Good morning, friends. I'm enjoying a lazy Sunday morning before I head out to my first (in-person) conference of the year, THAT Conference Texas. I'll be speaking on web components and can't wait to see the other great sessions as well. If you're a reader and will be there, please tell me hello!

Simpler Node File Handling with FSX #

I've made use of Node's fs package for years, and while it's not terribly difficult, Nicholas C. Zakas has come up with an interesting design for a more modern filesystem API, FSX: "Introducing fsx: A modern filesystem API for JavaScript". While the name is most likely going to change, you can check out the project here:

As just one example of what he proposes, here's reading a JSON file:

// read JSON
const json = await fsx.json("/path/to/file.json");

He mentions it 'returns a JSON value' but I assume he means, a value parsed as JSON into regular data. (As a JSON string is just a string.)

Deep Promise Education #

Promises are an incredibly important part of JavaScript, and something I cover in my "A Beginner's Guide to Wrangling Asynchronicity in JavaScript" presentation. To help developers get a better understanding of how Promises work, Henrique Inonhe has created an excellent learning tool that contains learning exercises a developer can do at their own pace to truly ground themselves in understanding the specification. Head over to the promises-training repository and carefully read the instructions on how to get started using the tutorials. From what I can see, this looks to be really intensive and could be really useful. If any of yall have already given this a shot, please leave a comment below as I'd love to hear about your experiences.

Ending in Beauty #

For the last link I'll share today, I won't give any explanation at all, just click for beauty at the Turn your speakers up a bit as well.