Time for another update. This week it is brought to you by the mashup mp3 of 50 Cent and NIN. Sweet. Anyway, what is new in 4.0.3?

  • A license! Woohoo! The feature everyone has been asking for!
  • When you add a comment, we validate your URL.
  • You can now disable comments on a post that has comments. Instead of hiding the comments, they will still be displayed, you just can't add anymore.
  • Added nofollow to various links here and there.
  • If a comment is blocked by the spam checker, don't send the email.
  • New TB spam words. Thanks spammers!
  • XML fixes to RSS generation. (Thanks Paul Hastings!)
  • Stats updates. (Thanks Rob Brooks-Bilson!)

As always, you can download BlogCFC from the project page. As always, wishlist purchases are welcome. (And to the person who picked up the Nano.... wow... I owe you a feature of two. :)