So, I'm currently working on a new application for the next DRK. I can't say much about it (it's code named Harlan), but I can talk about an issue I ran into. I needed a quick way to determine the height and width of an image. Normally I would use Alagad for this type of task. I really like Alagad - it's like the Bass-O-Matic of Image tools, and the price is right. But - it's not free, so I can't include it in the DRK. However, I did find this nice tip by David Medlock:

<cfobject type="JAVA" action="Create" name="tk" class="java.awt.Toolkit">
<cfobject type="JAVA" action="Create" name="img" class="java.awt.Image">
img = tk.getDefaultToolkit().getImage(fname);
width = img.getWidth();
height = img.getHeight();