The Battlestar has returned

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So I'm a few days late, but last Friday, the second half of season two of Battlestar Galactica started. I've blogged about this show before - but I cannot rave enough about how good this second half of the season has begun. My main complaint this season was how "emotional" it was. That's not always such a bad thing - but after the non-stop action of season one, it was a bit of a letdown. Mind you - I still thought it was the best sci-fi on TV - I just felt it wasn't as strong as season one.

Well - if Friday's episode is any indication - this second half of the season is like - well - a swift kick to the nether regions. I was really surprised how good it was.

So - once again - if you aren't watching the show - pick up the first season DVD (and ensure it is the version with the mini-series) and then get Season 2 from the iTunes store.

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