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Yesterday at CFUNITED I presented some more (useless) code concerning mazes and ColdFusion. I've blogged on this a few times already, but I decided to play around with it a bit more. For the derby, I demonstrated code that generated mazes in a slightly different way than I've had before. I've shown outputting mazes with text. I've shown outputting mazes with graphics. But this version puts one more little spin on it - old school style:

What you are seeing here is a text based description of a maze stored in the session scope. This is done by first figuring out what directions are allowed based on your current position in the maze:

public function getExits(numeric x, numeric y) { var exits = ""; //handle west possible if(variables.mazedata.maze[arguments.y][arguments.x-1] == 0) exits = listAppend(exits, "west"); //handle east possible if(variables.mazedata.maze[arguments.y][arguments.x+1] == 0) exits = listAppend(exits, "east"); //handle north possible if(variables.mazedata.maze[arguments.y-1][arguments.x] == 0) exits = listAppend(exits, "north"); //handle south possible if(variables.mazedata.maze[arguments.y+1][arguments.x] == 0) exits = listAppend(exits, "south"); return exits; }

This then is used by a simple function to describe the current room. All rooms in the maze have the exact same look - it is only the exits that change:

function describePosition(numeric x, numeric y) { //better not be a wall or you are dead var exits = getExits(arguments.x,arguments.y); var s = "You are in a dark and dusty maze.<br/><br/>"; var i = "";
//Ok, I'm using pos with 0,0 in upper left				
if(listLen(exits) is 1) {
	s &= "There is one exit to the #exits#.";
} else {
	s &= "There are exits to the ";
	for(i=1; i &lt;= listLen(exits); i++) {
		s &= listGetAt(exits, i);
		if(i &lt; listLen(exits)-1) s&= ", ";
		else if (i == listLen(exits)-1) s&= " and ";
		//else if (listLen(exists) is 2 and i is 1) s
return s;


Movement is done by simply checking your current position against valid exits. Also note that I allow for shorthand versions of movements (e for east, etc):

public function move(string dir, numeric x, numeric y) { var pos = {x=arguments.x,y=arguments.y}; if(dir == "e") dir="east"; if(dir == "w") dir="west"; if(dir == "s") dir="south"; if(dir == "n") dir="north";
if(listFindNoCase(getExits(x,y), dir)) {
	if(dir == "east") pos.x++;
	if(dir == "south") pos.y++;
	if(dir == "west") pos.x--;
	if(dir == "north") pos.y--;
return pos;


Totally useless - and totally fun - and yes - I have inklings for other maze demos to try as well. I've attached the code (including the Grue version) but note that it is ColdFusion 9 only.

Download attached file.

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