You don't buy the software (part 2)

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So, I heard back from THQ. I wasn't sure what I was expecting. I kinda figured all bad ("Sorry, you are screwed. Enjoy your new coaster.") or all good ("We'd love to send you a new copy. Don't worry about sending in the old one. Would you like any of our other games?").

What I got was something in between. I was given an address where I can send the old disc to. I can get a new disc for 15 bucks. Now, that seems a bit high. Considering that a blank DVD costs... I believe abour 2 bucks, I'm not sure why I have to pay 15 dollars for a new copy, especially when I have the old broken copy as proof. A new version of the game goes for 19.99, so after shipping, I'm saving only two or three dollars.

I'm conflicted. I can certainly see THQs desire to get paid for their time and materials - yet what they want seems offly high for what they are providing. At the same time, my son loves the game (and I enjoy it as well).

So what's next? I'm going to check the local Gamestop (where I don't normally shop, their prices are obscene) to see if they have a used copy. My next target will be a movie studio. I have a DVD that is pretty scratched up that also happens to be one of my wife's favorite movies. (The Family Man with Nicholas Cage. I kinda like it too.) Let's see how well that goes.

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