ColdFusion Administrator Extension - Verity Searcher

I wrote a handy little tool today. Drop the zip into your ColdFusion Administrator folder, edit the custommenu.xml file to point to it, and you've now got a simple tool to let you run test searches against Verity collections. Here is a screen shot:

When matches are found, I use pagination, but the actual data is just dumped out. I could have done this all sexy and Ajaxy, but I figured a one file solution that also worked in ColdFusion 7 would be nice as well.

You can download the code below. I have another extension coming out later this week. This will join my SpoolMail project and Scott's Flogr as must-have add ons to your ColdFusion Admin. (Well, I think they are must-haves, but I'm biased. :)

p.s. Anyone know how I can map a Windows drive to my Mac?

Download attached file.

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