Are you a code diva? Do you demand spaces over tabs? Do you insist on Hungarian notation for variables? Do you get into a hissy fit when the order of attributes for the cffunction tag don't follow name/access/output/returnType/hint format? Do you throw your cell phone at fellow developers who laugh when you insist on strict white space suppression? If so - you may be a Code Diva.

I was talking to Dan Vega yesterday when he (jokingly) (I think) called me a code diva. We got to talking about the various 'rules' that we follow as developers that aren't best practices per se, but just coding conventions that we tend to insist on.

Here's my own personal list of things that I insist on - specifically excluding items that I think are truly critical, best practice type behaviors:

  • Tabs instead of spaces. To me it makes it easier to move/edit files.
  • Strict whitespace control. cfsetting enablecfoutputonly and output=false all over the place
  • Nice whitespace in the code. I'm working for a client now where the CFML code is very tight. This was done on purpose to make very clean HTML, but it bugs me.
  • Lowercase tags and functions. And yes, I know I used to do <CFOUTPUT>, but that's Old (Fat) Ray, the guy I pretend doesn't exist (along with the guy who played in Rocky Horror). By lowercase I mean camelcase really, but mostly lowercase. Mostly.

I'm a diva in other ways too. I love to speak at user groups and conferences - but I tend to be a bit needy. Not needy as in "Only Green M&Ms" needy, but needy in, "Tell me where I have to go and when and then tell me when to shut up." Heck though, I figure if I'm speaking at a conference and not getting paid, I can be a bit diva-ish. I'm also at a point now where I insist on a free hotel. It can be a cheap hotel, but I expect accommodations to be paid. (When I demand air fare, then you will know it's time to knock me down a peg or two.)

I'm also a bit of a diva when it comes to publications. I always ask that people use "Raymond", not "Ray", when listing my name on other sites, conference material, magazines, etc. Don't ask me why. I just figure Raymond sounds more professional (so sayeth the man who signs everything 'Jedi Master').

What about you? How are you a diva? And feel free to use Flex code examples too. Heck, even PHP would be fine. (All two of you using PHP out there and reading my blog.)