Yellow Shipping CFC

Use Yellow for shipping? I'm working with a client who wants to use Yellow for shipping. They were interested in cutting costs a bit - so I wrote the Yellow integration for free in exchange for being able to open source it. Personally I've never even heard of Yellow before this project, so I don't think many people will use this, but I've attached the CFC I created to this blog entry. No docs or anything fancy like that. The CFC basically just pings their service and parses the response into a simple structure.

There was one interesting tidbit to this code. When I hit their service I get a nice XML packet back. In some cases the zip you send may not be enough. Their service will respond by asking you to pick a particular city to narrow down the request. What is odd is that their response - in XML - is a set of HTML. For example:


I look for this response and parse out the cities so the error message can be checked. Probably not the most elegant solution, but it works.

Download attached file.

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