I absolutely love the outline view in ColdFusion Builder (see my earlier blog post on it), but I just discovered something interesting about it that I wanted to share with others.

For me, the Outline view works best for CFCs. I never bother using it for CFM files. When I get a CFC that is poorly organized (if you don't sort your methods in alphabetical order you are indirectly killing kittens - seriously) or large in size (have you met blog.cfc yet?) then the outline is a great way to navigate around the file.

One thing that bugged me though was that the outline showed a lot of code that I didn't really care about. Comments, sets, etc. Here is an example from blog.cfc:

What I found was that there was a way to remove those additional tags. Simply go to your settings (ColdFusion / Editor Profiles / Editor / Outline) and you will see a preference screen that allows you to switch between all tags and a selected subset.

What's cool is that the default subset is focused on CFC related tags. You could probably remove cfscript and add cfproperty (which I think I'll do right now), but whats nice is that as soon as you make this change, the Outline view becomes much more streamlined:

Of course, if you use Outline view for CFMs then this tweak is not for you, but it really fits well with how I use it.