So I'm going to blame this on my head cold, but yesterday I spent a good hour trying to figure out why my code was failing. The code did (essentially):

<cfset result = util.getRetVal(a,b)>

I cfdumped util. I clearly saw getRetVal. I even get anal. I created a new instance of the CFC (util was actually an Application scoped CFC placed in a view) and called it there and got the same error. I then deleted every other method but getRetVal and it still didn't work.

For a good sixty minutes I beat my head against the wall. If I were a laptop, my fan would have sounded like a jet engine. I then showed it to Todd Sharp. We hashed it back and forth a bit when he mentioned he had no trouble calling getRetValue.

See it? Let me say it again: getRetValue.

Ugh. Over an hour wasted because I used Val instead of Value. Nice.