Morbid Question for Tech Workers

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So, I don't know why, but I had a rather morbid thought this morning, and my mind just wouldn't let it go. So imagine the situation - you are a tech worker and are involved in the community. (Any community, not just ColdFusion.) Then you die. (Here is the morbid part.) Your significant other, if you have one, is not a tech person. What then happens to your blog? Your personal web site? Your user groups, etc?

As an example - if I were to die (let's hope not), my wife wouldn't have any idea of how to handle CFLib, or my Gmail account, or my blog, etc. My wife is more than competent enough to send email, so my thinking is that I need to write up a document (and let her know where it is!) that explains all of my sites, how to edit them, or potentially shut them down, who to contact, etc.

Have others thought about this at all? If so, have you actually made any plans/documents/etc?

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