This morning I pushed up ratings to CFLib. CFLib used to have ratings some time ago, so this is actually an old feature coming back. I used the same jQuery plugin that SlideSix uses ( To be honest, I really don't like this plugin. Turning off the cancel was a pain in the rear. I would have used the Spry rating widget instead, but I really wanted to give jQuery ratings a try. At the end of the day though it works, so I'll leave it be. One nice thing about it though - I can pass it a rating value of X.2 and it rounds it down to X starts. Pass it X.5 and it correctly shows a half star.

Later this week I'll be adding a right hand list of the top rated UDFs.

Oh, and in case folks are curious, I did not add any protection from multiple voting. I originally used code that stored your rankings in a session variable. I turned that off during testing and didn't bother re-enabling it. I figure it someone is so bored they want to cheat their UDF up, more power to em. ;)