Just a quick note to let folks know that I'll be doing another online presentation next month (and in November as well) covering how to get into serverless using Webtask. While Webtask is used for the platform, it's more meant to be a general introduction to serverless and I think you'll be able to take what you learn here and apply it to other platforms as well.

The next course will be October 8 at 11AM CST. You can find details here: Learn Serverless Application Development with Webtask

There will be a second one held on November 13th as well. Here is the outline, but note that it may change as I develop the course.


Segment 1: Wrapping Your Head Around Serverless (30 minutes)
Defining Serverless
	What it is
	What it isn’t
	Where it makes sense
	Where it *doesn’t* make sense
	Options (IBM Cloud Functions, Google Cloud Functions, AF, Lambda, Webtask)

Segment 2: Using Webtask (30 minutes)
	Signing up
	Online editor, CLI
	Basic function form
	Context form
	HTTP control
	Exercise 1 – Pig Latin app
	Break – 10 minutes

Segment 3: Deeper into Webtask (Context) (30 mins)
	Context object
		Query param
		Body param
	Exercise 1 – Pig Latin (HTTP Post version)

Segment 4: Storage (30 mins)
	The storage object (when it makes sense and when it doesn’t)
	The API
	Visual editor
	Exercise 1 – Score reporter (records score, total, average)
	Break – 10 minutes

Segment 5: NPM Modules (20 mins)
	How to add (CLI or visual editor)
	Using request/request-promise
	Exercise 1 – Building an API wrapper

Segment 6: Middleware (30 mins)
	What it is and why you would use it
	An example for security
	Describing compilers and showing an example
	Exercise – Add security to API wrapper
	Break – 10 mins

Segment 7: Couldn’t think of a title (30 mins)
	Testing locally (tip on skipping the func and using Node as a script)
	Debugging locally
	Logging (visual editor)
	Resources (learning more about webtask, serverless in general)
	Final Q/A