is giving everyone a refund, which is nice as well.

I did try to sign up for MeasureMap, but as I never heard back. It is now part of Google, which kind of worries me. Google Analytics is a nice tool, but they haven't allowed for new entries in about six months now. That's one thing I don't like about Google. They offer great services, but next to no information about when they will upgrade the service.