A few months back I wrote a quick blog entry on how you can modify the default www template used when creating new PhoneGap projects. While not a problem for most people, I tend to create a crap load of PhoneGap projects so I can test various mission critical important features. So it bugs me when I have to go in and remove the pretty, but useless to me, boilerplate code. Currently there is an open bug to allow for something along these lines at the command line, but in the meantime, you may be wondering where the default template exists now.

Previously the installation instructions for PhoneGap included downloading the zip. In that zip you could find the template directory used by news app.

In the post-3.0 world this is a bit different. After you've done you installation via npm, you can find the bits at:


Obviously this folder would be slightly different for Windows, and obviously the 3.0.0 will be different as time goes on.

Here is my much superior default template that I humbly offer to the PhoneGap team for their consideration.