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After the announcement of the new contest last night, I thought it might help if I add some clarifications.

I do not expect to see "jedi" level type Flex code. Shoot, I'm not even skilled enough to "grade" Flex code. What I am looking for is very well written back end code in ColdFusion.

The content mentions Flex Builder. Obviously I meant Flex 2. If you want to use Notepad to write your MXML and compile it with the SDK, I won't have any way of knowing. Now I'd recommend Flex Builder 2 of course, but use the editor that makes sense.

I also understand some people are upset that it isn't just "pure" ColdFusion. I hear ya. I think these contests work well, and there is certainly no reason why I can't run another one later. It is a lot of work for me so I may space it out a few months, but I'm definitely open to doing it again. (I even had some good ideas that "lost" out to the current contest. I may simply go back to them.)

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